Best Ping Pong Paddle

Best Ping Pong Paddle

Table tennis is a sport that takes inches and adjustments into count quite a lot! To be a good tennis player, you always need to watch out for the style and spin of your opponent. In fact, the most crucial part is training a beginner for table tennis is making him/her learn to adjust his position and style of spin according to that of his opponent. This is a great way to ensure victory!

Every player has their own unique style of playing table tennis. This can include an individual style of every player to counter their opponent’s favorite shots by using preferred grips and play styles. To make sure nothing comes in your way, you have to pay a lot of attention to table tennis equipment, as this equipment will not only define your potentials but will also be your savior in one of those table tennis tournaments!

Table tennis equipment mostly consists of ping pong paddles. These paddles can be highly customized. A paddle is in fact made up of six core pieces put together. The 6 core pieces are listed below;

  • A handle
  • A blade
  • A forehand sponge
  • A rubber
  • A backhand sponge
  • A rubber at the backhand sponge

All of these 6 parts can be customized and tailor-made according to the personal preferences of each tennis player. You can literally choose the best types of building materials for your perfect ping pong paddle. This will enable an enhanced performance rate, and will also make one feel comfortable and efficient! Read here about How to Hold a Ping Pong Paddle Chinese Style?

Although finding out what type of equipment suits you the best can be a task that is too overwhelming for some people. This is why we are here! Here is a list of some of the best ping pong paddles that make sure you are unstoppable when you enter the game!

1-JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle-Best Ping Pong Peddle for Beginners

JP WinLook, as a remarkable brand, has won our hearts already. The owner of this brand, who also founded this brand in the first place, is himself a popular and advanced player of table tennis. This is undoubtedly one legit reason to trust this brand even more.

As far as their ping pong paddle under discussion is concerned, we can only say that these are strong and sturdy four-piece custom paddles that are made by making use of technology that is truly remarkable. They are made from superior quality building materials and give out an evenly balanced spin, control, and speed. Let us find out more about this product!


A sturdy 5-ply poplar wood blade has been incorporated in the design of this ping pong paddle. It is also equipped with an ergonomic flared handle that gives you the most perfect and the most comfortable fit. A blue colored zipped cover case is also included within the box, for you to ensure a safer environment for your paddles while you are away and not using them. You can totally rely on these paddles to take you to the top, being so comfortable and durable!

Let us have a deeper look at the product, and find out some of its features that make this product worth buying!

Features of Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners

  • The official competition calls out for a lot of sturdiness and durability. This paddle comes along with eight 40-mm white colored balls.
  • This product has ITTF approved equipment regulation, which also includes the size and weight of the products!
  • This paddle can be used by all tennis players, be it males or females, beginners or top master players of table tennis. It is flexible and is also designed in the USA so one gets the idea on how good quality materials are used to manufacture this ping pong paddle and the whole table tennis set.
  • The flared handle enables a perfect grip for the player. Durable plastic elastic pads are also included. These features literally help a tennis player a lot while playing and reaching a milestone!
  • An eco-friendly natural rubber sheet makes these ping pong paddles much more durable and enables an enhanced longevity.
  • The set is also equipped with ping pong paddles that have high bounce orange (yellow) medium-soft sponge and advanced edge tape in order to ensure less or no edge wear.

What more to look forward to?

  • Extra strong glue has been used, which makes one extremely sure and worry-free while buying this product.
  • This table tennis set comes with a 60-day money back guarantee & 1-year free replacement warranty to let you buy with confidence.
  • A blue colored storage cover is also included within the package. It is trendy and makes sure your ping pong set is safe while you are not playing.
  • To get further more specific, we might want to mention that the racket performance score is Speed 85, Spin 86 and control 87.

We have talked enough about the features and the brand of this ping pong paddle and table tennis set. Let us move further and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by our readers! Stay tuned to find out those questions and their answers!

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What are the pros of this product?

  • They provide you with a 60-day warranty, which also ensures transparency.
  • The paddles work great and provide an excellent grip.
  • Paddles come with 8 balls that are also quite efficient.

What are the cons of this product?

  • The 4 paddles are great but some people suggest that the manufacturer should use a stronger glue for the handles.
  • No other specific cons have been found or reported.


We feel that this product is amazing, and includes a lot of stuff within the package including 4 ping pong paddles, eight balls and a blue colored storage cover for all this stuff! The overall price is pretty decent. The products have been made from high quality building materials. Also, these rackets are another name for flexibility, as they can be used by any age group

and any gender. Their performance is great, and their grip is even better and more comfortable!

