Best Parkour Shoes

Best Parkour Shoes

Today we embark on a journey to find out more about that one equipment that is mandatory for you to have if you want to unleash your athletic skills in the best way possible. Yes! You got it right! We are talking about Parkour Shoes. So, for those of you who are wondering what these parkour shoes are, just stay tuned and find out!

What does ‘parkour’ stand for?

Well, in order to know more about the functions, benefits, and setbacks of parkour shoes, you first need to know what ‘parkour’ stands for. The word ‘parkour’ was originated from a French word ‘parcour’ and it meant something like ‘obstacle course’. Actually, parkour is a training or a sport that typically involves moving along a trail or a route, in the quickest and the most efficient way possible despite all the obstacles and setbacks present on the same route. It trains a person to jump, walk, run and hike in the most efficient and fast way possible, without hurting himself.

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Parkour shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes designed to aid people who are not just involved in parkour training, but also a number of other sports that require quick and efficient movements. These shoes are best known to improve the strength and performance of an individual, while also ensuring his/her safety. You can use parkour shoes instead of the other shoes in your concerned sports training, but you cannot use other shoes in parkour training as they will not be appropriate.

Here are a Few Things to Consider while Buying a Parkour Shoe;

  • A parkour shoe should be This will help the person getting trained for any particular sports to stay at ease and feel burden less, hence helping him to train in a better way for a longer time span. A shoe that is lightweight also allows enhanced movement.
  • The sole of a parkour shoe is the most important component. Hence, it should be considered and examined thoroughly, with intense care. Here are a couple of factors that you can keep a check on while looking at the sole of a parkour shoe.
  • The sole of a parkour shoe should be Thinner. A thick sole decreases the element of sensitivity between a person’s feet and the environment on which it lands. This supports unexpected drops. A thin sole makes a person aware of its interactions and also ensures safety by decreasing the number of drops a person has to face.
  • The design of a parkour shoe is essentially important. You should most frequently look for a one-piece sole design. This design does not make the sole tear away in parts and pieces as some soles that are glued together in segments tend to do.
  • The material from which the rubber of the sole is made out of will always play a role in determining the durability and flexibility of a shoe.
  • Another important factor to consider is the arches of a shoe. These arches are important to ensure a person’s safety while he goes for precision landing on the trail or the route during his training. You should avoid had plastic in the arches as they cannot provide a good grip to your feet, especially while climbing. Arches are important equipment in providing adequate grip to the feet of the person wearing the shoe.
  • The cost of a shoe should be genuine and decent when compared to the features and luxuries that the shoe is ready to provide. You can have some of the most amazing parkour shoes in a low price range. These shoes that are low in price don’t necessarily have to compromise on the quality of the shoe in any way.

Now that you are completely aware of the origin, function, and features of a parkour shoe, let us move on and let you all know about a few parkour shoes that are unquestionably the best shoes in the market. These shoes are safe and pleasant for shin muscles, along with being lightweight and injury-free! Read here about Best Basketball Shoes.

Best Parkour Shoes Reviews for 2018.

Here I have selected Best Parkour Shoes and given detailed product reviews.

1-Take flight Parkour Athletic Training Shoe 1.0

One fact about this shoe that totally makes us drool over it is that Take Flight to spend around two long years to perfect this version of parkour athletic training shoe. The amount of dedication invested by taking Flight speaks volumes about the shoe itself. This shoe is designed to face challenges that come along with a proper parkour or any other sports training.

Let us get to know this shoe even better by discussing some of its top features.

Top features;

  • These parkour take flight 1.0 shoes are equipped with a tread design that not only let you have maximum control over your movements but also gives you a firm grip that equips all your strategies with confidence to take risks freely!
  • These shoes are featured with enhanced traction, and this has been made possible by the Rubber outsoles present within. These soles ensure stability and flexibility as they grab tightly on different surfaces. For example railing, glass, wood surfaces and much more!
  • These shoes have been made especially considering the fact that the customers have no problem with their Durability
  • These shoes are made with the expert opinion infusion of the world famous Parkour traceur, named David Belle.
  • These shoes support the feature of having Dual Insoles. This also provides you with cushioning but does not decrease the level of sensitivity required for your contact with the surface your feet lands upon.

