Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids in 2018-7 Reviews(September Updated)

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids 2018

Kids are also known as young adults and like adults, they like adventure games. Electric Dirt bikes for kids appeared in the market and within no time, Dirt Bikes for Kids captured the whole electric dirt bike market. Electric dirt bike for kids or kids dirt bike is a perfect choice for a birthday present.

One of the most adventurous memories of anyone can be of riding an Electric dirt bike for kids. Let your child have the thrill and joy of riding kids dirt bike. With the electric dirt bike for kids, you will not only be giving confidence to your child but he will also learn to compete and acquire road driving skills.

Summary for Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

Gasoline powered dirt bikes are not only expensive but there is a danger of combustion as kids are not aware of gasoline hazards. Best electric dirt bike for kids are not only the best alternative to original dirt bikes but it is safer for kids.

Now kids love to play outdoor sports and best electric dirt bikes are an ideal choice for such kids. It is the ideal present for your kids birthday. Electric dirt bike for kids come without any gearbox, so riding kids dirt bike will be easy and simple. You should read this guide about dirt bike sizes.

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes for Kids comes with latest designs and advanced technology that ensures smooth cycling with easy to ride feature. However, it is always wise to keep an eye on your kid while he plays with the electric dirt bike.

Dirt Bikes for Kids are Eco-friendly and there is no pollution of any nature. There is no emission like gasoline-powered bikes. There is no gas tank or any exhaust. Electric dirt bikes have the smooth and clean drive with no air pollution. Not only you will have the joy of your kid’s laughter but you will be protecting nature too. Read here: How to Jump a Dirt Bike

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids coming with the latest technology that makes no noise what so ever while cycling. You will never have to worry about neighbors complain about motor noise while your kids play with his electric dirt bike.

Kids are a gift of nature for us. They have a unique tendency to be addicted to any game they like. It is recommended by doctors that kids should be encouraged to play outdoor sports instead of being a mobile or tablet addict. Electric Dirt Bike for Kids is the ideal choice for kids outdoor sports

Electric dirt bike for kids is the perfect gift for your child. Not only it will help him grow but he will acquire road skills. So only adventure and healthy activity, it will give your kid much-needed confidence. Best Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

Electric dirt bike for kids is actually a miniature version of the regular dirt bike that is used by adults. Always make your kids wear the helmet while driving electric dirt bikes. Read here details about Helmet Size Chart.

How to select Electric Dirt Bike for Kids?

We at 7Reviews have a very strict policy about selecting suitable dirt bikes for kids. We only select top quality products that are ideal for the specific buyer. Below I have mentioned important factors to consider when selecting Electric Dirt Bike for Kids.

Following points must be considered when selecting an electric dirt bike for kids:

  1. Electric Dirt Bike for Kids should have better electric wiring for stress-free driving. We only select bikes that come with top quality electric wiring and are best suited for your kid. Electric dirt bike for kids must be taken seriously and must be studied well before purchasing.
  2. Suspension of kids dirt bike is extremely crucial for the better driving experience. Electric dirt bike for kids should be able to handle and withstand tough off-road drive as dirt bikes are made for adventure driving.
  3. High-quality tires play an important role in maintaining good suspension, so we have selected only those kids dirt bikes that fulfill our criteria for better driving experience.
  4. Charging time and running time of battery must be accessed at the time of purchasing electric dirt bike for kids. It must have a better quality battery to ensure a smooth and stress-free driving.
  5. The speed limit of any dirt bike is crucial if your buying for younger kids. Electric dirt bike for kids should have a decent speed limit that suits your needs.
  6. Manufacturing quality is key to the smooth driving experience. If you have the best quality bike, you will never have to worry again about its parts. Good quality products are hard to find but here at 7Reviews, we only go for quality. Learn here How to Finance Dirt Bikes.
  7. Reading buyers reviews is the key factor when selecting electric dirt bike for kids. People who are already using electric dirt bike for their kids know about Pros and Cons and how their kids are responding to dirt bikes.
  8. Brand reputation is a key factor in selecting electric dirt bike for kids. You should always go for the well-reputed brand that must have some good history in manufacturing kids dirt bikes.
  9. Checking the proper warranty from the manufacturer is A Must for every electric dirt bike for kids. If a manufacturer is proving a warranty that covers a longer duration that is a positive sign for selecting that brand.

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews 2018

We have selected the following best electric dirt bike for kids that fulfill our criteria of selection. Here is the list of  Best Dirt Bikes for Kids.

RAZOR MX35011-13 years14 mph30 minutes
Razor MX50014 Years & above15 mph40 minutes
RAZOR MX65016 years & above17 mph40 minutes
RAZOR SX50014 years & above15 mph40 minutes
JETSON JR.MINI8–14 years6-10 mph40 minutes
PPP EM-1000 Dirt Bike8 years & above10 mph40 minutes
BLACK WIDOW AMC-400 -35 mph-
TAO TAO DB17 125CC14 years & above30 mph5.5 L fuel capacity
MONSTER MOTO14 years & above11 mph45 minutes
Razor MX400 13 years $ above14 mph40 minutes

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket -Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

Let me first introduce the brand that is Razor. It is a well established and popular brand that has becomes a symbol of motor games. Razor dirt bikes for kids have a history of providing excellent quality best electric dirt bikes for kids.

This brand was established in 2000 and since then they are manufacturing top quality dirt bikes for kids. Once you select this brand as your kid’s dirt bike, you will never have to worry again. Electric Dirt Bike for Kids by Razor is always safe and equipped with best features.

You need something more powerful than a mobile or video game addiction for your kid and electric dirt bike for kids is the best choice. When you select a razor electric dirt bike for kids, you know that you have selected the best possible quality in dirt bikes for kids that exists.

Most important thing is to select the right model for your kid that is ideal for his age and height. Not only this but you must have knowledge of your kids riding abilities. Razor MX350 is the ideal choice for new riders that like kids dirt bikes.

Razor MAX350 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids comes with many features. Since it is relatively small in size so it will be more suitable for younger children under 13 years of age. It is an ideal choice for kids under 13 because of its size and weight bearing capacity. If you are planning for a transition to actual dirt bike, it is a good option for a couple of years. Razor MX350 is one of the best Dirt Bikes for 11 year old.

