Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support Buyers Guide with 7 Reviews

If you are looking for Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support, then congratulations you have landed on the right page. We have given detail review about Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support along with buyers guide to help viewers selects top quality. Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes play an important part in maintaining your balance while you play the game and also keep your feet and ankles protected at all times. Basketball Shoes With Best Traction is the best choice for basketball players.

Basketball players may experience twisted ankle while playing this hardcore game. This can occur when coming down from a layup and your ankle will be at risk and you never want a twisted ankle again. Best way to avoid injury is to use Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

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Selecting Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support must be on top priority if you ever had twisted ankle while playing basketball or even if you have never experienced this stressful and painful injury. Twisting injury to the ankle can bring severe pain and must be treated immediately. The only thing that can prevent this injury is to play carefully and use all gadgets that are recommended for the basketball game. Good quality shoes for basketball will always protect your ankles.

Since jumping is a part of a basketball game and you will always jump while playing. So selecting the best pair of shoes is always be better for you. The twisted ankle can keep you away from basketball for weeks so always focus on accessories which help to avoid injury. It is recommended to use Best basketball shoes for bad ankles, in order to stay safe during the game.

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It is really very difficult nowadays since with each passing day market is becoming filled with brands that claim to be the best. Because, I myself play basketball on regular basis and I have experienced Twisted ankle at multiple events, so I decided to take matters in my hand. I am using best basketball shoes for bad ankles so that I no longer have to worry again and I can focus on my game.

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I have selected Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support available in the market.

7 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

In this article, we have listed Top 7 Basketball shoes with Ankle Support.

Nike Men’s prime hype DF II Best Basketball shoes

The best pair of basketball shoes is a very important thing in this game. Without these, you cannot even perform good moves because this is a game of lots of movements and twists. So, definitely, you need a pair of good and comfortable shoes for playing basketball that can support your ankles and swift movement without twisting or pain your feet. So, here are those comfortable basketball shoes namely Nike Men’s prime hype DF II.

Nike is one of the most famous brands that give you quality products. One of these products is these basketball shoes that are made up of high-quality durable material. Once you buy it, you can use them for years. Nike Men’s Prime hype DF II is specially designed to be used in basketball. These shoes are very light weighted, high quality supports your ankle and protects your feet from being damaged. These Basketball shoes are designed with specific properties and features that will amaze you when you know about it.

Specifications of Nike Prime Hype DF II


The first thing that will come to your mind while buying any kind of shoes is that either it is comfortable or not. Nike Men’s Prime hype DF II is designed by focusing on its comfortability. These shoes will give your ankle a great support, allows free motion to your ankle and protect your feet from the sudden jerk in joints and twists. So, these pair of sneakers is very much comfortable.


The weight of shoes is a very important thing that definitely Nike prime hype DF II comes with buyer-friendly features and lightweight. It will help you to feel light, control your feet grip on the ground and make your moves swifter that is one of the most important things while playing basketball.


Men’s Prime hype DF II is specifically designed to be airy because in basketball playing, you have to wear these shoes for hours and if you are a professional basketball player, then definitely to have to wear these all the day while practicing, so that is the reason that these basketball shoes provide a good ventilation to prevent perspiration in feet and other issues related to sensitive skin feet.

Flat base

Its flat base is one of its unique specifications, these basketball shoes perfectly fit the feet, giving support to your heels and affirm grip over the ground.

Decoupled collar

This is the best feature of this basketball shoes. It decoupled collar allows a free motion to your ankle and make your movements swifter and faster than others.

Manufacturing quality

High-quality leather and synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing of these basketball shoes that make it long lasting and a quality product to trust upon.


Men’s Prime hype DF II basketball shoes have a good rubber sole that will help to change feet directions faster.

Flex grooves

At the heel area and forefoot, these basketball shoes have flexible grooves that will help to give you great support.

Available colors

It is available in many different colors cool grey, silver, black, metallic color. The availability of different colors will give you a choice to select one colored pair you like the most.

Easy cleaning

These specially made basketball shoes can be cleaned very easily, its upper shiny polyester layer helps to remove mud from it from just wiping out with a curtain or a sponge.


