Best Ceiling Speakers Buyers Guide with Top 7 Reviews-2018

Best Ceiling Speakers Reviews 2018

Best Ceiling Speakers- these are an essential part of every home cinema, dance floor or any room where a sound lover exists. So you have decided to buy ceiling speakers for your home and now thinking about which brand to trust. In this article Best Ceiling Speakers, we will give the detailed informational guide to help you choose the best from the list of Best In-Ceiling Speakers.

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Selecting the best ceiling speakers for your home and your intended use will give you with the high-quality sound that will not only enjoy but you will also feel the power of bass that comes along with it. Now thanks to the latest technology you can enjoy Bluetooth ceiling speakers with excellent features and good sound quality.

Why Best Ceiling Mount speakers?

Ceiling Mount speakers are always considered ideal because of the number of reasons. There are many benefits of ceiling speakers. Let me explain a few here.

  1. More Floor Space- Ceiling Mount Speakers are best for small house owners as it will help them save a lot of floor space. When you will have speakers installed in your room ceiling, you will have more free space on the floor to help you move around. You can even dance while listening to songs with these In-Ceiling speakers.
  2. No More Wiring Issues– if you love Bluetooth speakers than wires are never an Issue for you but if you don’t want a Bluetooth speaker than ceiling speakers are an ideal choice for you. All of the electric wires are hidden inside the ceiling cavity, and you will have more space to move around.
  3. Built-In Acoustics–Ceiling Mount Speakers, take advantage of your room’s natural acoustics and by having the hardware fixed into the ceiling, the space right above it becomes a sort of built-in acoustic cabinet that, if done properly, provide excellent bass and treble for you to enjoy and relax.
  4. Minimum Acoustic Disturbance–Best Ceiling speakers come with minimum acoustic disturbance as sound does not go through different objects. So you will enjoy the best possible sound that exists.
  5. Enhance Room Interior- You will always appreciate your decision of buying ceiling speakers for yr home and it will never ruin your interior, rather it will help look your room better.

So now that you have decided to go for the better sound experience, we will tell you about a few features of best ceiling speakers. 

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Ceiling Mount Speakers are always compact, concealed, and leave no visible wires that can disturb your room arrangements. They come with surround sound effect just like a theater. Because the speakers are above you, and not installed in a corner, they will make a “sound blanket” and a better experience than any floor-standing speaker. You may be worried about having to make holes in the ceiling, but let me explain very clearly when you are done installing, you will be happy with your decision.

How to Select Best Ceiling Speakers for 2018?

I have listed below all important points to consider when you plan to buy the best ceiling speakers. Now you can enjoy high quality and neat sound with Best In Ceiling Speakers for surround sound.

  • Power handling (watts): This shows the amount of power that is being used by speakers to produce excellent quality of sound. More the power more will be amplification and louder will be the sound. If you are living in a larger house or planning to install speakers in a bigger room than go for better watts.
  • Frequency response (Hz):  We the human have the capacity to only hear sounds between  20 to 20,000 Hz.  lower frequency sounds have the low pitch that is more bass.  ceiling speakers are equipped with better highs but lack bass (the lower frequency). Consider select ceiling speakers with wider frequency range with lower limits.
  • Sensitivity/efficiency (dB):  A higher dB speaker can always play louder without stressing the amplifier. It is measured in decibels(dB). We recommend you go for a higher dB (between 80 and 90 dB) if you are planning a party or you want to watch movies.
  • Timbre-matching: Timbre is the unique sound that a speaker creates. Matching speaker timbres involves the mechanism to achieve the same sound from each speaker.
  • Room size. Room size is one of the important points to consider at the time of purchase, for bigger rooms, select speakers with powerful speakers and drivers. require bigger speakers with powerful woofers & drivers.
  • Access amplifier.  Before installing ceiling speakers check for the number of speakers supported by your amplifier/ receiver and must match the impedance (how many watts per channel the amp supports). Speakers should be within 2 Ohms of the amp’s impedance. Just look up the amplifier model you own and you can find details about it on the internet.
  • A home theater set-up. Make sure that all of your in-ceiling speakers are of same superior The center channel speaker must be of same quality as the left and right front speakers. Select speakers a set of 4 or 6.
  • Playing with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.  A subwoofer is recommended when playing Dolby 5.1. The subwoofer will help improve the bass.
  • Focus on quality. It is wiser to choose good quality speakers. If you make a hole in your ceiling, you want the best product for your room. They should have moisture protection mechanism.

