Best 6×9 Speakers Reviews-Buyers Guide with 10 Best Speakers

Best 6×9 Speakers

Finally, you have decided to buy a brand new pair of Best 6×9 Speakers for your car.  Are you feeling confused about which brand to select and why? In this article, we will explain different features that this product has to offer and how to select Best 6×9 Speakers for you.

Selecting the best 6×9 speakers is very important and uniquely challenging in some ways. You always want your car music to sound harmonious and yet powerful at the same time. Selecting the pair of Best 6x9 Speakers can be a tiring job and even then you are not sure about results. We are always looking for products which are not expensive yet best in their class. Good speakers are those which are reliable and capable to deliver clear and balanced sound quality.

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The market is filled with loads of Car Speaker Brands thus making it impossible for the buyer to access every product out there. 

With these best 6×9 speakers, there is no need of adding any amplifier or subwoofer to enjoy sound with quality bass.

6×9 Car Speakers are considered the best choice for bass and when you add a pair of Best 6×9 Speakers to your car, you will be amazed by the sound quality.

These best 6×9 Speakers are the best example of an all-in-one speaker that provides high-quality sound with a wide variety of applications.

Factory speakers are never good enough and the user may have bad sound experience. We want to hear the best and soothing music in the car while traveling and the best 6×9 speakers are there to help you.

Installing new best 6×9 speakers may sound expensive but in reality, you can find many trustable brands in 6×9 car speakers in the affordable price range. This upgradation of your speakers will be the coolest experience of your life. You will not only enjoy the best quality sound but that too at an affordable price.

Latest models of best 6×9 speakers are coming with designs that are hard to match and looks brilliant while delivering high-quality sound. Now models have a long functional life as compared to previous versions and are also equipped with the latest sleek design.

How 7Reviews selects Best 6×9 Speakers?

We at 7Reviews have very high standards on which we test every product before adding to our list. These include many factors that we study and test while writing reviews about best 6×9 speakers.

Important Points to consider when buying the best 6×9 speakers.

Price– Most important factor which we all consider at the time of purchase.

Power– Peak, RMS

Sound Quality- we check manufacturer band history and materials which are used.

Manufacturing Quality-Mostly best 6×9 speakers are made with polypropylene cones, UV treated and enduring voice coils which give 6×9 car speakers elegant design.

Warranty-Now this is the most important point while buying anything. Always demand the warranty from the manufacturer and selects only those brand which gives better warranty coverage.

Buyers Reviews-This is most important as people who are already using 6×9 car speakers knows better.

We have mentioned few points from our product review criteria. After reviewing many products in the market we have made a list of  Best 6×9 speakers to be published in this article.

Here is the list of Best 6×9 Speakers Reviews 2018

In this chart, I have described the top 10- Best 6×9 Speakers available in the market nowadays.

JBL GTO 93994dB46-21k Hz3Ohms$$
HERTZ HZX 69094dB32-23k Hz4Ohms$$
POLK AUDIO DB691-392-93dB35-22k Hz4Ohms$$
Infinity 960-3IX-394dB46-21k Hz3Ohms$$
JL C2-690-TX-393dB53-22k Hz4Ohms$$
KICKER DS69392dB30-20k Hz4Ohms$$
ROCKFORD P169291dB60-22k Hz4Ohms$$
KENWOOD KFC 6995PS88dB60-20k Hz4Ohms$$
JVC CS-J693092dB30-22k Hz4Ohms$$
PIONEER TS-A6966R92dB28-36k Hz4Ohms$$

1. JBL GTO939 GTO Review-Best 6×9 Speakers for Bass

JBL has always managed to fully satisfy their customers. With a wide variety of amazing features, and high-quality materials used to form their products, they have forever been cherished and applauded by music lovers around the globe. People at JBL, have always been striving for perfection. They have continued to modify their designs so they can always be I the lead for being the best car speakers, preferred by most people. JBL GTO 939-6×9 also reflects the vision of this brand in the best way possible.

JBL GTO 939-6×9 car speakers are made in such a way that they always deliver strong and yet clear sound. It comes with great power-handling features that help to increase the reliability of the product. One of the best 6 by 9 car speakers with deep bass.

JBL GTO 939 speakers are an ideal choice to upgrade your existing speakers. These are made with carbon-injected cone material to give originality to sound that is being delivered. It has 3-ohm voice coils helps speakers to operate efficiently.