Prime hype DF II basketball shoes have the size of 11 D (M) US


Nike Men’s Prime hype DF II basketball shoes are available in affordable range

Features of Nike Men’s Prime hype DF II

  • Highly durable synthetic rubber sole
  • Quality leather is used in it
  • Lightweight
  • Fits best to the feet
  • Best basketball shoes among all
  • Shaft measure is about 2.5’’
  • The decoupled collar is a unique feature that allows free ankle movement and protection
  • Good ventilated design to avoid feet problems and perspiration
  • Highly durable
  • Stylish look
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Front side is hard to avoid toe hit and outer shiny layer present on this basketball shoe is made up of polyester


  • Most comfortable
  • Ventilated
  • Gives firm grip
  • Affordable price
  • Great ankle support
  • Synthetic durable sole
  • Decoupled collar


  • Maybe issues with size for wide feet but that is truly not a problem, you can buy a big size to tackle this issue


Nike Men’s prime hype DF II is at the top of our list for best basketball shoes for ankle support. One of the best shoes for basketball that will help you play the game and enjoy it with the fear of ankle twisting injury. Recommended with confidence for hardcore game players.

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown– Basketball Shoes for Bad Ankles

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown shoes come with better quality and with the best price tag. This is an ideal choice for basketball players who want to play with the minimum injury to the ankle. They provide shock support for less damage to your knees, and helps prevent a feeling of tightness or pain in the knees, from constant jumping and then touching the ground back with maximum force. All in all, these shoes are worth all the money.

This is one of the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support in the market today.

These shoes may come with simple design but are best to avoid ankle injuries while playing basketball. This is a real deal and you will always feel comfortable while playing basketball with these shoes.

Cushion and support while playing basketball are provided by these shoes. It comes with EVA sock liner that helps to achieve this. You can play continuously for hours while you wear these comfortable shoes. Click here for Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews.

They come with good traction because of multi-directional traction patterns on the rubber sole that you will enjoy playing basketball for hours without any injury.

The best part is the manufacturing quality of the shoes. These are lightweight shoes made of leather and some synthetic stuff that helps you enjoy your game.

You will never have to worry again when you are going up for a layup while playing basketball. Your ankles will be is the safe shoes so focus on your game instead of being worried about the twisted ankle.


  • Imported shoes with a rubber sole for better gameplay.
  • It is an ideal mixture of leather and lightweight synthetic leather for lateral and medial support.
  • Added collar foam is there for comfort and support around the ankle.
  • It comes with full-length EVA sock liner and full-length EVA midsole for the lightweight and comfortable ride.
  • It is equipped with the one-piece solid rubber outsole with traction pattern for better lateral and linear movements during the game. This outsole comes with a herringbone traction pattern.
  • This shoe contains all the right details in all the right places, surprisingly enough. They have an EVA sock liner and midsole, which makes these shoes qualify as one of the best.
  • Also, there are added water restraint properties.
  • Weight- 14.1 ounces.


There is very little to complain about these basketball shoes. They are wallet-friendly, while also non-compromising on the quality. Hence, people with budget constraint might find it the best decision heading down to their nearest store in order to buy a pair of these basketball shoes. You will always feel comfortable with these shoes when you play basketball.

I would strongly suggest buying quality shoes and this pair is the best example of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. You will feel safe and with enhanced self-confidence, you will play better without worrying about bad ankles. One of the best and light basketball shoes with ankle support.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk– Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

This is not the latest version of this brand but it has the best ankle support that could be provided by any shoe. It comes in the standard version and that is as Flyknit. It may look a bit different from the regular shoes but the only difference is in the manufacturing materials.

The Flyknit comes with a knitted sock type collar that is the best to give support to ankle while playing the game. With quality arch support, this pair of shoes is recommended for hardcore players.

This pair of Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Supportby Nike is truly a masterpiece. It has a multi-directional pattern on the exterior which that even slipping and stress on ankle will never an issue for you.

These also work best as high-top shoes that come with good designs and styles.

Features of Basketball Shoes with Good Ankle Support

  • Synthetic and Mesh shoes that come with a shaft that measures 3.75” from the arch. We know where your thoughts are racing to. Yes, we do agree that engineered mesh is reported to be lightweight, breathable, and not worth it in a lot of cases. But Nike has helped us identify this need in a much better way. This year, Nike glued the mesh with nylon and we have a show which has two layers glued together. This feature does not only reinforces the mesh but also promotes durability
  • It features vintage foam tongue.
  • It is recommended for wide-footed people.
  • It has a mid-top collar that gives support without any additional restrictions on movements.
  • It has a herringbone pattern that gives traction for multidirectional movement.
  • It comes with laces for locked-down fit for better playing experience.
  • It gives you not only a soft but a springy response cushion support because of phylon midsole. This makes these shoes easy to enjoy for everyone. The people at guard will have free movement enabled, with zero lag or delay. Also, the guards will be able to know, feel and love the ground feel in a much better way, as the midsole is sitting quite low to the ground.
  • It comes in 12 x 8 x 0.7 inches with 2 pounds weight.