How to Install Ceiling Speakers?

You will receive guidelines along with speakers to help you install speakers properly and without any difficulty. This guide will explain in detail “how to install ceiling speakers”.

Let me briefly explain it here for your convenience.

  1. Select a location on the ceiling after thorough research. It must be close to your seating area in the room. It should be able to direct sound to the seating area. Always plan it properly as once you have made a hole than you can’t do anything. Don’t rush into your decision.
  2. Check that the selected for better acoustics. The sound needs to be reflected for a better bass performance and for high-quality sound.
  3. Always use goggles to protect the eyes from dirt and materials that may fall on you while installing speakers.
  4. After making a hole, access if it fits speakers properly before connecting wires. You don’t want to face the mess that will be created if you go halfway through the process and unplug the whole thing again.
  5. Connect all wires carefully and fix the speaker in the hole and that’s it. You are done with the process of installing a ceiling speaker.

Best Ceiling Speakers Reviews 2018

Here is the list of 7 Best Ceiling Speakers for 2018.

Product NameImpedanceSensitivityFrequency ResponsePrice
Polk Audio RC80i 2-way8 Ohms90 dB50 – 20k Hz$$
Polk Audio 255C-RT8 Ohms90 dB50 – 25k Hz$$
Micca M-8c8 Ohms90 dB40 Hz- 20kHz$$
Acoustic Audio R1918 Ohms95 dB45 – 22k Hz$$
Pyle PIC8E4-8 Ohms88 dB55 - 20k Hz$$
Yamaha NS-3 way8 Ohms85 dB65 – 28k Hz$$
PYLE PDIC81RD4-8 Ohm-50 - 20k Hz$$

Polk Audio RC80i 2-way-Best In wall Speakers

The Polk Audio RC80i is one of the best ceiling speakers available in the market that gives excellent value for money. You will receive a pair of 2-way in-ceiling speakers that feature timbre-matched for sonic imaging and comes with best sound quality.

This speaker comes with  one-8” dynamic balance featuring mineral filled polymer composite cone and one-1” dynamic soft dome tweeter for extended highs and a 15 degree swivel mount that helps to angle sound projection. Now, this is what we call the best sound experience and that too at affordable price.

This Polk Audio best In-wall speakers comes with full range sound with a wide frequency range of 35Hz to 20kHz and has superb sound clarity. It is made of durable moisture resistant materials which make them suitable for installation in kitchens or any other room without any fear of damage., the RC80i also features a tweeter switch that enables you to adjust the highs for your room environment.

The Polk RC80i comes with very impressive sound quality. They produce very nice extended highs and have a timbre range that adds a layer of sparkle to the music thus making the sound experience memorable.

The RC80i ceiling speakers come with crystal clear sound quality. The bass response from the RC80is is decent but you will need a dedicated subwoofer in the system for a better sound experience.

How to Install Polk Audio RC80i Best Ceiling Speakers?

The Polk Audio RC80i ceiling speakers come with a simple and elegant design that blends with the modern era of home furniture. With easy installation into the ceiling or wall without acquiring any floor and shelf space –.all you need to do to install the speaker is to cut a hole, connect the ceiling speaker wiring and securely place the speaker in the ceiling hole.

The RC80i automatically secures itself in place by rotating cams that do not require extra hardware or assembly accessories. It also comes with a paintable grille and flange that allows the ceiling speaker to be barely noticeable in the room once installed.

The RC80i uses 8”-dynamic mineral filled polymer composite cone with rubber surrounds that helps in enhanced durability. The RC80is is a really durable ceiling speaker that will deliver sound performance for many years to come.

Features of the Polk Audio RC80i- Polk Ceiling Speakers
  1. Frequency response- 35Hz – 20Hz
  2.   Power range- 20-100 Watts
  3. Size- 8 inches Dimensions- 12.1 x 11.7 x 9. Inches
  4. Item weight- 4.3 lbs
  5. Shipping weight- 10.1 lbs
  6. Item model number- AW0080-B
  7. 2-way ceiling speakers.

Some of the pros and cons of this quality ceiling speakers are mentioned below.


  • It features high-quality sound.
  • This durable Ceiling speakers will work for years to come.
  • Price is affordable to the majority of buyers.


  • Bass can be affected at higher volumes.

What’s in the Box?