These were some of the top features of this shoe. However, there are certain basic features that still need to get unleashed! Read here about Men’s and Women Shoe Sizes.

Why should you buy these parkour shoes?

There are countless reasons that support buying these shoes. However, some of them can be

stated as follows;

  • These shoes can easily be termed as original parkour training shoes. They have a lot of expert advice included in their design. This makes these shoes even more reliable!
  • These shoes can be your guardian angels. Never slip again wearing these shoes as they are infused with latest rubber outsoles and tread designing.
  • These shoes come with a special ‘Compression Landing System’ that makes sure that not only will this shoe fit your foot like a glove, you will feel protected and supported as well.

What are the cons of these shoes?

The only con is that the bottom grip layer is not as durable, reported by the customers.


These shoes are extremely comfortable, and flexible. Designed to overcome all the challenges, these shoes will not disappoint you in any way. These shoes have been designed keeping in mind expert advice, and advice by some of the best parkour athletes. This ensures our trust in this product even more!

2-Nike Men’s free RN Flyknit running shoes

Nike Men’s free RN Flyknit shoes are the best lightweight running shoes with high quality and best features. These shoes are highly comfortable and are very popular. So, directly coming towards the specifications of these Nike Men’s Free Flyknit running shoes.

These are;


The main and unique feature of this shoe is that these are very light weighted and you can wear them easily and comfortably without feeling heaviness in feet and during walking. You will definitely enjoy wearing these lightweight shoes. These shoes are specially designed for running purposes, so you will definitely found all its features that will be best for running that’s why it is lightweight to make your move faster and swifter and you will feel that you are an athlete.

Rubber sole

Its inner sole is of soft rubber and is not like other hard uncomfortable insoles and you can wear them comfortably all day without any problems or issues. Its rubber sole will make your feet feel comfortable and soft and also your heel will not ache because of this rubber sole. This insole is also removable and washable. Read here about Tennis Shoes for Women.

Quality material

Nike Men’s free RN Flyknit is manufactured by using the high-quality material. Nike always made quality products. These running shoes are definitely made of high-quality material using rubber sole, hard leathery highly durable materials that must be the first quality of any shoe and people are just looking for the high-quality material so that they can use it for years and don’t have to take the running shoes again and again.


The outer covering of this shoe is textile that made it very lightweight and gives it a good gorgeous look. You can take one choosing a good colored textile that you want to take or which one do you like the most.


The size of this product namely Men’s RN Flyknit running shoes is of 11 D (M) US. It easily fits your feet and makes you able to climb, run, and jump in a quick way.

Colors availability

These are available in many different colors. Some of them vastly available in the market are white, black stealthy pure, platinum colors that look very gorgeous while wearing and give a decent look. Other colors are also available and the choice is completely yours

Synthetic and mesh

These shoes are Flyknit, synthetic and single layer mesh that gives them more zone stretch and a very unique and decent look and don’t let your feet to feel soggy or wet; these features allow these shoes to be airy and make you feel better. As long as you keep wearing it they will provide breathability to your feet especially on the upper area of the midfoot because of it more net and hole appearance on it.

 Flexible outsole

Its outer sole or you may call it the base of the shoe is made up hard leather that is highly durable and super flexible and will always help you to run faster and faster and give you a firm grip and a dynamic support. Its flexibility is just amazing. It is a low profile durable cushioning. Its dual density midsole that is combined with tri-star outsole pattern which actually made it highly flexible these shoes are great for the workout. On the above portion, you feel like you are wearing a sock.

Lace up closure

This shoe has laces to be closed and fit according to your feet size. You have to tie and tighten up the laces according to the size of your feet and this a good option for people to adjust the size

Heel height

Heel height of Nike Men’s free RN Flyknit shoes is 1 inch is a very comfortable and normal height a running shoe should have. Elastic yarns are also present in heels and give a more comfortable fit.

Elastic band

These shoes have elastic bands on the back side above heels that lock your foot and gives you a firm grip and these elastic bands are super thin that will definitely ease you and make you feel more comfortable and secured.

Flywire technology

One of the unique features of this shoe is that it has the Flywire technology that is woven on it and definitely fit also helps your feet to fit easily.


Nike men’s free Flyknit running shoes are available in affordable price.