2-Butterfly Pro-Line Hand- Best ping Ping Paddle

Butterfly has been manufacturing quite a lot of ping pong paddles, lately. Their collections have everything. Pre-assembled, replaceable, custom made, good for beginners and experts ping pong paddles. Their collections are pretty diverse. However, this butterfly Pro-Line Hand assembled professional table tennis racket is the best for beginners who are starting out, to more experienced players. One can easily train themselves to become the acknowledged kings and queens of the ping pong table. It comes with a speed rating of 100, and a control rating of 80.

Let us find out some of the amazing features of this ping pong paddle by Buterfly!

Features of Best Ping Pong Paddle

  • This ping pong paddle has the potential of being the best friend of a player interested specifically in using topspin or backspin on their balls. A blade has been equipped within the design f this ping pong paddle that is not just smooth and unique, but also powered by Carbon.
  • If you compare the statistics of this ping pong paddle to an all wood one, you will find out that the carbon fiber re-inforced piles enhance the efficiency of the play in terms of greater speed and a larger sweet spot.
  • This ping pong paddle has been rated to be extremely easy to use. It also lets your wrist twist the exact way you want it to, in order to overcome the strike of your opponent. Even the statistics support this fact. This table tennis racket has a spin rating of 95. Yes, ninety five!
  • The great spin rating of this racket makes it even more dependable and trust-worthy. It shows how this racket is not just for beginners but also for people more experienced than that.
  • The piles are termed as follows; Piles: 3W + 2C.
  • The building materials of this ping pong paddle make us drool as well. It is equipped with high quality rubber, which is by far the most essential thing to notice in a ping pong paddle. The rubber being used is called Tenergy 80. This rubber strikes the right amount of balance between great speed and greater spin! This also helps in enhancing the accuracy of your performance during the game.

These were some of the features, enlisted to make sure our readers get a deeper insight into the product. Let us move further on and examine the pros and cons of this Ping Pong Paddle by Butterfly;

What are the pros of this best ping pong paddle?

  • This product comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about spending your tie and energy on it.
  • The rubbers are removable and replaceable. Unlike the pre-assembled rackets manufactures by butterfly, these rubbers can be removed and replaced with custom made rubbers, or the rubbers anyone chooses personally.
  • It is lightweight, and works efficiently.
  • The spin rating is extremely high and satisfactory. It falls somewhere around 95, which is pretty massive.

What are the cons of this ping pong paddle?

  • The storage cover is not included within the package.
  • No other specific cons are found.


This ping pong paddle by Butterfly comes fully assembled, and for us that is a win-win situation. You can also replace their rubbers if you want to. Made from high quality good materials, this racket is perfect for players starting to work on their expertise. The spin rate is extremely amazing, enabling a great boost to your performance. One has to spend some extra money on buying a storage cover but to be honest, that is not a great setback of this product.

3-Killerspin JET200- Ping Pong Paddle for Intermediate

If you have just begun to unleash your potentials, while also getting more serious about your play, then this ping pong paddle is the right one for you. It is priced extremely decently, considering the massive amount of control it brings to the game.

While a lot of you people might be familiar with the brand name, ‘Killerspin’, some people might be totally clueless. This is why it is important to plunge into a few details about the brand itself.

The brand:

Killerspin, being a newcomer entry to the ping pong equipment manufacturing, has already earned a good name in the market. They provide a blend of good quality, decent pricing, and advanced design product with a style statement that is aggressive and sporty.

Features of Killerspin JET200:

Here are a few features, mentioned about the great entry level paddle, that is this amazing ping pong paddle by Killerspin;

  • The blade equipped within this model holds up quite well. It has a flared handle, which gives you a good grip.
  • The combination of such a blade, with jet basic rubber, which is incorporated within the design of this blade in blue and black color, is a must have! This combination gives this paddle more control, and does not compromise as much on the spin as well. If compared to other paddles, that fall under the same price range, this ping pong paddle clearly stands out.
  • The protection of the sides of the racket are also taken into count. A flexible PVC tape is present to serve the purpose.

What more is there to look forward to?

  • This item also has a warranty of about 30 days. This adds to the transparency of the product and also enables trust among the customers.
  • 5 ply wood design has been made, for enhancing durability.
  • It includes a memory book. This adds to your experience a sweet touch of collecting memories. You can collect scores, signatures and personalized messages within this book. It can also serve as a protective cover for your ping pong paddles.

This was a list of some of the most amazing features of this ping pong paddle. Let us have a look at its pros and cons as well.

What are the pros of this ping pong paddle?