You will receive

  • RC80i ceiling speakers (pair),
  • 2 grilles,
  • 2 cardboard templates with paint masks,
  • owner’s manual,
  • registration card.

Polk Audio 255C-RT– Best Ceiling Speaker System

Polk Audio 255c-RT In-wall / In-ceiling Speakers provides excellent sound quality at an affordable price. This speaker comes with In-wall / In-ceiling feature that will help you install these speakers directly into the wall or in the ceiling and you will never have an issue regarding room space.

The Vanishing Series 255c-RT is an ideal choice to match your home interior. This is one of the best in ceiling center channel speaker.

This paintable speaker has the capacity to match any sort of decoration, this in-wall center channel blends with its surroundings in a beautiful manner.

Polk Audio 255C-RT is one of the finest forms of indoor speakers that ever existed. You will only hear the extraordinary sound without even thinking about speaker location. This quality ceiling speaker system will always amaze you with super bass and neat sound.

Features of Polk Audio 255-RT Best Ceiling Speakers for 2018

  1. Up to  150W power per channel-For best and controlled audio that gives excellent results.
  2. Dual 5.25″ woofers.
  3. It has  Dynamic Balance construction with a mineral composite polypropylene cone and rubber surround for vibrant sound.
  4. It has one 1″ -Dynamic Balance silk/polymer composite dome tweeter.
  5. It is positioned in a 15° swivel housing for direct high-frequency control, optimal off-axis imaging and flexible placement options.
  6. In-wall mounting
  7. It helps to Create outstanding sound quality in rooms where there is less space. It will not disturb your furniture settings.
  8. Gold-plated spring-loaded. It comes with user-friendly features that offer simple and secure connectivity.
  9. Sheer-Grille- Now here is the interesting part. Grille comes with Magnet that attaches to the speaker and protrudes only 7mm to give a sleek, seamless elegant appearance. The grille is paintable so you can match it to your décor.
  10. 7.63″ x 13.13″ mounting cutout dimensions- Mounting depth: 3.38″ (including 0.5″ drywall).
  11. 30Hz – 27kHz frequency response. 8 ohms impedance- Conducts power through the speaker.
Specifications of Polk Audio 255-RT Center Channel Speaker
  • RMS power- 75 watts
  • Speaker type- Central
  • Warranty- comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Audio- High-resolution audio
  • Minimum frequency response-   30HZ
  • Maximum frequency response- 27 kiloHz
  • Sensitivity- 90 Db
  • Number of speakers- 1
  •  Number of tweeters included- 1
  • Tweeter size- 1 inch
  • Number of Woofers included-2
  • Woofer size-  5.25 inches
  • Peak Power Handling- 150 watts
  • Color- white
  • Dimensions-   9.31 x 14.81 x 6.6 inches   Item weight- 6.6 lbs
  • Shipping weight- 8.68 lbs
  •  Item model number- 255CRT

This In-wall center speaker features Polk Audio’s wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically secured grille that extends only 7mm from the wall. Polk Ceiling Speakers are the best when it comes to delivering top-level sound.

The grille is virtually transparent and is acoustically inert to deliver dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage.

Whats in the Box?

  • in-wall/ ceiling center-channel loudspeaker
  • White metal grille
  • Mounting template
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Sheer-Grille Painting instructions
  • Online Registration Card
  • Polk Audio product brochure


  • It comes with free shipping.
  • Ideal design for In-wall installation.
  • Comes with a built-in woofer for better bass.
  • The design is simple and elegant.
  • Comes with a paintable grill to match your room interior.


  • You can not please everyone.

Conclusion This is a good choice for in-wall / In-ceiling speakers for small rooms where space is always important. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Recommended with confidence, these best ceiling speakers for sound lovers who want quality sound at affordable price. I hope you enjoy this super quality In Ceiling Surround Speakers.

Micca M-8c -Best Ceiling Speakers (Buyers Choice)

The Micca M-8c is one of the best ceiling speakers available in the market. They are made with the latest design that is perfect for the best sound experience.

The Micca M-8 can work best in the variety of applications from party music, to a high-class theater system. It is the best solution to the home sound system for the better movie experience. With these wireless ceiling speakers, you will only enjoy the best sound with no tension about wires.

It comes with top quality components that deliver exceptional quality sound with zero distortion and noise.

The Micca M-8 are sold directly from the factory that ensures top quality is being delivered to buyers. Each M-8 is made especially with high-class materials that deliver sound that you really want and that too at affordable price.