Best features of Men’s free RN Flyknit shoes

Some of its unique features that make it the most popular and the best running shoes are;

  • Very lightweight
  • Synthetic upper layer
  • Single layer mesh
  • Dimension is 14 x 8 x6 inches
  • Lace up closure
  • Textile material composition
  • Removable and washable insole
  • Hard and flexible base
  • 1-inch heel height
  • Highly comfortable
  • Good quality material
  • The offset is 8mm (20mm heel and 12mm forefoot)


  • Lightweight will help to run faster
  • Good in traveling
  • Foamy sole helps you feel comfortable
  • The insole is washable and removable
  • The textile material looks excellent
  • Rounded heels allow natural foot strikes
  • Gives firm grip over the ground


  • Sometimes it comes with short laces and their knot opens up in jumbo feet but this is not a big issue, short laces can be easily replaced by the longer ones.


So, if you are an athlete or someone who like running very much and plays a lot, you must go for these Men’s Free Flyknit running shoes to have a wonderful experience. All of its unique features are designed to make the movement very fast. These shoes are perfect completely. So, to be a good and fast runner, but this pair of shoes for you.

3-Men’s KSO Evo Cross Training shoes

Men’s KSO Evo is best the best shoe for training purposes. It is a product of a brand named Vibram which is very famous and popular shoe making the brand. Vibram is an Italian company which was founded by Vitale Bramani. This brand is also famous for its rubber made excellent soles. One of its products Men’s KSO Evo training shoes is very much used for training purposes

Features of Men’s KSO Evo cross training shoes

These shoes are meant for training purposes as its name indicates it. So, if you are looking for the best training shoes than definitely, you should look for these shoes among all the training shoes available because KSO Evo cross training shoes are the best and when you will come to know about its outclass features you will definitely can’t stop yourself from purchasing it.

High Quality polyester fabric

The upper portion of KSO Evo is made up of the high quality of polyester fabric or textile that gives these shoes a good look and high durability. Along with this, also gives a proper protection to your feet and breathability. You will definitely have a good experience with them.

Synthetic sole

KSO Evo has a synthetic sole which is made up of rubber which is super flexible and makes your feet feel lighter and comfortable. Its rubber outsole gives a marvelous traction and a natural motion. It gives a good ground feedback. You will feel that you are wearing a sock or are barefooted but definitely it is not, it will give you complete and enough protection against the obstacles on the ground.5 finger slots have also rubber over it to prevent finger damage when you get hit by the kick

Shoe Shape

The shape of the KSO Evo cross training shoes is unique from all the shoes. These shoes have glove-like appearance having individual closed slots for each foot finger and same separate a little big bigger slot for toe and it is a very different shape that these shoes have. Also in the inner side if these shoes, the drilex antimicrobial linings protect the whole feet and would not let your feet to be soggy or irritate you with perspiration.


KSO Evo gives you a firm grip over the ground and makes you experience terrain. Moreover, its outer synthetic rubber sole is five starred that make it super flexible. This sole is usually less than 5 mm means that it is a thin sole, yet durable enough to protect you from shock and absorb it. You will definitely have a nice experience wearing them.

Fabric and textile

Fabric and textile is also used over the Men’s KSO Evo cross training shoes in different pattern and design to give it a good look and protect the polyester fabric more


Men’s KSO Evo cross running shoes are very lightweight that helps you to gain a firm grip. During training, lightweight shoes are the best to use, so these KSO Evo shoes are and this feature makes them the best to be purchased.

Machine washable

Another best thing in the Men’s KSO Evo cross training shoes is that if they get dirty then they can be washed easily in a machine by using cold water. Avoid using hot water in this case. You can wash them several times without the fear of damaging them.

Air drying ability

Men’s KSO Evo cross-training shoes can be dried easily in air. Because of the lightweight materials used in it, it doesn’t take much time to be dried. All manufacturing materials used in these shoes are lightweight like thin outer sole and above mesh polyester fabric but definitely, they are highly durable.

Closure type

Men’s KSO Evo cross-training shoes have laces to close the shoe firmly and adjust it according to your feet size

Available colors

These training shoes are available in different colors which are Black,


The size of this KSO Evo cross training shoe is 46 EU/11.5-12 M US


KSO Evo cross training shoes are made up of high-quality materials and a product of a trustable and popular brand that is Vibram. So, these shoes are highly durable and this one is a good reason to but good shoes and KSO Evo shoes have all these unique features along with this one.