These shoes might not go too easy on the wallet, but not one website or review will dare to say that these are unreasonably priced. These hoes enhance the overall efficiency of the player while enabling better responsiveness. This shoe does not lack in any area, including comfort. These are much more comfortable than the previous Nike series. Will we recommend these? Well, because we can find no reason strong enough to reject these hoes, SO, Hell yeah!

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive-Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support

One of the best products that Adidas has to offer to basketball players.  Once again Adidas has followed the pattern of both regular and knitted versions of these Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support.

It has few similarities to D Rose 7 shoes in the knitting pattern. It features synthetic material that perfectly matches the knit to give beautiful patterns.

Now comes the interesting part about traction. These Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support offers the best traction because of good quality materials that are used in the outsole. Thus you will never to worry again about slipping and about the twisted ankle. Focus on your game and forget about injuries with Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support.

It is one of the best shoes available for basketball players in the market that features comfort and cushion for your shoes and ankle.

Features of Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support

These Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support are made with textile and synthetic materials. These imported shoes come with a rubber sole and shaft that measures High-Top from the arch.

The last series by Adidas sure felt thinner and did not give us the right feels. But the tables have been pretty much turned this year. The set up feels much more firm, which helps us run efficiently, while also feeling great

The top eyelet does not fail to impress us, it is positioned in just the right place. The shoes fit much more accurately because of this placement which enables you to pull your ankle back and keep it there. The cherry on top is served by the fact that they have included 5 set of eyelets.

Adidas is one of the most recognized brands for shoes (Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support) around the globe, has padded the sewn in tongue well and has also not forgotten to keep it elastic. 

These shoes are firm enough to resemble a cardboard. They are not soft or breathable. This enhances the efficiency of this pair of shoes by Adidas.

It comes with updated lacing system for reduces pressure on laces.

It has comfortable textile lining featuring tinted TPU wrap over boost midsole.

Its dimensions are 11 x 7 x 15 inches with the shipping weight of about 4 pounds.


Our trust for Adidas is maintained, as these Adidas crazy explosive shoes are one of the best basketball shoes with Ankle Support. They are not only versatile but also highly recommended for any player, functioning at any position. This shoe is a master of all trades, such as; Responsive Boost cushioning, great impact protection, bouncy ride, killer traction, and solid foot containment. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab these amazing and comfortable shoes ASAP!

Features of Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support

These Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support are made with textile and synthetic materials. These imported shoes come with a rubber sole and shaft that measures High-Top from the arch.

It comes with updated lacing system for reduces pressure on laces.

It has comfortable textile lining featuring tinted TPU wrap over boost midsole.

Its dimensions are 11 x 7 x 15 inches with the shipping weight of about 4 pounds.

Conclusion: I have been using this for a couple of weeks and I must say that it gives me relief and I am no more worried about the bad ankle. These Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support are like a blessing for me and my basketball fellows. Strongly recommended if you want to avoid ankle injuries while you play this game.

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam– Basketball Shoes With Best Traction

Adidas brings another quality shoes for basketball players. This unique pair of shoes can definitely be called best basketball shoes for Ankle support. This is available in multi-color and you can always the best that suits you.

These basketball shoes come with a rubber sole and feature leather and fabric combination. It comes with the shaft that measures around mid-top from the arch. These quality basketball shoes come with a grippy rubber outsole for the better experience.

These high-top best basketball shoes with ankle support feature 3 amazing stripes logo. These quality stripe logos are featured at the sides that give this pair elegant look.

It features perforations for ventilation that help you play for longer duration without complaint of sweaty shoes. This gives smooth and better basketball playing experience.

Now comes the best part, it comes with Cloudfoamsockliner and midsole that gives extraordinary lightweight cushioning.

 The dimensions of the product are 5x5x0.7 inches and with 2 inches high sole, you will always have better basketball playing experience without the fear of getting ankle injury.

Here are some Reasons to Why Should you Buy these Best Basketball Shoes?