MAX350 kids dirt bike can go up to 14 mph and features wheels that are fully pneumatic and are capable of driving off-road. This feature gives a comfortable driving experience with lots of fun and thrilling rides. It can be powered to run for a continuous 30 minutes on a single charge. Always wear the proper helmet while driving electric dirt bike for kids. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Features of  Razor MAX350 – Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

  1. An electric dirt bike with speed up to 14 mph.
  2. Battery Life of 30 minutes of constant driving.
  3. Recommended age 13 years and up. (Majority of buyers recommended that it should be used for kids of age 11 years till 13 years).
  4. Maximum weight bearing capacity- 140 pounds.
  5. It comes with adjustable handlebars for height adjustment.
  6. It has large, knobby tires and features twist grip throttle control.
  7. Hand operated rear brake.
  8. It comes with high torque motor for a better driving experience.
  9. 90 Days Manufacturer s warranty.


  • Ideal for first-time riders.
  • 30 minutes of driving on a single battery charge.
  • up to 14 mph of speed.
  • 90 Days of manufacturer s warranty.


  • Not suitable for older children.

Specifications of MAX350 Kids Dirt Bike

  • Electrical motor- 350 watts.
  • Two sealed lead acid battery- 12 V each making total of 24 V.
  • Battery recharge time- 12 hours
  • You can drive it for 30 minutes on a single charge.
  • UL approved charger.
  • Dimensions- 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches.
  • Weight-70.25 pounds

Conclusion: Best choice for young kids to have the joy of riding dirt bikes. Recommended with confidence because of trust on Brands quality and history of manufacturing best electric dirt bikes for kids.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross-Kids Dirt Bike


On one hand, many kids irresistibly love riding on a motorbike; on the other hand, some children hate to, even, think of doing a bike riding activity. These two conflicting desires are the results of a series of good or bad experiences while having a ride on Electric Dirt Bike for Kids.

Inferior bikes with slow speed, lack of comfort, and easy breakability are those factors which are responsible for the kids’ hatred towards the bike. As parents, you have, obviously, certain reservations that make you less confident about the idea of providing your child a motorbike. The monetary factor is worrisome for many too.

With Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike, both you and your kid will experience a complete sense of easiness. The price is highly affordable, without any compromise on the quality of the product. You will, thoroughly, be enlightened about the product later in this description.

Introducing Razor MX500 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids:

An abrupt feeling of elation or panic is associated with the kids’ dirt bikes. These are adventurous bikes that are aimed at hitting motocross course, round tracks in the forest, and tracing those trails which are less traveled. Legitimately, you are concerned about your child safety when it comes to bike riding.

Parents take pretty much pains to choose the right bikes for their kids. Certain questions come to mind that is their kid too young to ride a little dirt bike? Who are their influencers? And of course, they may also encounter the thought of enrolling their child in a riding class.

Features of the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike:

Some of the amazing features and specifications of the Razor dirt bike for kids have been bulleted below:

  • The Razor MS500 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids, has a laudable speed up to fifteen miles per hour (15mph). Not every brand that manufactures kids’ bike offer such an optimum speed in the same product category.
  • The bikes have a high torque. In addition to it, they have accompanied with variable a speed. These factors are what that makes the chain driven motors very impressive.
  • These motorbikes have dual disc brakes that can easily be operated by kids.
  • The size of the pneumatic front tire is as large as sixteen inches (16inch), and that of the rear one is fourteen inch (14inch) large.
  • The kid’s dirt bike made by Razor comes with three batteries. Each of these three batteries is twelve-volt rechargeable batteries sealed with lead acid. With them, there is a charger too within the package. These batteries take twelve hours to get charges. Once, get fully charged, they give a mileage of more than ten miles over a continuous time span of forty minutes. They have a life cycle of between one to two years.
  • The authentic steel construction of the frame geometry of this Razor MX500 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids is another feature that highlights the product among many others in the same category.
  • Although the torque of the motor is very high, it runs without producing much noise; such quietness increases the impression of these bikes making them both the kids’ as well as parents’ favorites.
  • The weight of each of these highly efficient Razor kids’ dirt bike is about 98 pounds, and they suitably recommended for all those riders who are older than fourteen.
  • The kickstand of this beautiful Electric Dirt Bike for Kids-Razor RX500 is retractable.
  • The designs of these bikes have been scale down to a level that the performance and effectiveness are not vulnerable.
  • The super fantastic Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike can carry a weight limit of 175 pounds. This is deemed one of the highly distinctive features of the bikes among different brands.

The salient features of the specific product are not limited to the above-mentioned ones. For the readers’ ease and owing to the limited space and time, what seemed important have been underlined in this review. Click here to buy from Amazon.

The Pros and Cons:

This is an undeniable fact that these Razor manufactured bikes are very fun to ride. The advantage of choosing Razor kids dirt bikes is huge. One of the most important characteristics of these bikes is the beauty with which all the parts have been assembled that anyone will like it in the first look. Both the casual bike riders as well as the enthusiasts of dirt bikes love to ride on them alike.

Usually, the price of such bikes is a concern for many parents. If the price is low, the quality is not up to the mark. Whereas quality is assured, the price remains no affordable to many. With Razor, this no remains a problem. Razor ensures high quality at an optimum price. Razor MX500 is one of the best Electric Dirt Bike for Teens.

Many other plus points for selecting a Razor dirt bike for kids include the robust construction and easy to assemble, yet, the saying “nothing is perfect” goes with it too. If you have to adjust on a single bike, there is a problem with it that you cannot do it. You have to buy another one for the next kid. Razor SX500 electric dirt bike will amaze you with the quality and fun ride. Razor Motorcycle for kids always comes ready with all basic safety features.

Razor MX350 vs MX500 Dirt Bikes

Now this debate between Razor MX350 vs MS500 is like never-ending. Both dirt bikes for kids come with a set of features that is user-friendly and brings more joy to the ride. One is not bound to necessarily follow the rule of fourteen years. As it is a robust bike, it can accommodate kids with greater weight and older age too. The manual that comes with it says that one should consider that his or her kid is that strong, calm and mature enough to handle the very Razor dirt bike.

The Razor dirt MX500 has an intermediate size that means your child should be big enough to ride on it if he or she is a beginner. The MX500 is an upgraded version of the Razor’s MX350.

If your child is fourteen years old at the time of starting a ride on the Razor MX500, then possibly he is going to get another upgraded version after about a year. Some reviews recommend it even nine years old kids.


The Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is the truly fun bike to ride on for it has amassed more than hundred five star customer reviews. The many amazing customer reviews show its impact on the clients.

So, what are you thinking? If your child is in the same age group, it high time to get a Razor dirt bike for her or him.

On a final note, though all above-mentioned explanations clarified that it is a highly robust bike, to abuse it is, yet, not a nice idea.