Features of Best Ceiling Speakers for Home 2018

  1. M-8c is a 2-way speaker that comes with 8” poly woofer and 1” soft dome Tweeter.
  2. Best bass with 8” subwoofer so you not need a separate woofer for quality bass.
  3. For clear and detailed sound 1” dome tweeter works perfectly so you can enjoy a balanced sound.
  4. Perfect integration between woofer and tweeter is made possible via a 6db crossover network.
  5. Smooth and natural sound signature with a robust bass output for the powerful listening experience.
  6. Designed in such a way that it can fulfill a variety of home entertainment applications.
  7. It is very easy to install and it can be painted to meet your home interior colors.
  8. This is an ideal way to add high-quality sound to your room that too without taking up any additional space.
  9. Free Shipping is available for this product.


  • Type- 8-inch in-ceiling speakers
  • Woofer- 8-inch Poly-Mica woofer
  • Tweeter- Pivoting 1-inch silk dome
  • Crossover- 6db/ Octave
  • Frequency response- 40 Hz- 20kHz
  • Power handling- 100 watts (each)
  • Sensitivity- 90dB 1W/1M
  • Dimensions- 10.8 x 10.8 x 3.6 inches
  • Cut out dimensions-  9 3/8” Diameter
  • Mounting depth- 3 5/8”
  • Item Weight- 4.7 pounds


  • It is best suited for a variety of home applications: In-ceiling as background music, In-ceiling as surround speakers, In-ceiling as center speakers in a home theater system.
  • It delivers powerful bass with 8” poly woofer.
  • Price is affordable to the majority of buyers.


  • You can not please everyone.

Conclusion: In-ceiling speakers with truly high-quality bass that you may not a separate subwoofer.  Best choice for sound lovers who want to enjoy when listening to their favorite tracks.

Acoustic Audio R191 Best Ceiling Speakers for Bass 2018

Acoustic Audio R191 can be used as IN Ceiling Speakers and In-Wall Speakers. It comes with a set of 5 speakers that will amaze you with the quality of sound.

These best ceiling speakers feature 2-way design and are recommended for 20-200 watts power per speakers. These features 5.25-inch woofers that come with high rigidity polypropylene cones with extended throw feature for quality performance.

It comes with paintable frames that you can always paint according to your room décor. Grills are low profile and also paintable. This features an easy installation method. You can always read instructions about How to Install Ceiling Speakers which are mentioned in detail, at the start of this article.

These Best In-Ceiling Speakers can be used for In-wall installation also and can be added to your home theater or even outdoor music system.


  • Power- 20-200 watts/speaker
  • Frequency- 45Hz-22kHz.
  • Sensitivity- 95dB
  • Crossover range- 2200Hz.
  • Woofers- 5.25 inch
  • Style- 2-way speakers
  • Impedence- 8ohm
  • Cut-out size- 6.25 inch/speaker
  • Overall size- 7.625 inch/speaker
  • Dimensions- 7.6x3x7.6”
  • Speakers weight- 2.25lbs.
  • Shipping weight- 12.35lbs.


  • Set of 5 ceiling speakers for the better sound experience.
  • Elegant design with the paintable exterior to match room decor.
  • Best quality sound with powerful bass.
  • The affordable price tag of under 100$.


  • Not many to mention here.

These quality speakers come at the very affordable price of under 100$. Yet you will always receive the quality sound that will amaze you with its power. With a set of 5 speakers and woofers, you will have cinema-like experience at home. You can also use it for home parties and even connect it pool speakers. While writing this reviews, I have personally used this at our company parties and events. Recommended for people who are budget conscious and yet they want the best product in the category.

Pyle PIC8E 8’’ 2-Way 300Watt -Ceiling Speakers System

If we start counting the reasons to love this product, we might have to make a longer list than we expected. Some might also rely on this product naming it as the ‘best ceiling speakers’. Be it home, or business locations, these ceiling speakers are bound to deliver an outstanding performance.

So, to cut the long story short, let us have a look at the General Characteristics of this product;

  • Along with having a polypropylene cone full range speakers, this product manages to make a statement with its voice coil silk dome tweeter that pivots and treble control.
  • The features of voice coil silk dome tweeter can be adjusted according to your personal will for achieving a fuller sound with a particularly sweet high end that is sure to make you fall in love with this product!
  • It is sold as a single pair of two speakers, as the name implies.
  • It is easier to install, considering the fact that it includes built-in mounting hardware.
  • The frequency response delivered by these speakers is quite good and worth a mention.
  • Along with being extremely reasonable when it comes to their pricing, these speakers are made with good quality material that is bound to deliver great durability.
  • These speakers will not rip your wallet apart, as they fall under the price range of less than a 100 dollars!