  • This shoe is made as a perfect blend of leather and fabric, enabling one of the finest materials to compose this pair.
  • The sole is made of rubber. If you know a thing or two about basketball shoes, you would know that a rubber sole is highly recommended and is one of the best kind.
  • The air flow is not too congested, in fact, it is nicely enabled. This shoe is not too tight to cause constraints but does allow a fit, yet airy atmosphere that makes you feel amazing.
  • The comfort is ensured and made possible through the rear collar and mesh cushion. This increases both; comfort and durability.
  • These shoes are lightweight, making your performance in the court effortless, yet outstanding.
  • The origin of these shoes is in Vietnam so the quality and durability is unquestionable and trustworthy.
  • This shoe is made for flat feet. Which means less constraint on your ankle, or toes. A balanced environment lets you play and rock the court.

Final Words:

Finding a flat feet shoe is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. But this problem is entirely eliminated when it comes to these shoes. These Basketball Shoes With Best Traction are entirely made for flat feet use. The whole review has circled around the fact that these shoes refuse to compromise on quality and durability and hence have made use of highly professional and guaranteed materials. We have full faith in these shoes and we will totally recommend these to you!

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3– Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2018

The Curry 3 comes with the latest features from the Under Armour in the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support category. These come with the best possible ankle support for you while you play. While giving you excellent ankle support you will feel comfortable while wearing these.

It comes with patented thread borne upper for support and making these shoes super lightweight. It has carbon fiber shank for excellent stability at the time of landing off while jumping.

While you will have best ankle support these shoes come with the elegant design that you will simply love. It comes with the multi-color exterior, so you will have a long list of colors to choose from.

These shoes have dimensions of 11 x 7 x 15 inches with a shipping weight of 3 pounds.

You will not only have best basketball shoes for ankle support but that too with the affordable price tag. Buyers are responding in a positive way.

All in all, these shoes are not lacking much in any aspect so far. Let us discuss more about them and have a keen look at their Basic Features:

  • The rubber that is used in these shoes is highly durable and recommended. It is also firm.
  • The step-in comfort is highly enabled through the ortholite insole, which is also pretty firm.
  • The introduction of thread borne is pretty jaw-dropping and has won the hearts of many people all around the world.
  • There is zero sacrifice on the support, while a perfect fit is enhanced by the use of High tensile threads on the lateral side of the shoe.
  • There is a Fuse also utilized
  • Additional security is marked by true carbon fiber wings.
  • These shoes provide you with just the right amount of ankle support if you are wearing the correct size.
  • The charged cushioning is seen to increase the reaction timing, according to many buyers.
  • These shoes are breathable and light weighted to increase satisfaction among the clients.


This pair of shoes is perfectly suited for speedy guards, and we know a lot of you can relate here. These shoes look and feel amazing, while also giving enough of a style statement to your look. These might not be the best but definitely are among the best of shoes whenever a list is made. They have impressed us, and we hope they have managed to impress our readers too!

ASICS GEL-Spotlyte Retro Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support

Talking about ASICS, as a brand, we must mention that they believe in their vision and empower it to the optimum. Founded in 1949, the founder KihachiroOnitsuka began manufacturing basketball shoes straight out of his living room, based in Japan. He had only one vision that led him to choose the name ASICS for his company. Since the first day, this was the motto they bought forth with their shoes; they wanted to promote total health and fitness in order to create a happy and healthy lifestyle. Today, ASICS offers a lot of series of shoes that are not only performance-driven but also include accessories determined to bring harmony to the body and the soul.

As far as their highly efficient and awe-inspiring basketball shoe ASICS GET Style Retro is concerned, it is found to be a modified version of a shoe model introduced and used by Isaiah Thomas, back in the 1990s. 

Let us get to know more about this shoe, by checking out some of its General Characteristics.

General Characteristics:

  • Increased support, along with enhanced protection is provided within this shoe by the infusion of a padded tongue and collar into it.
  • There is minimal or much-reduced pressure on the toes as compared to other hoes, use to the gel cushioning in the forefoot along with the rearfoot.
  • A removable cushioned insole is included also along with a microfiber lining. This enhances comfort and provides you with much ease while you are on the court nailing it!
  • Along with the inner, the outer looks pretty promising by being more durable. Durability is not the only factor, although, that looks promising. The outer also is fashionable and comfortable for anyone to wear and play!
  • This shoe is not overly priced at all and will be wallet friendly to most people out there.