Specifications for best 6×9 speakers for bass:

  • 3 ohms impedance
  • Frequency response: 46-21,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth: 2-13/16″
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight 4.41 lbs
  • Power Handling:
  • Peak: 600 watts per pair / 300 watts each
  • RMS: 200 watts per pair / 100 watts each
  • Recommended Power: 5 – 100 watts RMS each

Here are a few General Features of this Product;

  • This product features plus one cone technology. This cone is not just designed to be larger than other cones, but it is also famous for being made out of specialist materials. It is pretty evident, that if your speaker has a larger cone, this will allow more area for the air to move and vibrate through it, resulting in better performance. This also improves and gives an enhanced bass quality. It is among the best 6×9 Speakers for Bass.
  • These speakers have an amazing power handling capacity with 300 Watts peak power handling per speaker. This also means that it has a peak power of 600 Watts per pair as well. A speaker with such an astounding power capacity, greatness is bound to reveal itself!
  • With the tweeters that come installed within this pair of speakers, your listening experience gets much more than what it currently might be. The tweeters are unquestionable so fine that they make these speakers even better than speakers with a higher price rating. These tweeters eliminate distortion fully and provide a crisp and clear sound, that pleases one’s ears. The composition of these 1-inch tweeters is done in such a way that they are made from my/ti, which is Millennium and Titanium composite. These materials are known to improve the overall efficiency of these JBL GTO939 speakers.
  • These speakers also feature a UniPivot. It enables you to gain control over your tweeters by adjusting their position so it is towards you. This helps increase the overall performance of this product, while leaving their customers utterly satisfied and happy with what they get, for the best price! You will love this best 6×9 for bass.
Made with Carbon-injected cone material that helps in the long functional life of these 6×9 speakers

Patented Plus One woofer-cone technology increased output with no extra power. Thus delivering the best possible sound to the listener.

It comes with Three-ohm voice coils that allow compensation for any added resistance by thin factory speaker wiring.


  1. 2 Edge-driven, Fabric Soft Dome tweeters
  2. Adjustable 0 or +3 dB tweeter level attenuation
  3. High-temperature voice coil
  4. Vented magnet motor structure cools the voice coil
  5. Fiberglass-reinforced Plastic (FRP) basket
  6. Enclosed magnet boot cover
  7. Protective speaker grilles


  • Latest design that is easy to install.
  • Featuring Heavy bass with zero distortion.
  • The product comes with a warranty.
  • Includes protective speaker grille.


  • It comes with plastic support which is not strong enough to hold speaker for a longer duration.

Conclusion: This 6×9 car speakers have received the best reviews from buyers from websites like Amazon etc.

If you want to replace your old factory installed speakers or build yourself a new music system in your car, these speakers will be the best choice for you. They are affordable, and you also get what you pay for. The features are amazing, and the composition materials have not for once compromised on quality. You will not regret buying these speakers and getting them installed in your car, for they will prove to be really good! And we mean it!

Highly Recommended for listeners who want good quality sound with strong bass. These best 6×9 speakers with good bass will always make your journey beautiful. One of the best 6×9 speakers for clarity.

2.Hertz audio HCX 690 Review-Best Bass 6×9

Hertz is famous for producing powerful and high-quality speakers and woofers.

The HCX 690-6×9 speakers of just one example from this quality brand. This product features a 3-way system that means it has built in two sets of tweeters for high-quality sound. These speakers deliver the best bass as compared to other 6×9 speakers.

This is made of high-quality material thus giving HCX 690-6×9 car speakers incredible sound. With long functional life. Hertz Speakers are among the best 6×9 speakers with good bass.

Specifications :

Weight 12.83 lbs                                                            Frequency  Hz  32 ÷ 23k
Sensitivity  dB/SPL  94                                                Crossover Integrated 4 k/10k Hz @ 6 dB Oct.
Dimensions    20.2 x 12.7 x 6.4 inches                      Outer Ø mm 241   Mounting Ø  mm 222  Total                                                                                             depth mm 105
component 3 way Coaxial                                            Mount. depth mm 86,5
Size: Woofer 6”x 9” mm                                               Magnet size mm 110
Tweeter   28 (1”1/8) mm                                               Voice coil Ø mm 38
Tweeter   28 (1”1/8) mm
Supertweeter 20 (3/4”)
Power W peak  260
impedance  Ω  4

Hertz HCX 690 Review 

  • Equipped with soft iron plates to provide heat dissipation.
  • Comes with 100./. pure quality copper voice coil
  • These 6×9 speakers with good bass deliver top quality sound.

HCX 690-6×9 car speakers have a tremendous impact on quality of sound being delivered. You will be amazed by the rich and detailed sound.

This 6×9 speaker has a bold design that features the latest technology for delivering high-quality sound.

This 6×9 speaker is equipped with soft iron plates to provide high heat dissipation, part of the symmetrical magnetic flux motor.

It features over-sized magnet that provides outstanding energy for maximum control.

These 6×9 car speakers have 100./. pure quality copper voice coil wound on a KSV former to give excellent thermal and mechanical capability to this best car audio speakers.

It features vented bottom plate that improves linearity and thermal dissipation thus giving no problem to the listener.

Presence of Damped Mesh Fibre Cone in order to give extended bandwidth and smooth response.

The most important feature is the presence of Anti-vibration rubber magnet cover that damps spurious vibrations.

The aerodynamic die-cast aluminum basket that is best in eliminating rear wave reflections.