Razor MX650 Rocket-Razor Dirt Bike for Kids(Editors Choice)

Super cool and high-performance Razor MX650 comes with dual suspension and high torque for the excellent driving experience.

This dirt bike for kids is more powerful as compared to other models and is ready to hit the road. It is made to run fast and hit hard on hard while featuring electrically powered motor. Since no gasoline is involved this is Eco-friendly bike and you will go green as you drive.

This Electric Dirt Bike for Kids comes with handlebars that feature height adjustment for a better driving experience. MX650 Dirt Bike has front and rear disc brakes and twist-grip for speed control that helps in better driving.

This electric dirt bike for kids features a good amount of weight bearing capacity, with 220 lbs it is truly the best dirt bikes available for teens. Now people often debate about Razor 650 vs 500, for my readers, I have given detailed features of both Electric Dirt Bike for Kids.

Razor MX650 is made of high-quality material that makes this electric dirt bike more durable and since steel is used it will have multiple years of running on roads. Not only powerful but MX650 is extremely comfortable when driving but it is among the best electric dirt bike for 2018. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specifications of MX650- Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

  • Maximum speed- 17 mph
  • Battery life- Up to 40 minutes
  • Recommended Age group- 16 years and up
  • Maximum Weight Bearing capacity- 220 pounds
  • It comes with 36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries.
  • Battery charge time- 12 hours
  • Product dimensions- 56 x 24.5 x 36 inches.
  • Product weight- 98.2 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 114.3 pounds

Features of Razor MX650 Best Dirt Bike for Kids

  1. MX650 Electric Dirt Bike comes with 90 days warranty from the manufacturer and returns accepted within 14 days of purchase.
  2. Compact electric motocross bike with 650 watts electric motor.
  3. Pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer. It features a chain driven motor that will give well off-road experience.
  4. Top class suspension for ideal driving.
  5. Since it has a weight capacity of 220 pounds, it is well suited for healthy teens.
  6. This electric dirt bike means serious business, with its sporty looks and accelerated motor, your kid will always be happy to ride.


  • Best choice for teens who are 16 years of age.
  • Weight bearing capacity is 220 pounds.
  • Electrically powered motor with 650 watts.
  • Adjustable handlebars.


  • Young teens must not be allowed to drive. It can be speedy for younger kids.


MX650 Dirt Bike is an ideal choice for teens who are 16 years of age. While writing this review, I had experience of driving this power bike. I always wanted to drive a dirt bike and this truly makes you feel good when off-road. Buyers reviews can be seen as satisfied.

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Dirt Bike (Buyers Choice)

Razor is famous for manufacturing top quality Electric Dirt Bike for kids for years.  Razor  SX500 has a stylish design with exterior looking like the original dirt bike.

With an elegant design, this electric dirt bike for kids is named after the King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath’s Superbikes. This alone turns this electric dirt bike for kids into a hit as it has a genuine dirt bike structure so your kid will have some serious dirt bike experience.

The Razor SX500 electric dirt bike for kids gives excellent performance and can speed up to 15 mph with high torque and variable speed motor. This gives an excellent riding experience.

I have seen reviews of parents where kids of age  10-12 years are safely driving these kids dirt bikes but of course under strict supervision. All kids must wear safety gear before driving an electric dirt bike.

This Electric Dirt Bike for kids comes with dual suspension with the steel frame to give extraordinary riding experience in spite of the roughness of the road. Featuring a chain driven motor that has variable speed and not the usual 2-speed settings that other Electric Dirt Bike for Kids are using.

The motor is powered by three units of rechargeable batteries at 12 Volts each thus ensuring better driving. It comes with the twist-grip mechanism that controls acceleration and speed. With dual discs, brakes that are controlled by drivers hand helps in slowing down the speed of kids dirt bikes. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Features of Razor SX500 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

  • It’s handlebar which is height adjustable for better handling and comfortable driving experience.
  • It is equipped with 16-inch knobby fronts and 14 inch rear traction tires that help to achieve effortless drive in all sorts of roads.
  • Same manufacturing style and steel framework as Superbikes.

Specifications of Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

  1. With 15 mph speed, it can run for a continuous 40 minutes on a single charge.
  2. Weight bearing capacity- 175 pounds.
  3. Authentic dirt bike frame geometry.
  4. Dual suspensions and adjustable handlebars.
  5. Bike dimensions- 56 x 36 x 24.5 inches.
  6. Product weight- 98 pounds
  7. Shipping weight- 102 pounds


  • Sturdy steel frame similar to superbikes.
  • Variable speed settings with handlebar acceleration.
  • Dual discs brakes for a slow down.


  • Non-antilocking brakes.
  • Protective gear is not included with the bike.


Jetson Jr. Minni Electric-Dirt Bikes for Kids 

Jetson Jr. Electric Bike has got the attention of many parents who want the best dirt bike for their kids in a reasonable price range. The bike has got so many advanced features and is suitable for low age kids as well. There are several advanced features that this electric dirt bike is able to provide. We will discuss them one by one as follows. Stay Tuned!! 

Design of Dirt Bike :

The design of this electric dirt bike for kids is simple yet unique. It has got a mixture of pink and white color which looks quite eye catchy. Although the color suits girls more as compared to boys but kids under the age of 10 years don’t feel any shame in riding a girly electric bike. This electric dirt bike is 100% eco-friendly and has got the best electric engine as well. On the other hand, the bike has got tires which are perfect for rough terrains. The brakes also work good and provide an instant stop while you are driving.

The seat of the Electric Dirt Bike for Kids is specially made for keeping the comfort of small kids in mind. It is durable and is filled with durable foam so that it can last for a longer period of time. The small bike stand is also there which allows the kids to park the bike anywhere you want. The overall design is perfect and it looks more like an original bike rather than the electric dirt bike. Your kids will love to drive this stylish electric dirt bike in the neighborhood. The bike has got simple and safe functions and your kids will be able to understand it in a very less time period.

Construction :

The construction of the electric dirt bike is rigid and solid. All the materials used in the construction of Jetson Jr. bike are of high quality. You will have a peace of mind while buying this electric dirt bike for your kids. On the other hand, the bike is able to last for a longer period of time. You won’t have to buy an electric dirt bike for your kids again and again as this electric bike is able to do justice with the money you spent on it. The motorcycle runs on a 24V battery which is rechargeable. You just need to recharge the battery and BINGO!!, your kid will be able to ride the bike like a pro.