These are some of the general characteristics of this basketball shoes for ankle support, and we must say, we are quite impressed! However, let us move further and get a look at some of its specifications as well!


  • Along with having flex grooves, his basketball shoe has an amazing rubber outsole. This rubber outsole makes it more efficient and durable.
  • There is a mid-top shaft measure from the arch of this shoe.
  • Infused boost technology makes it soft, and comfortable. It also helps retain the energy.
  • Padded tongue and closure is also included
  • Lace up closure is also there, making it more efficient and safe while playing.

It looks like we are pretty much done with the specifications. Let us now take a look at some of the pros and cons of this ASICS basketball shoe.


  • These shoes Provide a perfect fit along with being extremely durable and longer lasting
  • They give great support and comfort making them extremely player friendly
  • Suitable for all three; running, work or play
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good aesthetics and high-quality materials are used


  • They might be a bit narrow, so it might be more appropriate to order a larger size.


ASICS is one of the most trusted brands throughout the globe when it comes to the best basketball shoes for ankle support. They have manufactured some of the best basketball shoes till date. This shoe, specifically, is very ankle friendly in terms of support and protection. It is both efficient and good looking. The durability has been carefully taken care of. This is a comfortable shoe with a fast running capability.

People from all around have reported positive reviews about this shoe considering the fact that it is Equipped with the brand’s Gel cushioning technology with a great fit and feel. It is lightweight, making it easier to carry with a perfect fit! So, what are you waiting for? Go buy these extremely wallet-friendly shoes, with the best features in the market!

Adidas Performance Men’s DT Bball Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas has always been in the limelight for being the best. In literal meanings! Adidas has always been able to be so much more ahead of its time. People who are into sports, usually are huge fans f this brand. Long with being Adidas-loyalists, these people support and trust this brand like no other!

Talking about their Adidas Performance Men’s DT Bball Mid Basketball Shoes, Adidas has been able to impress us, on a much greater level than they usually do. Even the name given to these series is, ‘dual-threat’ which indicates the vision pursued by Adidas this time. Their vision was to create a shoe that along with being a high-performer, was also a threat to opponents on the basketball court.

It features high-quality materials, such as a much lightweight version of bounce cushioning. This cushioning does not only make this shoe a go-getter but also comfortable and quick at the same time! It allows a rather optimized cut, giving extensive support to the ankle. It also increases the mobility of the ankle.

Along with all these amazing features, let us have a brief look at the general characteristics of this basketball shoe.

General Characteristics:

  • This shoe knows exactly what it is designed to do! The traction is so much better with multi-directional movements happening simultaneously.
  • The flexibility of this shoe keeps increasing in chorus with each wave line of herringbone pattern in the outsole.
  • There is less or no slipping with the provision of a strap and a tech fit sleeve. This also enhances fit and provides your feet with a lockdown, hence decreasing slipping in the court.
  • If you’re in need of moderate ventilation then these basketball shoes should be good enough for you. The meshed upper also aids in enhancing ventilation along the shoe, making it breathable.
  • People have been so far looking forward to the generous level of support provided by these shoes.

Let us now have a look at the specifications of this shoe, gaining a proper insight into its built and functions.


  • Ventilation has been made possible due to the textile mesh upper.
  • There is a high-top shaft measure from the arch
  • Durability is promised due to the lightweight upper
  • Rubber outsole provides a good grip, along with a greater durability
  • Bounce technology makes the cushioning much more efficient and pain-free
  • Special herringbone pattern with adiPrene + midsole cushioning

Since we are done with the specifications, let us move on. Here is a brief list of the pros and cons of this Adidas basketball shoe given as follows;


  • This shoe provides excellent durability
  • It is widely recognized to Provide a perfect fit
  • It is breathable and Lightweight
  • This shoe has a good grip
  • It features great support and comfort is also enhanced


  • You should first be sure of the size that fits you good.
  • No other specific cons


Adidas has always been one of the most trusted brands where the name speaks for itself. These shoes are not only high-achievers but are not willing to compromise on quality. They will be your companions and best friends in the court, taking you towards your goals. These shoes come with amazing features that can make anyone drool over these babies. These are stylish, bold and trendy when it comes to their looks. Moreover, they perform extremely well, with zero compromises on durability and comfort.

How to select Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support?