6×9 comes ready with Radial Venting System to ensure efficiency in thermal management.


  • Pirce is affordable to the majority of buyers.
  • Easy to Install
  • Equipped with best and super quality tweeters
  • It has Anti-vibration feature


  • Not any to mention here.

Featuring Loss-less Polymer Rubber Surround that gives long throw and maximum damping.

Equipped with the best quality  28mm Neodymium Tetolon dome tweeter and   20mm Neodymium Tetolon dome, super tweeter which are responsible for giving high quality and clear sound.

These best 6×9 speakers will bring your music back to life and will satisfy all your cravings as an Audiophile. Along with being super stylish looking, these speakers will also continue to be your best friends when it comes to elevating your listening experience on a much higher level.

3.Polk Audio DB691-3 way Best 6×9 Speakers

The gang at Polk audio has always managed somehow to use their innovative engineering designs for shaping and re-shaping how people tend to listen to music. Their products are not just efficient with what they do but also are designed to have an amazing outlook, for the people who like to like what they see.

These best bass 6×9 speakers are nonetheless a great addition to the list of the most trusted and loved speakers to date. They enable richly detailed, room-filling sound, which makes us literally drool over these powerful and amazing Polk Audio DB691-3 way best 6×9 speakers.

These belong to good 6×9 speakers group that deliver powerful bass. These 6×9 speakers with good bass will always bring quality to the music you hear.

Polk Audio 6×9 speakers a have sensitivity range between 92 to 93 db, making these speakers great for people who like to feel the bass as well as hear it. While the majority of other products have ratings in the range of 88db to 90db. This definitely is one of the best 6×9 car speakers for bass in the market.

Power ratings of speakers determine how much the volume can be increased without distorting the audio so that listener may not be affected by bad quality sound. Polk Audio always bring elegant designs with best features.

Best 6×9 speakers normally handle this well. These best 6×9 car speakers have continuous will always give you maximum base with little or no distortion with a peak of 165 watts.


  • Best 6X9 car speakers with good bass come with the 3-way feature.
  • Weight- 5 lbs
  • Dimensions- 8.7 x 3.9 x 7.1 inches
  • Equipped with multi-layered hybrid fiber woofer with surrounded rubber
  • sensitivity ranges between 92 to 93 db
  • Maximum bass with no distortion
  • Full range 6×9 speakers featuring 100W RMS power

Sound quality is always excellent with 6×9 car speakers. Because the speakers only have a single tweeter, the midrange sound is produced by the woofer and this helps to produce the balanced sound.

Few drawbacks to this series are the depth of the speaker housing, which makes them difficult to install.  These speakers are the deepest among the other 6×9 speakers reviewed.

This 6×9 features Cutting edge technology has allowed this speaker to accurately reproduce music like never before.

It is made with the exact balance of materials including the Polymer Dome tweeter and Mica Cone woofer that is responsible for giving a smooth and quick response at any given volume.


  • Featuring latest Cutting Edge Technology for better and improved sound.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Sensitivity range between 92 to 93 db that gives excellent sound quality with the power of bass.
  • Product price is affordable to the majority of buyers.


  • Can be difficult to install because of the depth of speaker housing.

It features rubber that increases the lifetime of the speaker under any given conditions. It is marine certified, the Polk db691-best 6×9 for bass car speakers will amaze you with its style and high-quality sound. You will always appreciate your decision of buying this product.

4.Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix-3 way Best 6×9 for Bass

The ‘Infinity Reference’ series of 6×9 car speakers are not-to-forget. These series enhance the sound quality with no distortion. They are easy to install and provide a crisp and punchy bass, which is every audiophile’s dream.

Infinity car speakers speakers comes with 92db sensitivity rating. Specifically, this rating indicates the decibels at a distance of 1 meter and with one watt of power. It has a continuous wattage rating of 100 watts, meaning the 100 watts can be run through the speakers without damaging them. This proves its quality that is on top among other features. These speakers are a perfect example for best 6×9 for bass.

These best 6×9 speakers are among the top selling products in the market.

This product is a member of the common 6×9 inch oval group of speakers and they score a 95% audio rating, making them among the very best in class. It won’t be necessary to toy with the equalizer settings much because the music is very balanced.

No matter which music genre is your favorite, you will always be pleased with the sound quality of these best car audio speakers. Infinity Reference is the name of quality when it comes to best car speakers for bass and sound quality. While writing 6×9 Speakers reviews, I personally used this and I must say that it delivers neat and super quality music.


  • sensitivity range is 92db
  • 95%  audio ratings
  • Gives high-quality sound with zero distortion
  • Easy to install
  • The bass is very good and powerful to give you exactly the type of sound you are looking for.


weight 7.29 lbs
dimensions  11 x 5 x 15
wattage 300
sensitivity 92db

Now comes the interesting part, its rear deck speakers have a 94db rating, which is the highest for any rear speaker. Average rear-deck speakers have a sensitivity rating of 91db. At 3db more, this means that the Infinity Reference X series will be able to create the same sound volume as the car speaker of average 91db sensitivity with just half the power. Thus with the minimum energy, it will give power and quality to sound being produced. These are definitely best 6×9 speakers for bass.