These were some general characteristics of these speakers. Let us move on to explain some of their Basic Features;

Now, let us head towards the Basic Features of these speakers:

Item Weight 10.9 pounds
Product Dimensions 22.8 inches x 5 inches x 11.8 inches
Battery Batteries are not added
Item Model number PIC8E
Product Mounting Style In-Ceiling
Impedance 4-8 Ohm
Sensitivity 88 dB
Product Brand Pyle Audio
Total speaker Depth 3.9 inches
Product Color Blue
Mounting Depth 3.7 Inches
Product Woofer Diameter 8 inches
Frequency Response 55-20,000 Hz
Product’s Power Output RMS: 150 Watts each

Peak: 300 Watts

Here are some basic features or technicalities mentioned about this product that will help you make a sound judgment about this product.

Let us move on to the next step and discuss some setbacks of this product.


  • Some people have reported that the plastic grabbers, that basically aid the speakers to fit the ceilings in a tighter way, are not made of high-quality material.


We believe these speakers deliver high-quality performance. Given the pricing of the product, the features that you get along with this product are very reasonable and worth it. These speakers are also easy to install. Hence, all you have to do is wire these babies up in your ceilings, be it workplace or at home, and you are good to go for your own ride of good listening experiences!

Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5’’ 3 Way -Ceiling Speaker System

These speakers are especially good at directing sound. The Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5″ 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System is worth a mention when talking about diversity as well.

Let us discuss some General Characteristics of this Yamaha ceiling Speaker system;

  • You can direct the sound of the woofer in the direction that best goes with your personal preferences due to the fact that the woofer is placed on a tilted mount.
  • Enhanced and greater sound dispersion is made possible by the swiveling tweeter installed within these speakers.
  • Clear and prominent frequencies, free from any distortions are produced up to 28 Hz.
  • Not only do these speakers produce a crisp and clear sound, but they also sound great at high volumes which is the dream of every Audiophile come true.
  • They are extremely reasonable when we look into the price factor. They fall under the range of being less than a 100 dollars.
  • They come along with a customized color grill that is used to conceal these speakers according to the color of your ceilings.
  • You can enjoy an amazing theatrical experience at home, as the quality of this product’s performance is outstanding and commendable.
  • The construction quality simply deserves a shoutout!
  • The installation process is made much easier with the help of paintable grills and included a protective cover.
  • These speakers have an amazing bass that is sure to rock your world! Get ready for an amazing music listening experience with these little babies.
  • These speakers are sold as a single pair of two speakers.

These were some of the general qualities of this product. Let us move on to the next step.

Here are some of the Basic Features of this product;

Item Weight 8 pounds
Product Dimensions 9 inches x 7 inches x 5 inches
Battery Batteries are not added
Item Model number NSIW280CW
Product Mounting Style In-Ceiling
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sensitivity 85 dB
Product Brand YAMAHA
Total speaker Depth 3.9 inches
Product Color White
Mounting Depth 9-7/16″ x 4-13/16″
Product Tweeters Dual ¾ inches
Frequency Response 65 Hz – 28 kHz
Crossover Description 3.5k Hz


Here are some basic features or technicalities mentioned about this product that will help you make a sound judgment about this product.

Let us move on to the next step and discuss some setbacks of this product.


  • Some manufacturers might be selling defected pieces, so one must stay cautious.
  • The sounds at lower end might not be as good, but considering the price range, this will be the best you can get.


These speakers are fashionable, stylish and also deliver a great performance. One is left with no reason to not buy these amazing ceiling speaker system that is all set to rock your house or workplace, or wherever you intend to wire these babies!

Pyle PDIC81RD 8″ 2000W -Best In Wall Speakers

These speakers are particularly famous for their amazing capabilities of directing sound. The Pyle PDIC81RD 8″ 2000W Round Wall And Ceiling Home Audio Speaker System are worth a mention when talking about diversity as well.

