Best Nose Hair Trimmer – 7 Reviews with Buyers Guide 2018

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

So you are also looking for best nose hair trimmer just like many others. No one likes hair protruding out of their nostrils. Every likes facial hair but hair coming from nostrils? Well, worry no more, I have explained the best points to consider when selecting best nose hair trimmer.

Problem with the nose hair that we can’t control them from growing and as you age, you will experience more growth of nose hair. When it comes to select the best nose hair trimmer, this is not an easy job.

You can see hundreds of so-called best nose hair trimmer in the market and you are never sure about the claims they are making. At 7Reviews we always select the best products in the market for every category that we choose to write on. In this case, I have personally made sure that only quality products with user-friendly features are selected for reviews. I have gone through multiple products and studied the best nose hair trimmer in detail before starting my search for best nose trimmer.

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Cathy and I am head of the review department at 7Reviews. Now you must be thinking that why I choose to write on this topic myself, let me tell you in detail why.

I have been married for 3 years and somehow love of my life has no time for him. So I have to shop for my husband also and like many men he has issues with nose hair. So I decided to write this article myself, unlike doing supervision of my colleagues during product reviews and later content writing. Read here about Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews.

So let us start without wasting more time. I have given detailed product reviews of top quality best nose hair trimmer for the readers of 7Reviews.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews 2018

ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Nose Trimmer

This is one of the best nose hair trimmer available nowadays. With the latest technology and user-friendly design, This works with speed and accuracy. It will just need a few seconds before most of your nose is clean from hair.

This best nose hair trimmer works in a beautiful manner, you will even not realize and in just a couple of seconds, you will have nostrils that are hair free.

Now comes the amazing part, this best nose trimmer works in both dry and wet conditions, means you can use it while having a bath or when shaving without the fear of damaging the product.

This best nose trimmer features water-resistant technology. You will always have the best experience when using this machine to clean your hair. You will see enhanced self-confidence, once you use this. Click here if you are looking for Best Kojic Acid Cream.

This uses stainless steel technology in blades that give the clean and sharp haircut. You will notice a close cut and you can breathe with ease. You will never feel any kind of pain sensation while trimming your nose hair. This features pain-free technology that is being appreciated by the majority of buyers. This product will never bring any tears to your eyes.

While using best AA batteries, it will work smoothly and you only one of these top quality batteries for continuous and hassle-free function.

This top quality cordless nose trimmer comes with the bright LED light. It comes with strong build quality as it is made of steel with the user-friendly design that is easy to handle.

This best nose hair trimmer uses the latest rotary system for hair cutting. It allows hair to enter the device from all sides making sure that no hair is left. You also use it for eyebrows and ears and beard. Here I have given the detailed guide on hair clipper sizes.

With top build quality, you will always appreciate your decision of selecting this specific product. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Click here to buy from amazon.

Specifications of Best Water-Resistant Nose Hair Trimmer

  • Dimensions- 5.5 x 1.2 x 1.2”.
  • Product wt- 1 lbs.
  • Shipping wt- 4 ounces.
  • Product model no-TTP-TRIM-1
  • Batteries- 1 AA battery is required.
  • For use on-  nose.
  • Cordless- Yes

Suprent Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer with LED

With top build quality and stylish design, this best nose hair trimmer is made of stainless steel that gives durability to this product.

This best nose hair trimmer comes with 420 rotation blade that is made of stainless steel. This uses the latest technology that leaves no hair in your nostrils.

It comes with 6500 RPM motor that features a sharp blade to avoid any injury to the nasal cavity. It works with zero noise and even you will not realize if its working or not. You will never feel any pain and noise disturbance while you use the best nose hair trimmer.

It comes with a set of two, one nose and ear hair trimmer and the other for detail hair trimming of nose and ear. You can also use to adjust eyebrows edge and trim them. With these quality nose hair trimmer, you will be ready in no time any place.

This nose trimmer is waterproof meaning you use it while you take a bath and even at the time of shaving. You will never have to worry about it being damaged by water, thanks to the latest technology.

Featuring latest and best-LED feature that helps to avoid any form of injury while you use this best nose hair trimmer. You will always have the clear vision with led lights.

Thanks to the advancements in the motor and battery manufacturing, this nose trimmer will not only save energy but also can work for 6 months if used 5 minutes daily. Now, this could be a record for any nose trimmer. Read here: Professional Hair Clippers Reviews.

It requires only 1 AA battery for proper and smooth running. With latest and user-friendly design you will always grab it with authority.