Conclusion: You will always enjoy enhanced bass output, better efficiency, and a lasting use experience when you use this best 6×9 car speaker. The peak power of this speaker is 300 watts.

These 6×9 speakers have done wonders for people who want to bring music back to life. The infinity series including X REF-9603ix-3 speakers enable an amazing bass and zero distortion. Their products don’t sacrifice on quality, while also having a decent enough price range that goes easy on your wallet. You can safely level up your listening experience by buying these speakers for your cars.

Distortion can at times be a problem with speakers when they are made to provide greater output. One of the best car speakers for bass in the market.

5.JL Audio C2-690tx-3 way-6×9 Speakers with Deep Bass (Editor’s Choice)

As always, JL audio has not disappointed us at all.theyhave manage to live p to our and every audiophile’s expectations with these amazing speakers that enable a richly detailed sound with an amazing bass that is bound to do magic to one’s listening experience in their cars.

JL Audio Brings their latest technology -Audio’s Evolution in C2 Series 6×9 speakers that brings quality sound to your car. These 6×9 car audio speakers reproduce your music like delicate woodwinds and give your ears best sound available.

Silk tweeter produces smooth highs that give an excellent listening experience. These features, along with many others, are what make these speakers a total worth buying product. Just continue reading to find out more about these amazing speakers!

This C2-690tx 6″x9″ 3-way speakers featuring rugged polypropylene cones that have the ability to sustain high power with zero distortion, so you get full-bodied low tones you can really feel and enjoy.

It features  2″Mylar cone midrange driver, while 3/4″ silk dome tweeters give smooth-sounding high frequencies that you were looking for.

These 6×9 car speakers include a pair of grilles for custom installations that are being appreciated by the buyers.


  • Weight- 9.8 lbs
  • Dimensions- 15.2 x 13.1 x 6.3 inches
  • 3-way-6×9 speakers (pair)
  • 2″ Mylar cone midrange driver, 3/4″ silk dome tweeter
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • 15-125 watts RMS power range (225 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 53-22,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 93.0 dB
  • depth: 3-1/4″
  • warranty: 1 year

What you will receive:

  1. Two 2-way, 6×9 speakers
  2. 2 Grilles
  3. 2 Bottom mount rings
  4. Eight 2″ Self-tapping screws
  5. 8 Speed clips
  6. 2 JL Audio logo badges
  7. Owner’s Manual
  8. Template


  • Best 6×9 speakers for cars
  • Best quality sound with powerful Bass with zero distortion
  • Easy Installation method


  • Can be expensive for few buyers


JL Audio has undoubtedly been at their best while engineering these speakers. We love how their ideas and vision reflects in the designing of these speakers.

These speakers, along with being the best at what they make you hear, are also stylish looking and affordable! Highly recommended with confidence for quality sound lovers. This product is also Editor’s Choice. I am using this and must say this 6×9 is just Love.

6.Kicker DS693- 6×9 Speakers with deep Bass (6×9 Bass Speakers)

This company named ‘Kicker’ has nevertheless always left its mark in the field when it comes to designing, developing and manufacturing speakers since the year 1970. Since then, they have been able to live up to the expectations associated with their name. Their low priced products have not been neglected, and have been made with high quality and durable materials. They have infused passion, wisdom, and authenticity into all of their products. KickerDS693 speakers are overall a good choice for you if you are unwilling to compromise on sound quality, while also having a tight budget.

Here are some General Characteristics of Kicker DS693:

  • Besides having a low budget, you can expect good quality materials and sound quality from these speakers.
  • With an amplifier that is also compatible, their sound quality and your listening experienced both can subsequently be improved.
  • These speakers are sold as a single set of two speakers.
  • These speakers include a polypropylene woofer cone, for enhanced mid-range frequencies. They also have tweeters that enable taking care of the higher range frequencies.
  • These speakers include a Kicker’s Extended Voice Coil or EVC technology that speaks for itself in terms of excellence in quality of these speakers.
  • These speakers have a deep bass that is also crisp and synced.

Now, let us head towards the Basic Features of these Best 6×9 speakers:

Item Weight 10 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.8x 15.5x 5.2’’
Battery Requirement Batteries are not required
Item Model number DS 693
Top mount depth 3-1/4’’
Impedance 4-Ohm
Speaker Size 6×9 inches
Sensitivity 92 dB
Product Tweeter Design Semi-Dome
Product Tweeter Composition 1/ 2’’ PEN semi-dome tweeter

2’’ PEN cone midrange tweeter

Neodymium Tweeter Magnet

Product Woofer Surround Optimized polyfoam ribbed Surround
Frequency Response 30-20,000 Hz
Product’s Power Handling RMS: 70 Watts each (140 watts is product’s peak power.