There is no issue of pricing at all because KSO Evo is available in the very affordable range.

Specifications of KSO Evo cross training shoes

  • Polyester fabric is used in it
  • The rubber sole is the best one with five starred traction
  • Shaft measures just about low top from arch
  • These shoes are imported
  • Unique shape and look
  • Machine washable
  • Can be easy and fast air dried
  • Outclass flexibility
  • Allows you to experience terrain
  • KSO Evo is highly durable and breathable
  • High-quality material is used in its manufacturing
  • Highly comfortable
  • More ground response and contact because of thin rubber sole
  • Glove-like appearance


  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic sole
  • Highly flexible
  • Make you experience terrain
  • Machine cold wash and air dry
  • Upper polyester fabric
  • Durable, breathable and affordable


  • Sometimes you feel like that you are barefooted because of the thin sole and lightweight or sock wear feeling but it is not a trouble at all because while training this thin base of the shoe gives firm grip and more contact with the ground.


So, if you want to buy Men’s KSO Evo cross-training shoes than you should definitely not delay it because these shoes are the best. Now you know all of the unique, amazing and outclass features of these shoes so you should think wisely and buy one for you. Look out all the features and specifications that you are searching for in these shoes and don’t get late to purchase them but of course, the choice is completely yours.

4-Nike Men’s Free- RN  Flyknit 2017

Not all of you might be aware of the new and modern ‘sock-like’ concept of a shoe. This concept makes your shoe able to provide you with both experiences; running barefoot while also training. This shoe, manufactured by one of our most favorite brand ‘Nike’, is a foot hugger. It is designed in such a way that it wraps perfectly around your foot while giving you enough comfort and protection. This shoe is an updated version of RN Flyknit 2016, and we can definitely see that this updated version has more strength incorporated into its design.

Let us get to know some details about the features of this Nike Men’s Free – RN Flyknit 2017 shoe that has won the hearts of many around the globe!


  • This shoe features a 3D Flyknit mesh upper. This is the basic reason why this shoe has a sock-like amazing fit that continues to set the standard too high for other companies to match with, in terms of design, comfort, protection, and support.
  • There are Flywire cables present in this shoe, that are designed to lock the foot in. These Flywires are incorporated into the design of this shoe as they hold together the upper with the sole, resulting in better foot hugging by the shoe.
  • This shoe prevents too much foot movement within the shoe. This is a very good thing when it comes to training because of the lesser the foot movement within the shoe, lesser chances of traction, grip and speed failures. Moreover, this shoe has Knits placed strategically around the whole upper that aids in minimizing the movement of your feet happening inside the shoe.
  • When we say that his shoe is ‘lightweight’, we mean it and we have proofs! Yes! The upper material of this shoe is made lighter by 60% as compared to other running and training shoes. This means you get to fly with these little babies.
  • This shoe provides you with extra protection on the front and back of the outsole, being a life-saver for your toes and heels. The outsole has a tri-star pattern that looks exactly like a web of triangles.
  • You can work, train and unleash your potentials even on damp surfaces with these shoes, as they will continue to come in handy anywhere, any time!
  • There are different and amazing color combinations to choose from, with this training shoe. You can choose the color that best suits your personality, and you’re good to go and make a style statement!

These are some of the details of this Nike running and training shoe. Let us move on and discuss it’s specifications;


  • These shoes are manufactured in the USA or are imported.
  • They have a synthetic sole.
  • Along with giving you a foot-hugging fit, these shoes feature the shaft measuring approximately low top from the arch.
  • These shoes have infused breathability and support. Moreover, the flyknit material is efficient enough to give your feet a cool sensation even while training/running.
  • The heel is rounded, making your shoe extremely flexible with situations and scenarios where you have to take a heel strike.

What are the cons of this Shoe?

  • Some people might find the heel of this shoe a little too tight.
  • Some people have reported that the outsole of this training shoe collects rocks at times.


Nike has continued to show us why it is among the most popular and loved brands, around the globe. These shoes are so good and friendly with your training sessions, along with being extremely lightweight. Their new design allows them to provide a snug fit to your feet that you will find absolutely amazing while playing/running/training. Overall, this is an extremely comfortable shoe o wear while your training sessions, and it fails to compromise on quality in its performance in any way!