  • Weight- 3 ounces
  • Shipping wt- 5 ounces.
  • Dimensions- 5.1 x 1.3 x 1.1”.
  • Product model no- NH215B
  • Battery operated- Yes
  • Batteries required- 1 AA battery.
  • Cordless function- Yes

Panasonic ER-GN25VPBest Nose Hair Trimmer for Women

Now you all know that I am a female and when I decided to write this article, I thought why not to add one product that focuses on females.

So here it is, the best nose hair trimmer for women that come from the known brand Panasonic.

We all know what Panasonic always comes with best and quality products in all their fields of manufacturing.

This best nose hair trimmer for women features latest and elegant design that you will appreciate at the first look. This is a slim and lightweight nose trimmer.

This nose trimmer uses the elegant design that is easy to hold and with the strong grip.

It features super-fast inner blades that will cut your nose hair without any form of pain what so ever. You will never feel uneasy while using it, but you will be amazed by its working style.

It comes with easy to clean feature, you can always rinse it with ruing water to clean and you even add soap while you clean it thoroughly. That means easy maintenance that brings durability and long functional life for this best nose hair trimmer for women.

It comes with skin protecting guard that helps to avoid any injury related to skin while you use this. You will never have to face any problem with this quality trimmer.

With only 3.2 ounces in weight, it is very handy to keep it your bad while you travel.  It comes with a cleaning brush for proper cleaning. The head is detachable so you clean even better.


  • Weight- 3.2 ounces.
  • Dimensions- 0.8 x .08 x 5.8”.
  • Product model number- ER-GN25VP
  • Power- Battery operated.
  • Batteries require- Yes, 1 AA

Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Best Nose Trimmer 5100

Now comes the product buyers are appreciating at every online shopping website. While receiving more than 1000 reviews with 4+ ratings, this is here to stay.

With the name like Philips, added to this best nose hair trimmer, you will always appreciate your decision of selecting this lightweight yet powerful trimmer.

It features the latest technology that comes with features that are hard to match. It comes with dual cut technology that means blades which are already top sharpened, now have twice more sharpness. With edges that are exceptionally perfect and gives best nostril cleaning.

You can even use it for your eyebrows and beard, thanks to the accessories that come added with this best nose hair trimmer.

Now comes the interesting part, this product is water resistant leading to worry-free use and hassles cleaning. You will never have to worry about entering the device while you use it.

Featuring the latest technology with design that is easy to handle and you will have a strong grip on this while you hold this best nose hair trimmer. Thanks to the technology, it will never hurt your skin. You will never have to worry about any sort of skin injury while you use this product.

Whats in the Box?

You will receive a nose trimmer 5100 and a detailed trimmer with dimensions of 13/16 inches, two eyebrows comb with instructions manual, pouch, cleaning brush, beard comb, lithium battery AA.

You will enjoy using trimmer that features Advanced ProtectTube technology for best user experience. You can use these three words to best describe this nose trimmer, Powerful, Precise and Painless.


  • Battery Operated- Yes.
  • Battery type- AA
  • Fully washable- Yes
  • Dimensions- 2 x 1 x 6.5”.
  • Weight- 4.8 ounces.
  • Shipping wt- 5.6 ounces.
  • Product model no- NT5175/49

Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LED

Featuring a nose trimmer that has professional quality stainless steel blades that not only cut nose hair but that too without any pain.

You can use it for cutting nose hair, eyebrows and even for ear hair.

This comes with the latest vacuum technology that throws away any dirt or leftovers, when you are done with this, just place it under running water and you are done.

This brings me to another important feature of this product that it is water resistant that means no more worry about cleaning and then worrying about if it works or not. Just use it and clean it with water and you will never have to worry again.

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It features the latest dual-edge blades that give you a clean and decent user experience. You can use it with the fear of any injury that you may have with poor quality trimmers.

It comes with a rotator blade mechanism with hypo-allergenic steel. This has zero noise disturbance while you use it. You may not even realize that it is working but when you will see the results, you will appreciate your decision.


  • Non-slip grip- Yes.
  • Wireless feature- Yes.
  • Dimensions- 5.5 x 1 x 1.3 inches.
  • Weight- 1.6 ounces.
  • Shipping wt- 3.2 ounces.
  • Product model no- FC-ENX1.

Schon 3 in 1 Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Money 2018

One of the best 3 in 1 trimmer that comes with the best price tag. With under 25 $, you will receive this top quality nose hair trimmer. Thus not only providing best nose haircut and keeping budget conscious buyers satisfied.

The interesting feature is that you never have to replace the batteries ever again. It features USA 2 pin plug for better charging for the batteries.

