Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair-Ultimate Buyers Guide

Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair

Sebastian Thrun has rightly said, Education should learn from the positive side of gaming – reward, accomplishment, and fun.’ After all, let us not forget the fact that gaming is the new fever that has taken this generation by storm. People have been gaming more than ever since the past few years, and some even call gaming their version of ‘addiction’, while also calling it a positive and healthy activity.

Let us delve into this diverse concept; Gaming.

Gaming generally would mean playing video games on different mediums. These mediums could include consoles, computers, laptops, smartphones and a lot of endless options. Gaming is a hobby people have found very attractive over the years. Let us see why has gaming attracted so many, and become this famous over time. 

Why is gaming so popular?

It started off as a usual form of relaxation, where people played these games to distract their minds from the daily stressors of life. It was sort of used for recreational purposes. But as time went by, one major change or modification in gaming revolutionized it to the point that every other person you see calls himself a ‘hardcore gamer’. The major modification was the introduction of ‘multiplayer’ feature of these video games. This feature leads gaming to become a group activity.

There have been introduced different types of gamers. The ones who play games on a regular basis are called ‘hardcore gamers’ as mentioned above. While the ones who are fans of gaming, but do not spare too much time for it are called ‘casual gamers’. New technologies are giving rise to the new version of gaming, hence increasing the rate of people involved in this activity.

So, what is the big news?

Recently, a new product has been introduced and has already become the dream equipment for every hardcore gamer. Reading and hearing about it, make everyone want to have it, whether they like gaming or not. This product was introduced and revealed by ‘Acer’, at the IFA electronics trade show 2018. YES! You guessed it right. We are talking about the Acer Predator Thronos. This is a gaming chair, which is not at all ordinary, by any means. In fact, we would like to believe that it will bring your gaming experience to life!

 Before letting you know the details about this newly built technology incorporated in a product that has given all the gamer sleepless night ever since it’s revealed, we will talk further about the brand which has revolutionized the field of gaming by manufacturing this mind-boggling product!

The brand:

This brand was initially founded by Stan Shih and his wife by 1976. It has its headquarters located in Taiwan that are run by competent people altogether. Over the years, Acer has become a multinational hardware and electronics corporation over the years. Because of its tremendous specialization in advanced electronic technology, this brand has managed to amaze many and is also trusted by many people across the globe. The intelligence factor involved in all their manufactured products is unbeatable yet.

Acer started their ‘Predator’ brand when th4ey felt the need to sell gaming PCs and other gaming equipment, as they were clever enough to know that there was a sound market for these products out there!

Acer Predator Thronos; the Cave of a Gamer

Who, in their sound minds would prefer a desk over a reclining comfortable chair with 3 27-inch monitors around it? Acer has not only introduced to the world a gaming chair that is both ergonomic and comfortable but also has its own footrest with adjustment-friendly assembly. Acer itself describes this chair as ‘a gamer’s cave.’ This chair can recline u to 140 degrees, while never getting out of balance by portraying uneasy shakiness. This brand has been excelling in many fields and has therefore been the talk of the town a lot of times.

With built-in rumbling, we find this chair to be 1.5 meters tall. Acer predator line has always strived to become slightly absurd, and it is only fair to say that this time around, they have succeeded. You can fit here 27-inch monitors around you because this is how great the setup of this chair is determined to be!

Let us move on and discuss some of the wildest features that have been showcased by Acer about this Gaming chair at the IFA 2018.