Peak: 280 Watts per pair (140 Watts each)

What features can qualify as convincing enough for this product?

  • Installing an amp can make your listening experience a lot better, but these speakers are guaranteed to sound just fine without one (amp), too.
  • Grills and mounting hardware is also included
  • To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, these speakers also come with an Installation manual in various languages. This enables understanding and helps you go through the installation process in an easier way.
  • It provides with the appropriate amount of drive needed to power each speaker with the help of neodymium magnet installed which is one of the strongest magnets among speaker magnets.
  • These speakers are highly durable, as they are flexible even with extreme weather conditions.
  • Firstly, you have to make sure these speakers are rightly broken, once you are done with that, you will experience a decent bass and a good overall experience.
  • They qualify as the extremely affordable set of speakers that fall under the extremely decent price range of a 100 dollars!

What are the cons to be kept in mind?

  • The directions given by the manufacturers have to be followed exactly as stated.
  • These speakers, when compared with other speakers are proved to be bulkier.
  • The low and affordable price range makes them an appropriate choice but we cannot ignore the fact that the overall experience can still get better.

Final Verdict About Kicker 6×9 Speakers:

If you are someone who as a tight budget and wants to be able to self-install the speakers, these speakers will be the perfect choice for being your new car speakers. They are not only made of high quality materials but also ensure durability and sustainability.

7. Rockford Fosgate 6×9 Punch P1692- Best Car Audio 6×9 Speakers

Featuring excellent sound quality Rockford Fosgate 6×9 Punch P1692 is here to stay. If you are looking for the top quality sound for the better driving experience than this is for you.

The Rockford Fosgate Punch Series features full range speakers comes with easy to fit basket for better compatibility. It uses slots that helps to adjust speakers when mounted. It comes with easy installation for buyers thus times between unboxing and fitting is reduced drastically.

These best car audio speakers feature VAST- Vertical Attach Surround Technique and design that is easy to install and comes with the quality sound that you were waiting to enjoy.


  • 2-way speakers with 4 ohms impedance.
  • Flexfit basket design with StampCast frame structure.
  • Injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone.
  • The recommended range of pawer- 15-75 watts RMS per channel.
  • Power Handling-   Peak: 300 watts per pair/ 150 watts each
    RMS: 15 watts per pair/ 75 watts each
  • Cutout dimensions- 5.77″ x 8.51″
  • Sensitivity- 91 dB
  • Frequency Response- 60 – 22000 Hz
  • One Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • PEI dome tweeter

Whats in the Box?

  1. Two 2-way Speakers (Rockford Fosgate 6×9 Punch)
  2. Mounting Hardware
  3. 3mm Allen head bit
  4. Eight 1 – 1/2 ” Allen head screws
  5. 8-speed clips
  6. Installation guide


  • Easy to install with good quality of sound.
  • Price is affordable to most buyers.
  • Bass is better as compared to other 6×9 speakers.


  • Design can be very basic for few buyers.

8.Kenwood KFC-6995PS- Best 6×9 Car Speakers


Incorporated in these best 6×9 speakers are both technical sophistication and advanced materials, the Kenwood speakers give you the full and rich sound to your music. The very version Kenwood KFC-6995PS Speakers have an immaculate hardware arrangement that produces startling highs and articulate lows. If you look at the specifications closely, these are the best ones in the group in the same price range. With such an amazing design, the peak-peak power output is fabulous, handling a maximum power of some 1300 watts.

Some Outstanding features of these 6×9 car Speakers:

Following are some key features of the product that make it stand out from others in the same category.

  1. Higher Frequency Progression

Although these are speakers, they the capacity to handle great volumes with any distortion. The small size makes it special in the sense that it needs a small space to fit in, like some in the mid of your car’s windows or deck. Yet, with such a small size it produces sound with greater frequencies with excellent results.

The very version of the Kenwood speakers has a decent size that needs a hole of about two inches anywhere in your car where you want to fit in it. Though these are small speakers, yet they can handle high powers.

  1. High Material Quality with Cheap Price:

These products are designed with an aim to serve the customers with high-quality products at possible low rates. From the paper used in the center to the rubber around the speaker, each and every component in these speakers has the finest quality.

The price is the best among all in the category. The size of the product has reduced to a level that does not affect the quality of the output. This reduction in size through hardware sophistication reduces the price making it affordable to the customers of all income groups.

  1. Clarity and Versatility of Sound

The Kenwood speakers are known for clarity and versatility of sound. With a bass that is responsive to hip-hop, one can enjoy listening to classical music and jazz. From super tweeter paper corn woofer, the lows have a perfect balance between them that necessary to produce a proper effect and maintain the quality of the sound.

The quality in the clarity can be manifested in the fact that even small volumes can be heard clearly.