5-Nike Men’s Free RN running Shoe

These series by Nike are a blend of a lot of valuable concepts. Along with being super light and flexible, these shoes can unquestionably be called running, do-it-all shoes. The reason why we call these shoes ‘do-it-all’ is that you can wear these shoes while training, while in the gym, or just while traveling from one city to another.

They are extremely stylish looking, letting you make a style statement in your ‘airport’ looks as well. These shoes are extremely friendly with short, or long running sessions and workout timings. These shoes have made us trust Nike as a brand even more. Meanwhile, we also like to mention that Nike, with their hard work and dedication while creating these wonderful shoes, have proved why they deserve to be called the best!

Enough beating about the bush, let us get you into the real details of the shoe. Stay tuned!


  • This shoe features a mesh upper that is engineered to be a lot of good things. Such as being flexible, supportive and breathable are the qualities you get with the upper mesh of this shoe.
  • This shoe has an adaptive fit, made possible by the infusion of Flywire cables in its design. You can also tune these adjustments according to your own preferences and will.
  • The sock liner features a rather minimalistic design. This provides strong support to the underfoot, while also making the running experience comfortable in so many ways!
  • More free movements are supported as the outsole of this shoe has the ability to expand rather naturally and freely.
  • The lightweight foam unit in the midsole is not any less of a life-saver. It allows responsive cushioning, along with impact distribution that leaves you feeling completely stress free at any moment of your training.
  • Attractive, sleek and stylish colors are present in this shoe to choose from. You can chose your favorite color and you are good to go!
  • This shoe is extremely light-weight. In fact, being light-weight is among the best features of this very shoe!

These were some basic details about the shoe. Let us move further and have a look at the specifications of this shoe by Nike.


  • These shoes have a rubber sole that automatically makes these shoes 100% more durable as compared to other shoes which do not feature a rubber outsole.
  • This shoe has a comparatively open knit stitch on the top part of the foot that causes increased breathability and maintains a cool temperature within the shoe for the comfort of your feet.
  • This shoe has the ability to contract and expand according to your movements.
  • For a completely safe heel-strike, these shoes have a rounded heel design.
  • The flywire cables are lightweight and strong. These cable collaborate with the shoe laces to provide you with enhanced security when you tighten the shoe laces according to your personal will.
  • A set of cables has also been extracted from this design as it can further allow you to bend at the forefoot more easily and comfortably, without compromising on your efficiency.

These are the specifications of the shoe being discussed. Let us answer some important questions below.

What are the cons of this shoe?

  • While others loved these shoe as minimalists, some people reported less durability as these shoes as minimalists did not last long.
  • There are no other specific cons of these shoes.


These Nike Men’s Free RN shoes suit you for a variety of reasons. You can adorn these shoes on all occasions, including gym sessions, other training sessions, workouts, long or short running sprees. These shoes feature a minimalistic design that is much less complicated and much more efficient as compared to other shoes of the same price. These shoes are lightweight, and they also expand and contract according to your personal movements, providing you with a perfectly strong grip. You can truly be up for anything when you are wearing these amazing Nike shoes!

6-Nike Flex Experience RN 5 Running Shoe

Nike manages to sweep us off our feet, yet once again. With their dedication and hard work, they have proved that nothing is impossible! After all, they have managed to create a shoe that is not only lightweight but also features the amazing designing technique that gives you a perfect fit! These shoes can be worn anywhere. LITERALLY! You can wear these on your gym sessions, running sprees, and even include them in your travel experiences. These shoes can also be an amazing addition to your casual wear. They feature a much higher rate of breathability, making this shoe so much more comfortable than many other shoes that come with the same price.

These shoes are perfect for the gym, running, or even a simple walk around the town. However, there are other qualities that this shoe offers. Let us take a look!