This was the first question that I asked myself when I decided to buy the new pair of basketball shoes and since then I have studied this in detail. Now I can finally say that I know few details that may be helpful to other buyers also. There are many factors involved while selecting Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support. I have my friends asking “What are the best basketball shoes for ankle support”, now answer is to buying guide before you decide to select shoes.

Always select shoes with high-cut style because it limits ankle movement while jumping as compared to low-cut and mid-cut basketball shoes. High-cut style basketball shoes are always an ideal choice for players. It will avoid ankle trauma and also limit ligaments stretching while jumping.

Selecting Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support is not about fancy designs or styles but if for the better gameplay and to avoid injuries.

Another factor that must be considered at the time of selecting Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support is the energy absorption mechanism. The more energy is absorbed by the basketball shoes when coming off from a fall, chances of injury will be less.

Traction is considered an important aspect while deciding to buy Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support. It will help in keeping basketball players safe from any sort of slipping that can harm ankle.

Always select top quality brand that manufactures Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

Manufacturing quality is always considered a top priority. Don’t forget to read buyers reviews as people who are already using these basketball shoes knows more than you.

The affordable price tag is another important point to consider when buying Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support. You need best quality basketball shoes with an affordable price tag.

Thanks to the latest designs and machines, now the latest basketball shoes are lightweight and more durable as compared to previous manufacturers.

Let me brief all the important points that you must consider at the time of purchase of Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

  • Price
    Now for the majority of buyers, this is the most important thing to consider, I will suggest that live within your means, plan your budget and stick to it. you can always select the quality product within a certain amount of money. Now thanks to the latest technology you can easily find quality shoes within the budget-friendly zone.
  • Body type and size
    Another important thing to co-relate when purchasing shoes. you need a pair of basketball shoes that fits your structure and helps you play good and stable.
  • Skill Level
    Now if you are a regular basketball player, you may invest more in the quality of shoes. But if you play once a week, you don’t need to buy expensive shoes. Good quality shoes are must for 
    daily players.
  • Comfort level
    If your shoes are not comfortable than how can you play well. Although with the latest
    technologies, the majority of shoes in the market come with foam cushions. But if you are a regular basketball player, you deserve quality shoes that are better in providing relief to your feet with top cushions.
  • Outsole
    Outsole plays an important role and you are able to play on multiple surfaces with ease. If you play on any specific surface than you definitely know which outsole to select. You must look at the rubber thickness, softness and pattern when you select new shoes.
  • Fit
    Thank to advancements in the technology, mostly shoes come with quality and style that can fit narrow and normal footed players. But for wide feet individuals, things may be as easy for others. If you go 0.5 size increase will help in such cases. But it is better to try before finally buying in case of wide feet.
  • Materials
    This thing determines how long will basketball shoes last. All top brands use, quality material while manufacturing. Try reading manual for details about manufacturing and materials used. Now with 7Reviews, you can always search for best products.
  • Durability
    Now you don’t want a pair, that will not last few months. You don’t want to get embarrassed in the middle of the game. Always read reviews before finalizing.
  • Style
    Now, this may be the last thing to consider when looking for quality shoes for ankle support. But now the majority of brands offer the good design with the best quality at the same time. You can see all the products listed here are of top quality with latest designs.

Why I Choose Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support?

Hi readers! I am Hibba, a girl, yes a girl. Who has always found peace and spark in playing basketballBasketball has been far more than just a game to me. I have been inspired by the players, like Lebron James ever since I grew up. Not just in the court, I have found myself always incorporating the strategies implemented, and the quotes said by all the legendary players on the basketball court.

Basketball has hence, been one of my favorite breathing corners in life. I grew up watching Kobe Bryant, and have always been a fan of his ‘Mamba Mentality’. 
I had to face a lot of difficulties during my training as a basketball player, being a girl, I would always find out ways to let out the hidden beast in me. That is when my trainer told me, how crucially important it was to have the right shoes by your side in the game. Even for guys out there!

Also, as a female in the field, I have always felt this need to feel, act and play stronger. Stronger than I ever thought I could be. As a female, you are always looked down upon and thought to be ‘not strong enough’ when it comes to playing basketball in the field, so I always found myself looking for the one equipment I needed, other than my strategies and plans in the game; my shoes.