On the other hand, this electric bike has got a twist throttle acceleration system on the handlebar and it gives a feeling of driving an original dirt bike. The handbrake of the electric bike is easily accessible and has got the ability to stop the bike easily. The rear disc handbrake feature allows the kid to easily stop the bike even at top speed. On the other hand, there are different speed modes available which let you choose between the top speeds you want for your kids to drive. This provides more security and protection to your kids while they drive the bike. Jetson Jr Minni is one of the best dirt bike for 8 years old and above. Click here to know the latest price.

Tires / Wheels :

Tires play an important role in providing a firm grip while your kid drives the bike. This electric bike has got the tires which able the bike to provide a firm grip and traction on the ground. The large knobby tires are completely made of rubber and they are able to provide a strengthening grip to the electric dirt bike for kids. On the other hand, the front wheel tire is a little larger than that of the back one. The larger wheel tire provides a good handling and is therefore perfect for bumpy roads which are commonly present on rough terrains.

On the other hand, the large wheel tire is also able to easily pass on from a pothole which means you don’t have to worry about the rough terrains anymore. The bike is also known as dirt bike for similar reasons. The tires will keep the kid safe from driving in unwanted conditions. The small wheel tire of the bike provides more firm grip and power to the bike while your kids drive it. A rear disc brake is also associated with the bike which is easily accessible and can be applied to stop the bike quickly and without any slippage.

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids-Best suited for  8 years to 14 years:

Due to the compact size, it has got, it is able to bear the kids ranging from 8 years to 14 years. You cannot use this electric bike for the kids who are above or below this age range because the bike will not work as expected. So, if you have got a kid having an age of 8 years to 14 years, this bike will be a perfect choice for him or her. Also, the electric dirt bike is not able to bear a fairly large weight. It will either malfunction or will not be able to work as expected. So, to keep the bike’s age long and durable for a long period of time, try to use it only for the kids of 8 to 14 years of age.

Battery :

The first thing that every parent should notice about the electric dirt bike for kids is the battery. If the battery is good, the bike you are buying will be able to run for a longer period of time. Fortunately, Jetson Jr. has got a perfect 24V rechargeable battery which is able to run for at least 10 miles on one full charge. The battery has lithium-ion cells which are able to provide a good long ride to your kids on rough and bumpy terrains.

Top Speed :

There are two-speed modes in this Electric dirt Bike for Kids which provides extra security and a peace of mind to you. You will be able to set a limit of a top speed and the bike will not exceed the limit of this top speed. There are 6mph and 10mph limits included in the bike. Now it’s your choice to set the speed to either 6mph or 10mph considering the age of your kid respectively.

Some of the pros and cons of Jetson Jr. are as follows :


  • Lightweight.
  • Suitable for 8 to 14-year old kids.
  • Stylish Design.
  • Large front wheel for good handling.
  • Twist Throttle Acceleration.
  • Tires provide a firm grip.
  • 6mph and 10mph top speed.


  • Not suitable for kids above 14.
  • No other cons to specify.


Final Views About Jetson Jr Electric Bike :

Jetson Jr. is the electric dirt bike which is suitable for mid-aged kids who want to enjoy the dirt ride on an electric bike. The bike has got many advanced features and provides a good ride as well. Go for it if you need a best electric dirt bike for your kid in an affordable price range.

Pulse Performance Em 1000 Electric Dirt Bike

Em-1000 introduced by the Pulse Performance Products is an electric dirt bike with a stylish design and many advanced features especially suitable for teenagers who want to drive on rough terrains with a top-notch speed and extra security. This Electric Dirt Bike for Kids has got mesmerizing specifications and we will discuss them one by one below :

Design :

This electric dirt bike has got a unique design and it looks like a professional dirt bike. The bike has got a beautiful blue and black color which adds more beauty to it. On the other hand, The bike has got a comfortable seat which will keep you away from bumpy roads. Other materials and equipment like handlebar, tires, engines and twist throttle are all top notches. You will love to ride this bike as it has got a very stylish design. One of the best electric dirt bikes for kids.

The electric bike is specially made for kids who want to ride with style. Your kids will feel like a pro while they drive this bike. Furthermore, the look of the bike resembles an original dirt bike very much and will be therefore loved by your kid very much because kids love to drive the dirt bikes and this bike has got the design which makes it look like an original dirt bike. Pulse Performance Dirt Bike is one of the best Dirt Bikes for 9 year old and above. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Construction :

The construction of this bike is solid and sturdy. All the materials used in the construction of this bike is made up of stainless steel which is quite sturdy and durable as well. On the other hand, it has got a 100watt chain driven motor which provides a great power to the electric bike and thus it is able to run on rough terrains easily. The body consists of stainless steel with a comfortable seat, a solid and adjustable handlebar and two rigid wheels. The heavy-duty steel frame adds more durability to the bike and your kid will enjoy its ride for a longer period of time.

The throttle is not like a common acceleration twist throttle you see in typical electric bikes. This bike has got a Moto-inspired instant throttle response which enables the bike to speed up just like an original dirt bike. The acceleration gaining is up to the mark in the Em-1000 electric dirt bike. Furthermore, the caliper handbrake is also available which allows you to have a superior control over the bike. You will easily stop the bike when in its top speed with the help of this caliper handbrake.

Tires :

The electric dirt bike for kids has got two large and knobby tires. The front tire is large and looks quite sturdy. It is made of rubber and is puncture proof as well so you don’t have to worry about the puncturing issues. The large front tires provide a good handling and are able to absorb shocks and bumps on rough terrains. It is able to provide a firm grip as well due to its knobby nature. The back tire of the electric bike is air filled and it is able to absorb bumps as well. The back tire also provides enough power to keep the bike going in a steady position.

On the other hand, the caliper handbrake connected with the rear tire allows you to stop the bike instantly. In short, both tires cooperate almost equally in providing a smooth and secure drive to your kids so that you can have a peace of mind while your kids drive the bike like a pro.

Suitable For :

The electric dirt bike is suitable for kids ranging from 8 years and above. The bike has got some advanced features and that’s why we will not recommend you to use it for kids under 8 years of age or there will be consequences. Kids safety and security comes first while you buy them a bike and this bike is suitable for the kids above 8 years age only. So if you have got a kid under 8 years, better buy him a bike which is more safe and secure. Talking about the bigger kids, this bike is able to bear a weight of 120lbs which means a kid of 15 to 16 years age can easily drive it. Furthermore, the bike will work for a more lengthy period of time if you don’t exceed the weight limit on it.

Battery :

This electric dirt bike for kids has got a rechargeable battery of 24 V which is able to provide a long run of about 40 minutes on one complete charge. Lithium-ion cells are used in this electric dirt bike for kids which allows the bike to run for a longer period of time as compared to other typical batteries. The battery is also easily rechargeable and the recharging time is also quick as compared to the common battery types.