  • These shoes are extremely breathable, due to the lighter upper mesh. These have been designed for casual wear as well, this is why their breathability has been considered thoroughly.
  • These shoes are extremely durable, and this fact is supported by the presence of rubber sole within the design of these shoes.
  • These shoes are extremely lightweight to wear. You can be at ease knowing that these shoes will not over-burden you at all. You can instead fly wearing these little babies.
  • This shoe by Nike shows a perfect balance between comfort and strength. You can be totally at ease knowing these shoes will always support you.
  • These shoes include a proper gripping action that is mostly featured in athletic footwear collections. Which is why we think these shoes are extremely reasonable with their price range. You will not get another shoe featuring such amazing qualities within the same price.
  • Outsole pistons are present that absorb impact and make your training journey much less of a fatigue.
  • Minimalistic designing makes these shoes perfect for people having a minimalistic vision. Along with a feather-light feel, these shoes have proper cushioning that comes in handy while landing and propulsion!

Up till now, we have made this pretty clear that these shoes are extremely comfortable and efficient, while also featuring a minimalistic design. Let us now have a brief look at the specifications of this product manufactured by Nike.


  • This shoe features a heel-to-toe offset that is measured to be 7.2mm
  • These shoes are imported
  • Natural motion is supported by these shoes. Outsole hexagonal flex grooves promote these motions to enhance customer’s satisfaction.
  • A rubber sole increases the durability of these shoes.
  • These shoes help you unleash the fashionista in you. You can make a style statement with this pair.

Let us now consider some of the most frequently asked questions by our readers! Stay tuned.

What are the cons of this product?

  • These shoes may feel a bit too tight, so one must be aware of their size and order slightly larger in size shoes to have a perfect fit!
  • No other specific cons.


These shoes are extremely stylish and trendy looking, which is why you can also include these shoes in your casual wear wardrobe section! These shoes are fit for a wearing on a lot of different occasions, making their utility rate much higher than the rest. They don’t just have a stylish and attractive exterior, but they also feature so many great specs that can make anyone drool over their design and efficiency. Nike has maintained their reputation of manufacturing some of the best training and casual wear shoes. If you are looking for trendy looking shoes, which are also durable and comfortable when it comes to your training sessions, this pair might be the perfect one for you by all means!


Doublestar is unquestionably one of the top-known brands that manufacture athletic shoes in China. It has more than 40 production lines, and today we will review one of their finest work! If you are wondering, let us notify you that these shoes are a perfect choice for beginners, as reported by most of the websites and almost every buyer who bought these shoes for their initial training in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Martial arts or even parkour training. These shoes are especially good for your training sessions as they feature anti-skid technology. They are made with extremely high quality rubber that ensures your safety while training sessions at any cost! These shoes are extremely lightweight, being less than 300g per shoe, and also features breathability with a high-quality canvas incorporated in their design.

Let us have a look at some of the most prominent features of this shoe by Doublestar


  • Doublestar, as a brand, has always been known for its high-quality materials. Same is the case with this shoe. The quality of these shoes is verified in the market.
  • These shoes may feature a minimalist design, but their features are quite a handful! They have a minimalist woven canvas fabric that ensures breathability, a rubber sole that notifies durability and cotton lining, making this shoe extremely lightweight giving just the right amount of feels. These shoes will help you perform better in a muchmore4 efficient way as they are specially designed for beginners taking any training including Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
  • These shoes are made to face challenges! This is the basic feature that adds to the integrity of these shoes. They feature a vulcanized rubber midsole and a high-quality nitrile rubber traction outsole. This makes the shoe 100% more slip-resistant and even oil resistant. This is why these shoes ensure maximum protection for the customer while they work hard to train themselves.
  • These shoes have been pretty revolutionary as they said goodbye to the traditional black and white colored shoes for parkour or any other training. These shoes really make one stand out due to their bright and trendy color schemes!
  • These shoes have a thin, yet neutral sole that provides a perfect grip that ensures less slipping and more stability for the trainee. These shoes are made from high-quality materials that can stand even the most intense situations!

These were some of the characteristics that make these shoes worth buying1 let us now consider some of the setbacks of this shoe in order to provide our customers with better insight.

What are the cons of this product?

  • There are no specific cons to this product.


These shoes have almost everything that a person needs while training in intense situations. Their cotton lining provides sweat absorption as well. Designed to be the best, these shoes are lighter and much more durable than other shoes that fall under the same category and price. Their rational low top design gives your feet compete for relief and protection from any unexpected dangers. Apart from being available in trendy color schemes, these shoes are also sleek and elegant. Just like you want them! This pair even protects your toes with their thick rubber material used to build them. Their construction is amazing, and so is their performance! Doublestar has won our hearts and now we know why it is among the most famous and trusted athletic shoe manufacturing brand in China.