I have surfed through all the stores in Dubai, and have had a handful of shoes that managed to satisfy my needs as a customer. I always looked for shoes that will help me support my ankle, and also provide shock support for my knees. For example, when you dunk and reach the ground again with full force, it sometimes causes pain in your knees, or even more. So, to avoid that, you need to have the perfect shoes for an even better landing. The shoes should be fit enough to be breathable, yet not too loose because that will just cause you problems in the court.

My journey with shoe finding has always been interesting, as I have also, always been a keen observer of the qualities of these shoes. Some shoes tend to have this best grip on your feet, enabling you to fly, while others may look so stylish that the court becomes a fashion ramp. Each footwear is unique in it’s own ways, but some shoes are the best. They define dignity, integrity, focus, and quality. As I happen to know a thing or two about the best basketball shoes, I might also share my wisdom to help all you players enable your maximum potentials. Basketball shoes can really help you maximize your performances, anyway.

It is crucial to have your feet pampered enough to let you run and play as fast and efficiently as you can, and I know how much of a challenge it can be to find the perfect shoe that fits and gives you wings. But don’t worry, we have a list of the perfect shoes for you which will give you enough strength to play amazingly in the court. We are here to make your journey for finding your perfect shoe much easier than you expected. So, we can help you follow your dreams, but in the right shoes!

Final words about Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

So we are done here. we have given detailed product reviews about top 5 shoes for basketball players who provide best ankle support.

Basketball is a hardcore game of sweat where players do whatever it takes to win, so you don’t want to get twisted ankle while you play hard.

Few this must be kept in mind whenever you decide to buy Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

Basketball shoes must be lightweight with good quality manufacturing. Always select a brand that has a good reputation among buyers. Don’t forget to read buyers reviews to check the level of satisfaction from the players who are already using them.

Price and warranty are two important factors that play a lead role in selection. You need shoes that give you comfort and you can play without any tension. Not only this but these shoes have to be affordable to be enjoyed.

We at 7Reviews select products that come with good quality, better design and top buyers reviews in that specific category.

Always select shoes that suit your needs of satisfaction and never compromise on quality.

How to Prevent Injuries while playing Basketball?

Now basketball is among popular games in the United States and this is not an easy game to play. Players are always at the danger of injuries that can even ruin their carriers. This game requires running fast, turning, moving back and forth and with frequent and aggressive contacts with other players.

This can lead to injuries that can even last for years. Majority of injuries are caused by falling down, awkward and bad fall, players contact, ankle twists and knee injuries.
  • Injuries to hands, fingers, head, and face.
  • Injuries to lower body parts like knees and ankles. Players are more prone to knee injuries.

Now the question is how to prevent these injuries. There are many important points to consider when you intend to play basketball. 

Let me explain them here for you.

Plan to play

Now that you have decided to play basketball, you need to prepare yourself for this. Remeber this an aggressive game, not for weak individuals. you have to be fast and with stamina.

Start training yourself for this type of game. You must do some warm up and stretch before the game and at the end of the game you must again stretch and cool down.

Choose the right basketball gear

Now you must be prepared with the proper gear for basketball. This may include wearing a mouthguard, try to get it custom made according to your size for proper fitting.

Select proper shoes that will prevent ankle twist and let you play smoothly. If you have any history of trauma or pain than it is better to consult a doctor before you start to play.

Check play area

Now it is important that you play safe. You should inspect the area for any hazards that may be present there like any stones or mud that may affect your game.

Basketball baskets and backboards must be good quality to withstand the aggression of the game. It is better to hire a professional for proper installation of the board.

Basketball Safety-Basketball Safety Tips

Here I have describeda few important basketball safety tips, I am a big fan of this game and I always enjoy playing it in my courtyard. I would strongly suggest my readers to follow these general rules that regard to basketball safety.

  • Only play if your body allows you.
  • Do not be too aggressive with yourself.
  • Always follow safety tips and follow all guidelines. Follow all the rules of the game.
  • Use proper techniques for passing the ball and for securing points.
  • Drink water before, during and after the game. You don’t want to compromise on your level of hydration.
  • If you have any heart-related conditions, you must consult the cardiologist before you jump in the court.
  • A qualified doctor must be present at the court in case of any emergency that may require medical professionals.
  • There must be a way connect with others, like internet or telephone at the court.
  • In case of an emergency, call 911 and start helping the injured under the guidance of a professional.
  • Wear proper kit and follow all safety guidelines mentioned here for a safe and joyful game.


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