Top Speed :

The top speed of the bike is about 10mph which is fairly good considering the speed on a rough terrain. The bike is able to gain 10mph of speed while your kids drive it. The reason for the top speed is a bit less is its extra safety measure. The bike is specially made for kids so that’s why the top speed is a bit limited still it provides a good pace while your kids drive it on rough terrains.

Some of the pros and cons are as follows :


  • 100-watt chain driven motor.
  • Stylish Design.
  • Durable Steel Frame.
  • 24 V rechargeable battery.
  • 10mph top speed.
  • Suitable for Kids above 8 years old.
  • Bear Weight for up to 120lbs.


  • Not so fast as compared to other bikes.
  • No other specific cons.

Final Views:

Pulse Em-1000 is an electric dirt bike for kids which provides a good riding experience on rough terrains and is perfect for teenagers weighing 120lbs. The bike has got a stylish design and has advanced specifications and that’s the main reason for its popularity. Go for it if you need a stylish and well constructed electric dirt bike for your kid.

Black widow AMC-400-Electric Dirt Bike

In this modern age, new technologies and luxuries are increasing and things of enjoyments are modifying and replacing other things day by day. Electric dirt bikes are the latest craze for kids and youth. Also, there are electric dirt bikes available for adults and other sports electric dirt bikes are for sportsmen. In each and every corner of the world, new products are developing and replacing older things. Now, today’s kids do not want to play with old things; they are also getting towards things like gaming laptops and dirt bikes.

This is actually a good thing because in bike riding you do some physical activity and it is better than sitting in front of laptops or other screens all day. There are different electric dirt bikes available for kids, adults and for sports.

Here, I will be focusing on one gorgeous looking electric dirt bike with its incredible features that is black Widow AMC-400. Here, I will tell you about all the features of this electric dirt bike.

Black Widow AMC-400

This is one of the most stylish and popular electric dirt bikes. Directly coming on its unique features. So here we go,

Features and details-Black Widow AMC-400

Manufacturing material

This electric dirt bike is made up of highly strengthened aluminum and a heavy-duty steel that make it a highly strong bike that is highly durable that you can use and enjoy forever and never needs to be repaired in its long lifespan at all because of its incredibly strong material used in its manufacturing.

Weight capacity

This off-road electric dirt bike has a very lightweight; materials used in its manufacturing make it strong but not heavy at all. Its weight capacity is 400-LB and about 5.5’’ width. This is one of the lightest weight vehicles you have ever used. So, there is no problem of heaviness and handling at all because of its easy handling weight rather you are an expert bike rider or a new rider you can easily handle it without any inconvenience.

Easy loading and unloading

Black Widow AMC-400 is a very convenient electric dirt bike. This carrier loads and un-load very easily, in fact, it is the prime feature of this dirt bike. This bike is flawless and a marvelous one. It has a carrier track of 75’’L and rung spacing of 6.75’’W.If you want that your bike always stays in place while taking a turn or over the jumps and rough paths than definitely, this carrier is just for you, its anti-wobbling properties make it a good choice for customers.

Dirt bike adapter

Black Widow AMC-400 includes a youth dirt bike adapter and an anti-tilt bracket. You will feel comfortable while loading AMC-400 with additional youth dirt bike adapter and anti-tilt bracket will protect you from injury because wobbling is a trouble in off-road dirt bikes, to overcome this problem, Black Widow has anti-tilt brackets installed in its hitch carrier system. So, it is completely safe to be used. It can fit bikes with wheels up to the width of 5 ½


AMC-400 has one year manufacturer’s warranty when it has been shipped but it is non-transferable when used badly and incorrectly. To resolve any warranty concern you can contact to the discount ramp. You can only transfer it back or can refund your money within 30 days of purchasing date but it will definitely not acceptable if someone has misused it or any of its parts is broken or missing.


In AMC-400 tires, lugs are more prominent, longer and spread out; also this helps the tire for self-cleaning as long as to keep riding. Its tires are hard and more rubber content that will tackle the rocky situations.

Usage guideline

Important thing is that hitch mounted motorbikes carriers are never recommended for use on tow behind trailers

Class III or IV hitch compatible

AMC-400 motorbike carrier is specially designed to be used along with Class III or Class IV hitch receivers. It has 45.5’’ loading ramp with a hook attaching lip of 0.67’’


One of its admirable features is that this vehicle is anti-rattle. It is never like other rattling vehicles that after some time of their usage began to rattle. This Black Widow AMC-400 will never rattle at all. It is manufactured with high-quality material so that the reason that is the reason of its no rattling during the turns, jumps, rough surface traveling, rocks and other obstacles.


Black Widow is highly durable and will never let you down. When you use this bike, you will be glad that you have purchased this one. It will be with you and help you to enjoy your riding forever and it should be the first choice of electric dirt bike lovers.


Black widow AMC-400 is available in a very good affordable range and definitely it worth each and every single penny you have spent on it and will never ever disappoint you. Among all the electrical dirt bikes available in the market, this one should be your first choice because of it worthy and admirable features. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Others specifications

  • Ramp length is 45-1/2’’
  • Ramp width is 5-5/8’’
  • Track length is 75’’
  • Track width is 5-1/2’’
  • Weight is 36.5 lbs
  • Hitch size is 2’’

Final Words: This Electric Dirt Bike for Kids is best suitable for kids 14 years old and elder. One of the best dirt bikes that I came across while writing reviews.

Tao Tao 125cc Dirt Bike Review

Off road bike riding is very adventurous and it is the most popular craze nowadays. It is truly a great fun when you ride off-road along with the safety measures. There are different dirt bikes for off-road driving but Tao Tao DB-17 125cc is a very good choice for kids also for adult kids. It is available in many different colors, cheap and speedy bike with a comfortable and spacious seat with other remarkable features that should be your first choice.

Tao Tao DB-17 is made up of a good quality material that is highly durable. Its designed to run fast and is highly comfortable. The brand name of this bike is TAOTAO and model number is TaotaoDB-17 125cc dirt bike. This bike is manufactured by using high-quality steel and it is also called as Pit bike DB-17.

Features of Tao Tao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike

Model number

Tao Tao has a very unique model number that is DB-17 which sounds very cool.

Engine type

It is 125cc, cooled with the help of air, single cylinder, and 4 strokes.

Starting method

Tao Tao dirt bikes start easily with just a kick which is very easy but always remember that you have to give a normal powerful kick so that it might not kick back.