8-Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes Athletic Sports Lightweight Walking Shoes

We all know how the excitement takes us over completely as we see the summer holidays approaching. All we can think of is the traveling, the adventures and the amazing outdoor activities that await us after having a long and cold winter. Water activities are on the top of our to-do lists. Mostly, people willing to for water adventures just pack their bags having all the hydration packs and water shoes paired with their casual wears.

But one must be very careful about their tools and accessories that will aid them in enjoying their water activities to the fullest! If you are a beginner, we know how this topic of buying the bet water shoes is cluttering your mind. This is why we are honored to introduce you to Dreamcity Men’s water shoes, in order to ensure maximum comfort on wet surfaces!

Let us talk about their brand first, as people find the product more reliable if the brand is trustworthy.

The Brand:

These comfortable, stylish and efficient shoes are manufactured by ‘Aleader’ brand. This brand is especially acknowledged to manufacture some of the best water shoes, with prices that do not go too hard on your wallet. Aleader manufactures these shoes under the label ‘socone’ which is another incest present in the Aleader family. Aleader has been famous for their zero compromise strategy when it comes to quality and performance. And all this for the best price!

The Shoe:

One thing that must be stated is that one should never fool themselves with the extremely stylish, bold and sleek look of this shoe that almost makes us believe it is a spectacular pair of smart casual sneaker. Because it’s not! These shoes are indeed a fine mesh construction. This shoe can be worn on your daily visit to the grocery store, and also to your realm of water adventures. With the laces and tongue of this shoe, it can effortlessly transition between the two looks. Also, it has a hint of tennis shoe design, this water shoe has a solid midsole that not only makes it lightweight but also adds spring in your step by providing you with a superior bounce back motion. Let us get to know more about this shoe by reading the feature details mentioned below!


  • This pair of shoes comes with a ComforDry sock liner, which does not only maintain a dry, cooler and a better shoe environment but also provides the shoe with great cushioning that is also extremely lightweight. It provides your feet with a much more secure stride. This liner is removable, adding to the much-applauded hygiene of the shoe.
  • These Dreamcity water shoes are equipped with a large squared mesh design on the top, which makes his shoe breathable and also gives it the ability to dry fast. These qualities can aid to give more use.
  • These shoes are designed in such a way that they comprise 90% fabric.
  • A rubber ole is featured within the design of these water shoes, which makes them more durable and comfortable to wear.
  • A water grip outsole makes these shoe slip=resistant on wet or damp surfaces, ensuring maximum protection.
  • A quick dry mechanism is supported and enhanced within the design of these water shoes. The open mesh design and well-placed holes on the bottom are the main reason behind this exceptional feature.
  • The laces of these shoes allow for a snug-fit as craved by many customers!

Following are the feature of Dreamcity Water shoes for men. Let us move on and discuss some other factors as well!


These shoes ensure comfort on a much higher level than many other shoes available within the same price range. The rubber sole is not only soled but also lets you enjoy these shoes for a longer duration as it adds to the durability factor of this shoe. Slippery and wet conditions will never scare you again with the water grip design featured within this shoe. Breathability is enhanced in a way that makes your feet smile in the healthy environment of this shoe. Large holes at the bottom ensure a proper drainage system within these shoes.

Another positive aspect is the light-weightiness of these shoes, as it makes the user extremely happy, and even surprised in some cases! These shoes can be worn in water as well as n land, as they have been designed to look stylish enough to be paired with your casual and trendy looks! All in all, these shoes can easily be called as ‘all-rounders! Considering the fact that these can be worn easily with any outfit and look, we also drool over the utility level of this shoes!

However, here are a few disadvantages of these shoes as well.


  • These shoes are not available in a lot of lighter shade tones to choose from. However, considering their good looks, they can easily suit any personality type.


These shoes by Dreamcity are not only affordable but extremely desirable as well. With their good looks and breathability, only a few might not want to own them. They can be perfect in water and also while you are out of it. Being extremely well-designed and lightweight, these shoes enable maximum protection that will make you feel super secure even on damp surfaces! Available in a lot of colors, these shoes can be worn with any look you might want to carry! Their overall performance is really satisfactory, and their construction materials are also high quality and durable.

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