Let us discuss some General Characteristics of this Pyle ceiling Speaker system;

  • These ceiling speakers fill your homes and workplaces with music and amazing audio quality without adding any clutter to the floor space.
  • They don’t flush and give an extremely clean look.
  • They can be used for in-wall applications as well, along with in-ceiling applications.
  • These speakers feature a dome tweeter, that aid in making your sound 100% more punchy and crisp.
  • Along with being absolutely perfect for custom installations, these speakers have an amazing power handling capacity which just blows our minds.
  • These speakers work well with both low and high frequencies.
  • They come at an amazing price range that will also go easy on your wallet considering its amazing features and good quality materials. While these also may sound pricey to some, but they are totally worth your time and money.
  • These speakers have the amazing power output of 500 W per pair.
  • They are sold as 4 pairs of two speakers in each pair. This is why we think the price is extremely low considering you get 4 pairs altogether to rock your house or workplace.

These were some of the general qualities of this product. Let us move on to the next step.

Here are some of the Basic Features of this product;

Item Weight 40 pounds
Product Dimensions 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches x 3 inches
Receivers are not added
Item Model number 4 x PDIC81RD
Product Mounting Style In-Ceiling
Impedance 4 – 8 Ohm
Product Brand Pyle
Total speaker Depth
Cut-out Dimensions 9 3/8” Diameter x 3 1/2” Depth
Product Tweeters Directable 1/2” Polymer Dome Tweeter
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Overall Dimensions: 10 1/2” Diameter x 3 1/2” Depth

Above mentioned are some basic features or technicalities mentioned about this product that will help you make a sound judgment about this product.

Let us move on to the next step and discuss something very important.

These are a few setbacks in this product.


  • Some manufacturers might be selling defected pieces, so one must stay cautious.
  • These speakers do not come along with a receiver, so you might have to buy one for yourself. Although considering the price range, this will be the best you can get.


These speakers are fashionable, stylish and also deliver a great audio quality. One is left with no reason to not buy these amazing ceiling speaker system that is all set to rock your house or workplace, or wherever you intend to wire these speakers. They have a nice bass with a directable tweeter that helps you enjoy your listening experience fully. These speakers are easy to install and have a trendy look also.

Final Words About Best Ceiling Speakers 2018

So we have completed detailed buyers guide about best ceiling speakers. We have described the top 7 best ceiling speakers available in the market nowadays. Hopefully, by now you know how to select the best ceiling speakers for your home. All important points that play a role in making any speaker best have been laid out in this article.

Feel free to contact us for any question that you may have. We at 7Reviews always welcome viewers input.

Author’s Note- How Ceiling Speakers Made My Day

Hi readers. Speaking a bit about who I am, and where I come from, I would very much like to mention that I belong to a western family, which is rich in traditions and customs. Especially when it comes to our weddings. Our weddings are well-planned and the celebrations start a month earlier. The whole family gathers to dance, sing, perform rituals, and different traditions are also carried out. One experience that is vivid in my imagination is the latest wedding I attended, of my cousin.

They had a pretty fancy house so the wedding was to be carried out inside their very house. Everything was well-suited for the occasion ad it was all roses and rainbows until one main thing literally shook us. We were all preparing group performances when someone told us that the dance floor being prepared did seem like it will have too much décor material on it to fit any large speakers with good sound that could be audible to the whole hall of people.

Hence, with only a week left, we all sort of freaked out. That is when another cousin came with a brilliant idea. He suggested that we use ceiling speaker systems. And believe us, it worked out better than expected. I remember what an amazing time we had, selecting the best ceiling speakers for the wedding we were all too excited to dance on. It took us a while until we found our perfect ceiling speakers. We fitted them everywhere in the house, and trust me, there was no mess at all. These speakers were easy to install and did not ruin the décor of the wedding at all. We matched these speakers according to the color scheme of the wedding, and it was simply amazing. I still remember all the people going crazy on the dance floor at the wedding.

Everyone was asking how did we manage to have such a great and fulfilling sound system? And all we did was a point at the ceiling speakers. Those speakers did not just have a crisp and punchy bass, but also a great and superb sound quality. They were good with both low and high frequencies. It was one amazing night, where everyone lost their minds while dancing, and we were saved from the embarrassment of having a low quality smaller sound system at the wedding, that would have no proper place to fit into due to the heavy decor.

These speakers also made the wedding look absolutely gorgeous, as we had more space to decorate our floors, as the speakers were up in the ceiling. All in all, including me everyone at the wedding applauded the sound systems and we all give due credits to our ceiling speaker systems, to have made our day! After all, someone has said is correct, ‘all that ends well, is well.’

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Goodluck- Team~7 Reviews

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