Manufacturing material

Tao Tao is made up of high-quality steel which is highly durable and reliable.This is actually a heavy duty steel made framework that gives this bike strong strength that makes is a reliable and a durable vehicle.


Its transmission is manual 4-speed with chain drive.

Cylinder displacement

This is 125cc in DB-17 dirt bike, so you can easily displace your bike cylinder without any problem


Tao Tao DB-17 is a very speedy bike that you can enjoy riding it has basically the prime speed of 35 MPH (60 KM/H) that is a very good speed you can enjoy. It can take very sharp turns and goes to above speeds that you want from it so its speed depends upon riders also


Overall size is 70x30x43 inches (1770x765x1090mm) and carton size is 62x15x32 inches (1580x385x810mm).

Cooling system

Tao Tao has a very unique air cooling system that would not make you feel worried about heat as in other bikes.

Seat height

Tao Tao seat height is 30.70 inches (780mm) which is a normal and comfortable height a seat should have with a front and rear hydraulic disk brakes. This bike is a very good start for those who want to enter into the off road biking world.

Available colors

One of its different thing as compared to other dirt bikes is that has an option of different colors, so you can easily choose one which color you like the most. Its available colors are orange, blue, inexperienced, white and purple. All of these colors are unique ones that give an enchanting look and grab others attention.


Tao Tao has a normal lightweight that is 63.23 lbs that can be handled very much easily and comfortably

Footrest length

In Tao Tao dirt bike, footrest length is about 3.5’’ and the distance from the footrest side towards the top of the seat is 21’’

Fuel capacity

Its fuel capacity is 1.5 gallon (5.5L)


Tao Tao DB-17 is giving 30 days warranty on its every part and 6 months warranty for it’s inside engine parts. A lot of parts of this bike are compatible


Manual is available for the owner of the bike through which he can seek any kind of help at any time, also a free toolkit is available with Tao Tao DB-17 125cc along with these things it is EPA approved. Some assembly is required for this bike.

Shipping weight

Tao Tao shipping weight is 200 pounds

Street legality

Tao Tao Db-17 125cc is also street legal in all of the US states, along with this; Tao Tao is US C.A.R.B sticker approved that is legal to be used in California.


Tao Tao is available at the very cheap price. What else can be better than a bike that has a high quality with unique features and also available at an economical price. Tao Tao is the only one that has all of these qualities in it. So, the choice is completely yours, a wise person will never let it go and definitely bought one. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specifications of Tao Tao DB-17-Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

  1. Its front wheel size is 70/100-17’’
  2. Its rear wheel dimension is 90/100-14’’
  3. It has a seat height of 30.7 inches(780nm)
  4. Its size is 10-12 inches
  5. Its displacement is 125cc
  6. The front brake is a hydraulic disc-hand breaker
  7. The rear brake is the hydraulic disc-foot breaker
  8. Tao Tao dirt bike’s length is 70 inches
  9. It has the width of 30 inches
  10. It has the height of 43 inches
  11. Its wheelbase is 49.2 inches(1250mm)
  12. It has a ground clearance of 13.0 inches(330 mm)
  13. Its net weight is 154 lbs(70 KG)
  14. Gross weight of Tao Tao is 200 lbs(91 KG)
  15. Its transmission is 4-speed(1-N-2-3-4)
  16. Its ignition is CDI
  17. Its rim front is 1.6×17(steel)
  18. Its rim rear is1.8×14(steel)
  19. It has 17’’/14’’ wheels means that front tire is 17’’ and the rear tire is 14’’
  20. It contains quality oversized foot pegs
  21. Its maximum horsepower(HP) is 8HP
  22. Its carton dimension is 62x15x32’’


  • Up to 30 MPH of speed
  • Ideal weight to handle
  • Available in very cheap price
  • Variety of different colors
  • Maximum horsepower is of 8 HP
  • Air cooling system
  • Good warranty time
  • 4 stroke and single cylinder displacement
  • Overall size is 70x30x43 inches(1770x765x1090 mm)
  • 5 gal(5.5 L) fuel capacity
  • Good performance exhaust tailpipe


  • This bike is made excellent and has nothing bad features at all but sometimes it noise irritates your surrounding people instead of this Tao Tao DB-17 bike riders love its noise.


Tao Tao DB-17 125cc is the best dirt bike you have ever chosen having a trustable brand quality and amazing features. Tao Tao bike riding is truly a thrill. Once you purchase it, you will definitely feel that you had done a right selection. It is among few dirt bikes that go 30MPH+. It will definitely worth each and every single penny you have spent on it. It is the cheapest and high-quality bike with amazing features and not even a single dirt bike is like Tao Tao DB-17 125cc. So, this should be your first site choice. Good luck!

Monster Moto 250 Watt Electric Mini Bike

Talking about the brand Monster Moto, we can fairly say that this company, along with being highly reputed due to its basis in the US, is also famous for manufacturing high quality and yet affordable bikes to ride for kids. Monster Moto puts in their complete efforts by providing detailed attention to their construction designs and materials. Instead of letting your child waste his time, brains and energy on the latest ‘trend’ of using smartphones, which is quite unhealthy for his physical and mental growth, you can rather choose these bikes for them to ride on and explore new adventures. This company, however, has untouchable standards when it comes down to customer care services. People around the globe have always celebrated the products manufactured by this company.

Among all the amazing products manufactured by this US-based company, we will review and bring to light their Monster Moto 250 Watt Electric mini bike-MM-E250-PR. This mini e-bike for kids lacks nowhere, be it looks or performance. In fact, this bike allows your child to have years of fun and excitement, as it is made from extremely durable materials that won’t wear out easily. This bike s exclusively designed for rugged outdoors and has the same welded-steel frame that is durable and sporty. Make your little Mr. Adventurer go all excited and shriek with this mini e-bike with a top speed of 11 mph.

We know how parents can be protective, and put their child’s safety before anything else. So, we are honored to inform you that this bike comes with a toggle switch that stays in charge of the speed to be less than 7mph. you can also customize this bike, color wise. It includes decals in both red and pink colors, and you can choose your preferred one, once you take this baby home for years of epic moments and remarkable fun!

Here are some of the most epic features of this mini e-bike, designed exclusively for your kids to enjoy a safe and sturdy ride!