Specifications and Features:

The key specification of these speakers have been outlined in the table below:

6″ x 9″ 5-Way Flush Mount Coaxial Speaker
Power Output (Peak-Peak): 1300 watts per pair
RMS: 250 per pair
6 x 9″ paper cone
2-3/4″ mid-range paper cone
1/2″ PET balanced dome tweeter
1/2″ PET dome super tweeter


More than a hundred customers have reviewed this product with an average score of 4.6 out of 5. Such scale of positive reviews shows the popularity of the Kenwood speakers among the customers.

What makes the Kenwood KFC-6995PS Speakers stand out among the several others in the same category is the fact that the prices are fairly affordable and the unmatched quality of sound output.

9-JVC CS-J6930-6×9 Car Speakers (Best 6×9 Speakers with Bass)

Want to get rid of dull and tired sounding speakers? Want to replace the mainstream not-so-amazing factory speakers? Well, these speakers do not fall any short of reasons to be the perfect choice for your new car speakers. These speakers stand out because along with their amazing specs and features, they come within a much affordable price range as well.

These 6×9  speakers, without much thought, are your very own 3-way sound solution. A three-way audio speaker is especially known to enable sound from three separate devices; the mid-range, woofer and tweeter drivers. This helps speakers deliver a much more clear, clean, and accurate sound quality than most speakers. The features are enhanced and hence it adds just the right amount of pleasure and excitement to your listening experience. These speakers not only offer strong audio performance, but also good power handling that leaves you entirely and utterly satisfied.

Here are some General Characteristics of these 6×9 speakers:

  • These speakers provide you with a solid boost in your sound quality, as they use a carbon mica woofer cone that is not only lightweight but durable as well.
  • These speakers are proved to provide you with a smooth and consistent performance through the PEI midrange driver that is installed in the newly modified design of these speakers.
  • It includes a PIE dome tweeter for the purpose of increasing your sound quality by making your audio much more clear.
  • These speakers are sold as a single set of two speakers.
  • These speakers are inclined to provide you with a solid boost in sound quality, even when powered by your factory radio.

These are some qualities that will provide you with a general idea of what these speakers actually are and what do they do at their best. But our review does not stop here, we will provide you with further detail so you can satisfy your brain completely and find out how suited this pair of speakers prove to be for your car system. Here are some Basic Features of these best 6×9 speakers. Have a look!

Product Weight 4.4 pounds
Item Dimensions 10.4 x 7.3 x 4.3’’
Model number CS-J6930
Height 5.5’’
Speaker Size 6×9 inches
Product Tweeter Design Poly-ether imide dome-shaped
Product Tweeter Composition Poly-ether imide
Frequency Response 30-22k Hz
Product Woofer Composition Mica Cone Woofer

Ferrite Magnet

Product Woofer Surround Hybrid Surround
Product’s Power Handling Peak: 400 watts

RMS: 45 watts

Product Sensitivity 92 dB
Impedance 4 Ohm
Product’s Maximum Output Power 400 Watts

I have stated some of the basic features of the product that will make you familiar with the specifications of these speakers. Let us move to the next step and answer some of the very important questions that need to be answered in order to reach the final decision of making your decision of buying these speakers or not.

Why should you buy these best 6×9 speakers?

  • These 6×9 car speakers consist of a 3-way coaxial cable made of mica cone material with ferrite magnet that is surrounded by cloth and rubber. Rubber can be very durable for all types of weather conditions; ranging from mild to extreme. The durability, hence, is commendable
  • Ferrite magnet apart from being one of the finest magnets used in speaker composition combines with other features of the speakers to produce and enhance good sound quality.
  • The lightweight mica cone makes the sound quality just right for music enthusiasts.
  • The midrange made of poly-ether imide cone and poly-ether imide dome-shaped tweeters do not only produce high-quality sound, but also aid in spreading the music to a higher frequency.

What are the cons of this product?

  • Due to the manufacturing default in some speakers, certain speakers start showing inappropriate results after a few months. So you should check the quality and make of these speakers before buying a pair.


These speakers can be your favorite factory speakers replacements in y our car, as they are fairly priced and do not compromise on the quality of sound. Moreover, their power handling is pretty good to satisfy your needs and expectations.

10.Pioneer TS-A6966R-Best 6×9 Speakers


Are you thinking about how to upgrade and take your car’s sound system to the next level? If you are nodding a yes, you should know that the first step here is to replace the old speaker with a new one with an efficient sound quality. Pioneer TS-A6966R will fulfill your need.

Pioneer speakers among the best speakers as it is coupled with technological innovations as well as material advancement. These speakers have records of producing realistic and quality sounds. They will, certainly, meet your expectations with clear and powerful sound.

Characteristic Features of Pioneer TS-A6966R:

  1. The Sound Texture

The device has been designed with the objective to cater the greater customer demands of experiencing a Friday night parties like ambiance while sitting in their own small car. The solid construction of these speakers is the main reason behind the production of such an exceptional audio output.