Features of Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair:

This Acer chair was undoubtedly a good surprise for all of us when it was showcased at the IFA. Following are some of the coolest and the best features of this gaming chair by Acer;

  • This is a gaming chair that includes a giant overhead brace for supporting the purpose of three 27-inch gaming monitors.
  • It is equipped with an integrated space for a Predator Gaming. PC. I just bought the best gaming laptop last year but now aiming for this chair 🙂
  • With a steel structure and a motorized cockpit for the adjustment of the gamer’s screen setup, this gaming chair weighs to be approximately 485 pounds.
  • The whole thing lights up, making it even more desirable, in all ways. This chair is unquestionably designed to let gamers live inside their gaming PCs.
  • Making one feel like they are on some sort of a theme park ride, this Acer predator thronos chair supports vibrations and reclining on a massive level. A control pad is present on the left side of the chair that helps the person adjust the footrest, armrest and the chair posture according to their personal will and choice.
  • The frontal part consists of compact tables for the keyboards and mouse, which will not slip away once you start gaming on that chair, they are stable enough!
  • Acer has made this chair in such a way that it vibrates in sync with the games you are playing, while also reclining up to 140 degrees.
  • The people who tried this chair and had the fortune of getting to play on it at the IFA 2018, state that it is so comfortable that they can fairly say they have found a chair that is not only desirable to play games at but is also desirable to sit on with ease and delight. Some people have reported it to feel ‘therapeutic’ as well. Also, with the 27-inch monitors spanning a person’s field of view, the experience gets as wild as you would expect anyway!

These were some of the wildest and amazing features of Acer Predator Thronos, but the list still goes on. Stay tuned to find out what more this gaming chair can offer you.

An Important Note: Acer has only introduced this chair to the world at the IFA electronics trade show, but has not announced a price or a release date for this gaming chair yet. However, considering the enormous size, the great features, and the highly advanced technology used to build this thing, we all know this chair will be worth a fortune! Brace your wallets, people!

What more to look forward to?

These are a few things that one can look forward to, in this chair and its design! Keep reading to find out.

  • This model is much more than just a chair. The only reason we call it a ‘chair’ because after all, this is a chair at heart. But it can do so much more!
  • The whole chair lights up, making your gaming experience even more mind-boggling and enchanting. A blue mood lighting galore is what they call this chair!
  • With a push of a button, you can raise or lower the postures of the chair or even the armrests and the footrests.
  • The fact that this chair is 5 feet tall, makes us want to call it a throne. Which it almost is!
  • The chair’s vibration functions can be vaguely linked to Xbox controllers.
  • The seat of this chair can automatically recline up to approximately 140 degrees. How cool is that?
  • The color options are menacing dual tone back, with either white accents or blue lights. All of these options and features are worth dying for! We are totally drooling.

These were the specs and features of the talk of the town, Acer Gaming Chair. While this chair is everything a person dreamed of, as a gamer, this chair also is bound to take up a lot of space in your house. We mean you might have to keep it in a separate room because of its gigantic size. It roughly looks like the weapon of an evil villain, where he sits on it to control the world by his own commands.

Here is our own verdict of this gaming chair, based on whatever has been unveiled by Acer up till now;


The prototype revealed by Acer at IFA is nothing but refined, absolutely and entirely. With a separate footrest and a mounting space of 27-inch displays, that too three in the count, several parts of this chair are adjustable and motorized. Although we all know that the company did not let anyone know about the price of this chair, but get ready to pay a whole fortune for this one! Which is only fair, considering the mind-blowing features!

This was our verdict, but let’s not end talking about gaming chairs, just yet. Since the topic has already started, we will say a few words about the absolute best gaming chair up until now, which is also present in the market. This way you can better comparison between this chair and the Acer’s predator thronos gaming chair.

Here is a brief description of the world’s best gaming chair;

Secretlab Omega has stolen the hearts of masses over time and has become our favorite racing style gaming chair. It weighs about 66 pounds and has a weight bearing capacity of 240 pounds. It is available in all these beautiful colors; Stealth, classic, amber, royal, and ash. It can with head pillows and velour memory foam, making the experience of gaming with this chair extremely and entirely memorable, fun and comfortable.

They have used the best materials available to build this best gaming chair, this is why the base, the lifting mechanisms, the armrests and the seat backs, all is extremely refined and drool-worthy. This chair was also able to recline 165 degrees.

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Last but not least, We wish you a happy gaming experience!


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