  • This bike is extremely simple to set up. There are zero complications involved. You just have to attach the handlebars, get your battery pack charged, and you will find yourself good enough to get started with this tiny baby.
  • The tool kit is also included, making things easier for the customers.
  • This electric mini bike is very convenient in terms of charging as well. The given charger, charges this bike directly and fully within 5 hours. To ensure safety and ease, a charge status indicator is also provided, which is mounted on the handlebars. This way you can always know your battery status and never face an unexpected battery shut-down.
  • We can also comment a thing or two about the durability factor of this e-bike. It includes a powder coated welded tube steel frame, along with a tough no dent polypropylene fenders. These are the features that make this bike friendly with rugged outdoors, without compromising on the durability at all.
  • Another good news for parents! You never have to worry about the safety of your child, with this mini electric bike. It is because of the toggle switch included within its design that limits the speed of this bike between 7 mph and 11mph.
  • It also includes a Reliable 24 volt. 7 amp hour electric power
  • Rechargeable and Replaceable Batteries are included for enhanced ease among the customers.
  • This Monster Moto 250 Watt electric mini bike has a Built in Battery charger Hookup (charger included)
  • Motorcycle-style throttle control with charge indicator, along with a super amazing 2 Stage Safety Speed limiter is also included.
  • 1-piece Cast Aluminum Wheels w/low-profile pneumatic tires along with adjustable handle bars, making these bikes super safe for your kids to ride on.
  • Both red and pink decals included which can be customized according to our personal will and preference.

These were some of the basic features, contributing to the success and excellence of this Electric dirt Bike for Kids. Let us see some of its specifications, to gain a better insight into what this bike actually does.


Power 250 Watt
Batteries Rechargeable and replaceable 7 Ah 24 V battery pack
Maximum Running Duration 45 minutes
Bike Running Speed Toggles between 11mph and 7 mph
Product Starter Type Convenient on and off switch
Product Brake Specifications Hand Operated Cable actuated Rear Disk
Product Tire Rim Materials One piece cast Aluminum rims
Product Wheelbase dimensions 25.5 inches
Product Seat height 17.5 inches
Product Weight 51 pounds
Product Model Number MM-E250-PR

Here are a few pros and cons of this item listed below as;


  • Safety enhanced features such as added LED light
  • Constructed with excellent quality materials
  • Extremely wallet friendly and decently priced


  • Assembly is required 


This Electric Dirt Bike for Kids, is a perfect choice for you if you want your kid to learn, along with being safe. This bike comes with all these amazing features, making you assume it will be worth a lot of money. But it is extremely decent when we consider the price element. So, if you want your kids to enjoy a bump-free ride with enhanced ease and safety, this bike will prove to be the best choice for you. That too without ripping your wallet apart! Click here to buy from Amazon.

The design and engineering that have been infused into this bike make it totally worth your time, money and energy. It is constructed with god quality materials, making it extremely durable, for years and years of happy moments for your little one. Suited for kids 14 years old and elder.

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric toy motocross dirt bike

Razor dirt bikes are the best among all the available brands of dirt bikes in the market. Here I will tell you about one of the Razor dirt bike named Razor MX400 dirt rocket motocross dirt bike, its outclass features and specifications. This is the best choice for a dirt bike you have ever made.

Features of Razor MX400 electric dirt bike

Here are some remarkable features of Razor MX400 electric dirt bike which are worth reading. So, here we go;

High quality

Razor MX400 electric dirt bike is of top high quality. In fact, all Razor brand dirt bikes are of a high quality. Razor MX400 is made by using strong, durable and best quality manufacturing materials

Electrical motor

Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike for Kids, comes with the electric motor of 350 watts which is very powerful. Single speed, chain driven motor which is super quiet, not noisy like other dirt bikes at all but it has a powerful operation. Moreover, the electric motor has a high torque with a twist grip throttle control kick, into a high gear

Fast Speed

This kid’s dirt bike Razor MX400 can speed up to 14 mph to leave other dirt bikes back and this is the best thing that kids enjoy and gain inner self-confidence

Adjustable riser handlebars

Razor MX400 electric dirt bike has adjustable riser handlebars that keep the throttle and the brake to a comfortable and easy reach that can be used for years.

Tires height

Razor MX400 electric dirt bike has large 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires that are specially designed for rolling on dirt and delivering maximum power transfer.

Colors availability

 In the market, available colors of Razor MX400 electric dirt bike are white, black, green and red


Razor MX400 electric dirt bikes has hand operated rear brakes

Kickstand quality

Razor MX400 electric dirt bike has a retractable good quality kickstand along with the folding metal pegs

Recommended age

Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike is recommended for kids of 13 years and above from it. Kids below this age also fit it properly because of its unique and comfortable design, so this scaled-down electric dirt bike is basically designed for the young riders. So, below 13 kids can also enjoy riding this dirt bike if they know bike riding.


Razor MX400 electric dirt bikes have a durable quality sealed lead acid battery system of 24 volts (2, 12 volt)

Battery charging time

Razor MX400 electric dirt bikes battery charging time is about 12 hours which is a normal charging time for a dirt bike


Razor MX400 has a UL approved charger and other tools are also included with this.

Riding time limit

You can easily ride above half an hour on a single charge of the battery which is a very good time to ride and enjoy.

Weight bearing capacity

Razor MX400 electric dirt bike can bear the weight of the rider of about 140 pounds


Razor MX400 is designed as such that it is highly comfortable, its kickstand, throttle, and handlebars, all are designed focusing on the comfort.


Razor MX400 is very easy to operate and ride and designed as such that focus on its safety. So, kids can safely and happily ride this electric dirt bike and by trusting on this bike safety, parents can easily handover this Razor MX400 electric dirt bike to their kids, because Razor brand never compromises on its safety and quality.


Razor MX400 electric dirt bike is highly durable and reliable because it is made up of high-quality materials. This Razor MX400 dirt rocket is among one of the electrical dirt bikes which you can trust blindly.


Razor MX400 provides a good warranty to the buyers. This electric dirt bike is of high quality and is completely trustable. Also, it comes with the instruction manual or guide.


Razor MX400 electric dirt bike is available in affordable ranges so you can buy this electric dirt bike for your kids without any cost problem. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specifications of Razor MX400 Rocket Electric Dirt bike

Here are some of the unique specifications of this electric dirt bike;

  • Dimensions or this product are 45.1 x 10.8 x 25 inches
  • The weight of Razor MX400 is about 61.5 pounds
  • White, black, green and red are the available colors
  • Shipping weight is 64 pounds.
  • 5 starred dirt bike according to customer reviews
  • Large 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires


  • A high speed of above 14 mph
  • The powerful motor of 350 watt
  • Not noisy at all
  • Large 12-inch tires
  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • High torque motor
  • 24 volt sealed the Lead acid battery
  • Rideable up to 30 minutes on just a single charge
  • Weight bearing capacity is about 140 pounds


  • No cons found


So, I have detailed each and every single point about RazorMX400 Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt bike. I hope that now you people have got the complete information of this electric dirt bike. Razor MX400 dirt rocket electric dirt bikes the best among all the electric dirt bikes. You can trust it blindly and safely handover it to your kids without any fear. Along with the high qualities and wonderful features, this bike is affordable also. Suited for kids 13 years old and elder.This will be the best choice for your kids. So, buy one Razor MX400 electric dirt bike for them and enjoy seeing them riding their amazing dream dirt bike.