With efficiently clear highs, these speakers are highly recommended likewise for all those music lovers who use amplifiers as well as those who don’t use any of the sound amplifiers as the sounds are bearably loud without them.

  1. A Next Generation Speaker

The Pioneer speaker offers much to its buyers. These speakers have very much improved bass. These are dynamic devices having a distinction in the market. The power handling capacity of generally all Pioneer devices and especially the Pioneer TS-A6966R is considerably high.

Apart from the effective bass and a very high power handling capacity, the cosmetic design of these speakers has set a new trend keeping in consideration an improved quality of sound.

The Mica Matric Cone is a highly rigid structure which is responsible for the responsiveness of the sound. In order to deliver an improved range of frequency along with optimized highs, a newly shaped tweeter has been placed in the circuit.

  1. Impressively Smooth Response

To improve the off-axis performance of the speakers, special waveguides have been taken in order to make the tweeter emit impressive and effective highs.

The dispersion of sound has been controlled in such manner that all the passengers seating in the specific enjoy the same quality of sound. The dispersion of all types of sounds from high, mids, to lows, has, effectively, been managed to obtain octave-octave balance.

Specifications of the Device:

  • Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone Design (Keeping in view the Responsiveness and Optimum Sound Reproduction)
  • 3-way speaker
  • 420 Watts Max Power (The best power handling capacity at the same price)

The Pros and Cons of Pioneer TS-A6966R

The advantages of using a Pioneer TS-A6966R are many. The sounds produced by it are clear, strong and realistic. The distortion of sound is negligibly low. Yet, I think what you don’t like about it is the fact that this speaker is not waterproof. Probably, it may not fit in some of the latest models.


The Pioneer TS-A6966R 6×9 car speakers are very impactful devices which offer some great sound qualities at a highly affordable rate. Highly technical innovations and advanced integration make it possible to generate quality sound even without using any external amplifier.

6×9 Speakers Buyers Guide

Selecting the best 6×9 speakers for your car can be a hectic job. There are hundreds of brands in the market that claim to have the best 6×9 car speakers.  Best car audio speakers are a must for every car.  Driving is always a pleasant experience when you can enjoy your favorite tracks while you drive. In this best 6×9 speakers buyers guide, you will find detailed information about car speakers.

A true music lover will never compromise on the quality of sound that is being delivered by the car speakers. This is the reason that you should always prefer the best brands that deliver the best sound quality for your 6×9 speakers.

Now that you have finally decided to upgrade your car audio speakers and decided to buy the best 6×9 speakers and you may be tensed about how to select the best.

It is actually a time taking the process and may be tough for few individuals to research and access hundreds of available brands in the market. So we at 7Reviews decided to take matters into our hands and we have done a thorough market analysis of brands that offer the best 6×9 speakers for your car.

In this article, we have given detailed information about the basics of selecting the best 6×9 speakers. We will share all the facts and figures that you need to know before making a final decision.

How to Select Best 6×9 Car Speakers?

If you are not happy with your present car speakers, you must be finding new speakers to upgrade. Following points must be considered when you intend to buy new 6×9 speakers for your car.

Sound Quality

This is the first thing to be checked at the time of purchase. Great sound quality is essential for any car speakers.

If you can’t find high quality in your 6×9 speakers than it is useless to buy new speakers. Poor quality of sound will destroy your image of best sound that is easily available if you search the market

Now, this is always recommended to listen to a few demo tracks to access the quality of sound before finalizing. If you get top quality sound with the best bass than you can buy it.

Better sensitivity with good power management

Now once you have selected the best sound in 6×9 speakers, the next thing to consider is the power control mechanism in the speakers. Best 6×9 speakers always feature a good combination of sensitivity and power control.

The sensitivity of car speakers depends on the input power system of speakers.

Speakers with low power normally require high sensitivity.

Now the power management means how much power a 6×9 car speaker receive. Type of power capacity depends on the stereo power of your vehicle. If it has high frequency than you must find high power handling capacity for your vehicle.

Manufacturing Quality

Best 6×9 speakers always come with top quality manufacturing. You must always look for products that have better quality and are made with components that are better in design and technology and are durable. Good quality parts ensure the durability of best 6×9 speakers.

No one wants something that won’t last for years to come. So always prefer good quality 6×9 speakers for your car. You can always read the manual for products, avoid brands that give misleading information.

Installation Process of 6×9 Speakers

Now when you have finally decided t buy best 6×9 speakers, one important step is the installation process. Best 6×9 speakers come with the easy installation. It can be very irritating if you face problems while installing 6×9 car speakers. So always select car speakers which come with the easy and smooth installation.

Size of Speakers

There are many varieties of car speakers available in the market. Every car has different sound requirements but let me tell you that best 6×9 speakers will always suit your sound requirements.  If you have already used 6×9 speakers you must be smiling by now as you know their quality of sound. These 6×9 car speakers fit almost into any car but still, I would advise consulting for guidance if you are not sure.