Now let me explain the 3 in 1 feature since your main purpose of purchasing the product is to trim no hair but this features additional benefits also. You can use it with attachments that come with the product for trimming side hair and even ear hair.

You will never feel any sort of discomfort or pain while you use this best nose hair trimmer for men.

Featuring stainless steel manufacturing that ensures durability and longer functional life.

To clean after using is very easy, just place the blades under running tap water and that sit. You don’t have to worry more. Just wash and pack, it will look elegant while sitting on the side of your grooming kit.

The interesting part is that it features 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you don’t like it, you can refund it to the manufacturer.

This is a lightweight product that only weighs at 5.6 ounces.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer Scissors Reviews 2018

Now comes the interesting part of this article, few individuals don’t like to use electric nose trimmer or manual nose trimmer. Rather they prefer to use the traditional method for trimming nose hair, that is to use scissors.

Since at 7Reviews we always select top 7 products and then write detailed reviews on 7 best products. So in this special case, I decided to add best scissors that can be used for nose hair trimming as the 7th product for Best Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews.

ApeX  Premium Best Nose Hair Trimmer

This is a perfect choice for someone who likes to trim nose hair in traditional was. You can this for trimming nose hair, ear and even your mustache.

These best quality scissors feature brass made, adjustable screw that can be adjusted for better trimming. It is a small and compact device that you can fit almost anywhere.

For individuals who have a few nose hair, they can always trust this for better nose hair trimming.

Once you add ApeX Premium trimmer to your grooming kit, you will always appreciate your decision.

Specifications for Best Nose Hair Trimming Scissors 

  • Dimensions- 4.5 x 0.1 x 1.8”.
  • Inside dimensions for fingers placing- ¾” x  7/8”.
  • Warranty- Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

How to Select Best Nose Hair Trimmer for 2018?

As I have already mentioned it is not an easy task to select the best nose hair trimmer. I am mentioning a few important points to consider when making a purchase.

The first thing that you should decide is whether you need a battery operated nose hair trimmer or manual nose trimmer. Battery operated nose trimmers are always the best choice. Your efforts will be limited and the results will be amazing. Now latest models are coming with the cordless feature which is more user-friendly and you will never have to worry again about the power cord. You can always use nose trimmer with ease and without limitation of space when you have best nose trimmer with cordless feature.

Now comes the interesting part, you don’t need a nose trimmer with short running capacity. Batteries should be powerful enough to hold power for a certain duration of time.

All best nose hair trimmers work using certain kinds of motors in them. It is wise to select the best operational trimmer that comes with the latest technology.

One of the most important features of any nose hair trimmer is lightweight. So don’t a trimmer that is not easy to travel with. Trimmer is something that uses on a frequent basis and if you are traveling, you will always have the need to keep it with you. Now it has to be lightweight and easy to manage for the better travel experience.

The price tag is something that we all are conscious about. You want the best product but only at the best price. We at always keep this point in mind while selecting quality products. All products that are mentioned at this blog are of top quality and the price tag is also affordable.

Final Words About Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Money 2018

So that’s it, I have given detailed information about 7 best nose hair trimmer that is available in the market. Additionally, I have added product features along with specifications. Every individual has a different choice along with different hair patterns. You need the best product that suits all your needs. It is advised to read buyers reviews and check for accessories when selecting any product. But if you are a regular visitor on &bestReviews than you have nothing to worry about.

We never compromise on quality and selects best-suited products for our viewers.

Guidelines for Nose Care-Home Remedies for Nose Hygiene

To keep your nose and airways in ideal and healthy, it is better to follow these guidelines.

The human nose has many important roles to play in your daily life. It helps you breathe normally and smoothly. There is a music membrane that protects the airways.

Maintain a good nasal hygiene and lead a healthy life to prevent infections. If you are having allergic symptoms, it is better to wash your nose with saline water. Clearing nasal passage will help to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

The nose is in direct contact with allergin, few individuals have allergic reactions with these. Normally the use of saline water prevents these attacks.

Do not poke your nose, few individuals have a habit of constant poking their nose. It can lead to infections and your hands are not always clean.

In the case of flu, use warm water and follow your doctor’s advice.

Maintain your nasal cavity clear from any sort of materials. Maintain proper nose hair.

Carpet and dust are among the two factors that relate to nasal irritation. Clean your house regularly.

Maintain good levels of humidity at your home and avoid smoking within your home.

Proper nasal hygiene is attained by regularly cleaning your nose just like you brush your teeth daily. Use of saline water will help in cleaning your nasal cavity.

Goodluck- Team 7 Reviews

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