  • It empowers players focusing on control.
  • Good for learning the basics of ping pong and perfecting ball control.
  • Features a balanced design and a comfortable grip.
  • The jet basic rubber used as a building material is extremely high quality and durable. This is pretty much a win-win situation for the buyers.
  • Comes with a personalized memory box where you can keep your essentials, along with personal messages scores and signatures. You can also use it as a protective cover for your paddles.
  • This paddle is available in 3 different colors to choose from. No one can select the most suited color for themselves with which they feel comfortable and also stylish! The three colors are BluVanilla, Mocha and Lime. How cool is that!

These were some of the pros of this paddle. Let us move on to explore some of its setbacks/cons.

What are the cons of this product?

  • This paddle is mostly aimed at recreational players. And is not up to the mark for professional playing.
  • No other specific cons have been found.

And last, but not the least;

  • The statistics:
  • Control rating: 8.5
  • Spin rating: 7
  • Speed: 6

All of these ratings are given out of 10.


Killerspin is sure new, but it knows what it is manufacturing well. These paddles are mostly preferred by recreational players, and they sure love these. Thee paddles have a good spin rating and provide a fairly decent control as well. The ratings are pretty powerful and set an example within themselves.

These ping pong paddles are fairly priced, with high-quality rubber material being used in their construction. This rubber enhances your performance, while also being durable. The personalized memory box is also a treat within itself. It is trendy, useful and so much fun! All in all, this ping pong paddle, is one of the best equipment choices for beginners, or recreational players.

4-STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket- Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

If you are an intermediate player who feels like they are lacking something in their performance, this table tennis equipment might just be your savior. The spin rating of this ping pong paddle is pretty good, while simultaneously it can also generate a fairly decent amount of speed.

It has a huge power rating as well, that might not be a piece of cake for everyone. However, players having a fairly decent amount of experience can go a long way with this ping pong paddle. Even practicing precision for a small bit can help your hands do well with the exceptional speed that also makes you unstoppable!

Lets first have a look at the brand of this ping pong paddle. Here it goes!

The brand:

STIGA, is a name you are all familiar to. They have been among the top manufacturers of table tennis equipment along the globe. With a huge experience number, they have always managed to incorporate advanced designs and techniques into their final products. STIGA was founded in 1944.

While this paddle has a spot saved for itself in various lists of the best paddle names, it also has a lot of amazing features to look forward to;

Features of Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

Some of its amazing features are listed below;

  • The blade of this racket deserves a special mention. Most of the paddles have blades having 5 piles, but this one has seven piles in total; 5 piles of balsa wood, and 2 piles of carbon. The players who prefer hitting the ball further from the table will find this especially useful.
  • This paddle is a combination, which also facilitates pro carbon with a lot of power.
  • The rubber is high quality, with extra elasticity. Not only this, but the rubber is also extremely lightweight.
  • Paddle’s speed and power are drastically enhanced by the 2.0mm sponge that it is equipped with.
  • The rubber used in the construction of this racket is ITTF approved.
  • The handle consists of a metal rod that is rolled inside it. This enhances the grip and makes your game much more stable THAN IT EVER WAS!

These were some of the most important features of this ping pong paddle. Let us move on and discuss some of its pros and cons.

What are the pros of this product?

  • The most major pro of this paddle is that it has a massive speed rating. This helps a player keep track of his precision while also being tough for the opponent.
  • The rubber is replaceable, which means this racket can last for a much longer time than expected.
  • It has a fairly decent spin, which comes in handy for a player while opposing the other player and being aggressive in their moves.

What are the cons of this product?

  • This racket lacks control, as it has a high speed. You cannot expect such a crazy powered paddle to be exceptionally good with control as well.
  • No other specific cons have been found.

These were a few pros and cons of this ping pong paddle. Let us move further and have a look at some of the basic statistics of the product;


  • Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
  • Product Handle: Concave Pro
  • Product Rubber: S5
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm

Performance Ratings are stated below;

  • Speed rating: 99
  • Spin rating: 100
  • Control Rating: 80
  • Product Blade: 7-ply Extra Light

We are done with the statistics, so let us move towards the final step. Here is our much-awaited verdict for this best ping pong paddle;


Well, to start off, we would like to state the obvious by saying that this tennis equipment excels when it comes to its speed ratings. Moreover, the grip is quite fine as well. The rubber is high quality, adding to your pay performance. It is also replaceable, adding much to the durability of this paddle.

Precision can also be achieved, with just the right amount of practice. There is a metal rod rolled inside the handle that might help the purpose as well. All in all, we would love to state that STIGA has earned a good repute over the years and has managed to add to their glory with the manufacturing of his best ping pong paddle!

Good luck- Team

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