One important factor is the price tag of any product when you choose to buy. You always want something that is better in quality and design, yet with the affordable price tag.

Car audio speakers come in a variety of models and each offering different price tag. Normally we can find the best 6×9 speakers at an affordable price if we search the market.

At 7Reviews we have selected that have top quality with easy installation and still within the reach of normal man. It always depends on the buyer that how much amount of money he is willing to pay to get the best sound quality for the better driving experience.

Speaker Compatibility

Your all efforts will go in vain if the speaker that you selected is not compatible with your car settings.

You must check all features and match if they are compatible with your car before placing any order.


If you are a person who spends hours daily while driving than you always need the best 6×9 speakers for your car. If you are a true music lover you will never compromise on the quality sound that is being delivered.

In this article, we have briefed basic points that should consider when buying the best 6×9 speakers.

How to Install 6×9 Speakers?

Now since you have selected the best 6×9 speakers for your car, the next thing to install them properly so that you can enjoy music.  It seems to be difficult initially but here we have explained all points in detail that will you the in the installation process. Now few of you are asking for how to install 6×9 speakers rear deck?, I have given details below.

Just relax and read this guide carefully, you may need few tools and equipment that are necessary for installation of 6×9 speakers.

    1. Tools required

There are many brands in the market and almost everyone is different from the other in certain ways. Not every speaker can be installed by this method but it will definitely guide you to the basics. You can include these tools in your list when you plan to install 6×9 speakers.

  • Screwdrivers- different sets and sizes
  • Wire cutters- must be of good quality.
  • Rumpling tool
  • Allen and socket distortion equipment
  • Electric drill.
  • Screwdriver
  • File and panel tool.
  • You may need a few extra tools depending on the model and brands of your best 6×9 speakers.

2.Must follow the Manual

Because every speaker is different from the other in terms of shape and settings, so it is always advised to follow instructions that come with it.

Each speaker has a unique process for installation and instruction manual contains all the information required for proper installation.

When you plan to set up 6×9 speakers, read the specific manual for it and there you go.

3.Disconnect the Batteries

While you install the speakers. It is a necessary step that can save you from electrocution in case of an accident.

Since this is all electrical procedure, it is wise to disconnect batteries to avoid any kind of incident that may be fatal. This also helps to protect the electric circuit of the car and protects your 6×9 speakers from any kind of damage.

4. Remove the panels that cover the speakers

Almost all speakers come with protective coverings, you have to remove that before starting to install. Ideal tool is a screwdriver for this and it will not harm your car speakers.

 5.Removing the wiring harness or unplug

Normally it is an easy process while you install speakers. You must correctly set all wirings. Use electrical tape to avoid any wiring issues.

 6. Check Connections properly before attaching speakers.

  7. Always check the speakers before you fit the last bolt.

Carefully listen and access 6×9 speakers for a better sound experience.

When working at full potential you will notice vibrations at high volume

  8. You can use a subwoofer if you are looking for big bad bass while you drive, although the majority of 6×9 speakers have a decent bass.

Final Words About Best 6×9 Speakers

We have described best available products in the market with detailed reviews. We have explained in detail about the features and also included Peros and Cons for all product. Every car owner needs one 6×9 while driving. Few prefer best car speakers for base and others are looking for high vocals.

Best car audio speakers are essential for every car owner. you will not only have good quality sound while you drive but it will help you relax on long routes.

It is important that driver must be alert while driving and with best car speakers not only the driver but everyone in that vehicle will be singing.  Thus making a journey into a beautiful memory.

People are always concerned about the price and quality at the same time. We at 7Reviews always selects the products that have best features with high-quality manufacturing along with affordable price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best 6×9 Speakers

1-What are the best 6×9 Speakers for Bass?

Now after writing this article, I have selected 3 Best 6×9 Speakers for Bass, these are:

  • JL Audio C2-690tx-3 way-Best 6×9 Speakers with Bass
  • JBL GTO939 GTO Series- Best 6×9 Speakers for Car
  • Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix- Best 6×9 Speakers for sound quality

Editor’s Note About Best 6×9 Speakers

Although there are many options for car speakers but 6×9 speakers offer advantages that no other car speaker offers. With best 6×9 speakers you may not even need subwoofers for high quality and powerful bass that will amaze you. I personally have used many varieties of speakers for my car as I love experimenting with my car audio. After going through the whole variety, I can safely say that 6×9 speakers offer the good quality sound that is specifically delivered to individuals who appreciate the Best.

I hope after reading this article you will now have the better idea why 6×9 speakers are classified as THE BEST CASR SPEAKERS. I have given details about best 6×9 speakers in this article featuring product reviews along with manufacturing details. So viewers will not only have the option to select the best car speakers but also read detailed product reviews.

Goodluck- 7Reviews

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