Guidelines for Using Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

  1. Always wear a safety helmet, goggles. Long sleeves and long pants.
  2. Over the ankles, boots and gloves are essential for driving kids electric dirt bike.
  3. Never ride after consuming alcohol.
  4. Always supervise when using kids electric dirt bike, these machines should not be considered as simple toys.
  5. Always adjust the height of handlebar according to the rider’s profile.
  6. Don’t let your kid drive alone.
  7. Always drive on specific routes and at the safe speed.
  8. Hands-on practice for kids dirt bikes is available at Dirt Bike School.

You can also read this Dirt Bike Buyers Guide 2018 for more detailed information.

Good Luck with your search for Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids, I hope after this reading detailed article you will be more familiar with electric dirt bikes for kids. I have explained guidelines for using kids dirt bikes along with best product reviews for money.

RAZOR MX35011-13 years14 mph30 minutes
Razor MX50014 Years & above15 mph40 minutes
RAZOR MX65016 years & above17 mph40 minutes
RAZOR SX50014 years & above15 mph40 minutes
JETSON JR.MINI8–14 years6-10 mph40 minutes
PPP EM-1000 Dirt Bike8 years & above10 mph40 minutes
BLACK WIDOW AMC-400 -35 mph-
TAO TAO DB17 125CC14 years & above30 mph5.5 L fuel capacity
MONSTER MOTO14 years & above11 mph45 minutes
Razor MX400 13 years $ above14 mph40 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions- Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

How to know what size dirt bike to get?

After reviewing several dirt bikes, I reached the conclusion that this was the most frequently asked question. Because a lot of people I knew personally and a lot of our readers on asked the same question. Well, here is my take on its answer.

There are different dirt bike sizes for different people, and in order to know the most suitable dirt bike for one’s own self, one must measure their weight, height, and age. Then they can further look into the bikes that are accommodating people of the same ages, weights, and height. The link given below is an article that will let you reach out to the most appropriate bike according to your personal measurements. Different size charts are given to lead you in a better way. Read here for details.

What size electric dirt bike for me?

This is a rather tricky question, but let me simplify it for you. You can measure your own height, weight, and age. These measurements will help you find the right sized dirt bike for you. Below is a link mentioned that will show you some of the most accurately formed charts that compare different dirt bike sizes, in order to let you know which one is the best for you. And also keep in mind your driving capabilities, in order to know what might be the maximum speed that suits you while buying Electric dirt Bike for Kids.

Electric dirt bike for 8 years old?

Based on a lot of reviews I have come across and written by myself. I believe JetsonJr manufactures some of the best electric dirt bikes for kids of 8 years. Jetson Jr. Mini electric dirt bike is made especially for kids, ranging from 8 to 14 years of age, keeping their comfort and safety in minds. This bike is not only lightweight for kids to manage easily, but also has the top speed of 6-10mph.

Razor dirt bike weight limit?

Different dirt bikes have different weight-bearing capacities. Razor dirt bikes are the same. Each bike has its own specifications. The maximum weight bearing capacity is by Razor MX 650 electric dirt bike as it can bear up to 220 pounds weight, and is made for kids above than 16 years in age. To know more details about various dirt bikes and their weight bearing capacities, follow the link given below.

Razor dirt bike for 10 years old?

Razor SX500 is the most suitable bike for 10-12-year-old kids. It ensures the safety of your kids in a lot of ways. It contains dual disc brakes and can run for 40 minutes on a single recharge. The top speed is 15mph and it car bear weight up to 175 pounds.

What size dirt bike for a 9 year old?

Pulse performance manufactures some of the most famous and efficient dirt bikes for kids. Their model named Pulse Performance EM 1000 has till date been successfully reviewed by parents who bought this bike for their 9 year olds. This bike has all the features that ensure security and comfort for a 9 year old kid.

Electric dirt bike for 12 years old?

Razor is one brand that usually manufactures reliable bikes for kids. Razor SX500 is extremely suitable for children ranging from 10-12 years in age.

Electric dirt bike for 13 years old?

Razor is one brand that usually manufactures reliable bikes for kids. Razor MX350 is simply made for kids who are of 13years in age and above. This bike is ideal for first-time riders or beginners. It can bear weight up to 140 pounds. To know more about this bike, follow the link given above.

What is the fastest Razor dirt bike?

Razor MX650 has been found to b the fastest dirt bike ever manufactured by Razor. This dirt bike is made for children who are 16 years old or above. It has an excellent weight bearing capacity that goes up to 220 lbs. The top speed of this dirt bike is 17 mph. It is designed to be the best, with high-quality construction materials. To know more about this bike, follow the link given above.

How fast does the MX650 dirt rocket go?

The MX650 dirt rocket has been famous for being the fastest dirt bike by Razor. It has a top speed of 17mph, which is like a dream come true for all the adventure enthusiasts who crave thrill and excitement! To know more about this bike, follow the link given above.

Electric dirt bike for 11 years old?

After reviewing a ton of dirt bikes, we have reached the conclusion that the safest. Comfortable. Trendy and efficient bike for an 11 year old kid is the Razor MX500. This electric dirt bike is extremely reasonable when it comes to its price range also. To know more about this bike, follow the link given above.

Razor dirt bike top speed?

Now surprisingly answer for last three questions is MX650 Razor Dirt Bike. While Razor manufactures a lot of dirt bikes having various speed ranges, their top speed is incorporated in the Razor MX650 electric dirt bike. This bike makes one fly with the top speed that ranges up to 17mph.

What size bike should I get?

There are multiple factors that work together while determining the size of your dirt bike. Some of those factors can be your age, weight, height and even your driving capabilities. You should first measure all these elements and then move forward to find the perfect dirt bike for you! Here are a few charts that might help you find the best bike for you that suits your age, height, weight and driving abilities. Read here for details about Dirt Bike Sizes Charts.

Electric dirt bike that goes 30 mph?

Tao Tao 125 cc dirt bike goes 30 mph. this speed is suitable for children above 14 years in age. This dirt bike is designed efficiently while being affordable and stylish!

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