Best Speaker Brands for Cars- Top Brands Reviews for 2018

Best Speaker Brands for Cars

In this article, I have described Top Rated Best Speaker Brands for Cars. I have given detailed information about best speakers brands for cars and especially who are manufacturing 6×9 speakers for cars. I have listed below all major car speaker brand names. Best 6×9 speakers for cars are always appreciated at every level because of their high-quality sound and budget-friendly tag.

Best Speaker Brands for Cars 2018

Below is the list of Best Speaker Brands for Cars.

Polk Audio Car Speakers– Best Speaker Brands for Cars

Whenever someone will make a list of Best Speaker Brands for Cars, Polk Audio will always emerge among top brands.

This brand started with a great story of friendship and passion to tell the world. It took its first baby steps and was born just when a few friends who studied together in John Hopkin’s University gathered together with one thing in common; the passion for music.

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This brand infused engineering and design in a way that shaped how people listened to music. Their bright engineers have inspired everyone in the field of audio engineering, while their designers have made their products have integrity and beauty, for the people who live for the look. I started studying Polk Audio when I started writing this article “Best Speaker Brands for Cars” and I fell in love with this quality brand.

These speakers are nonetheless a great addition to the list of the most trusted and loved speakers till date. They enable richly detailed, room-filling sound, which makes us fall in love with them even more.


Their slogan is known to be ‘The Great American Sound’, which we believe is not irrational or too far-fetched. We believe this because what initiated as a mere garage project in an old Victorian rooming house located somewhere in Baltimore, Maryland, became what we can call a legacy, in no time. Founded in 1972, this company has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. The founders of this company were Matthew Polk, George Klopfer, and Sandy Gross. They came across each other when they were taking classes at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. After graduating, they started the production of an audio system for a local bluegrass convention. Soon they hit it off quite well, logos were developed and Polk achieved a worldwide dealer network. First, the gang at Polk worked only with professional audio, but later they also turned their attention towards high-end home audio.

The Monitor 7, released in 1974 was their first successful model when they became a recognized name among audiophile circles. (Best Speaker Brands for Cars)


This company is best known to manufacture home and automobile speakers. Some of their most notable products include;

  • Amplifiers
  • FM tuners
  • Home audio speakers
  • Car speakers
  • Marine speakers
  • They have also introduced smart speakers that are powered by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Later their speaker models also made use of collections of drivers, called SDA or Stereo Dimensional Array. They enhanced the stereo image beyond the space between two stereo speakers by modifying the crosstalk from the right speaker to the left ear, and from the left speaker to the right ear. This concept and technology is still used in some of Polk’s top brand products. This also helped cancel out all destructive cross-channel interference that happens within the speaker.


Best Speaker Brands for Cars

These speakers, as inspired by the founders, bring the wonders of a live concert to your home, or even better, your automobiles. Thee speakers enhance your listening experience and make your car drives much better and pleasant. Their 6×9 speakers are known worldwide and are accepted with love and trust. They ensure clarity and transparency when it comes to their products, which enables maximum ease among the customers or buyers. Nevertheless, we have always expected great things from Polk Audio, and have never been disappointed by their expertise. These are definitely among the Best Speaker Brands for Cars.

Infinity Audio Car Speakers:

In their early days, this company used to produce and manufacture all types of audiophile products; they had an entire range dedicated to audiophile passions. They included everything amplifiers and preamplifiers, an air-bearing turntable and tonearm, to electrostatic headphones and even a Walkman-like personal stereo. It produced one of the finest product range of all time when it came to audio preferences of the general market.

This company has been mentioned by many when talking about notable and trustworthy audio products. Their ‘Infinity Reference’ series of 6×9 car speakers are not-to-forget. These series enhance the sound quality with no distortion. They are easy to install and provide a crisp and punchy bass, which is every audiophile’s dream.

Let us acquire more about where this company began from, and where has it landed over the past few years,


This company was founded in 1968 and has its headquarters located in the United States. It was founded as a result of the efforts of many people, and the names of notable workers are Arnie Nudell, John Ulrick, and Cary Christie. Infinity has brought innovation to the market that has been widely received by the audience. They have not only introduced neodymium magnets but also have been able to revolutionize the field of audio electronics by including mylar diaphragms, and polypropylene cones in their speaker designs. The company’s first product was the Servo-Static speaker system. And as the name suggests, it included electrostatic main panels and a revolutionary servo controlled woofer.

This company was later sold by Nudell to Harman Kardon, and this is when these speakers and this company’s products took a mass market-oriented approach. But still, till date, the richness and the elaborateness of the infinity series has been unmatchable.


They have produced a wide range of products that have been loved and trusted with what they did for the audiophiles. Let us also have a look at some of the most notable products that are manufactured by this company and won the hearts of many:

  • Amplifiers
  • Car speakers
  • Marine speakers
  • Home audio
  • Sub-woofers

Infinity has been acquired by Harman International Industries since the year 1983 which in turn is owned by Samsung Electronics

  • Infinity products have a sound contract with Hyundai and Kia vehicles, also with some Mitsubishi vehicles from the 1990s to 2006, and many Chrysler They are installed in them on the option which in itself is a great achievement.


This company has left its mark in the field and none of us can deny this fact. Their 6×9 speakers have done wonders for people who want to bring music back to life. The infinity series including 6×9 speakers enable an amazing bass and zero distortion. Their products don’t sacrifice on quality, while also having a decent enough price range that goes easy on your wallet. You can safely level up your listening experience by buying these speakers for your home/cars etc.

Hertz Audio Car Speakers:

Hertz can also be defined as the unit of frequency, the number of cycles per second.

Besides the name of this company, the product characteristics and overall everything about it proves that Hertz believes in performance, more than anything else. Their philosophy and design, both are entirely dedicated to good quality and performance. This company ensures maximum client satisfaction by infusing a unique combination of premium sound, living tradition, ingenious innovation and high quality into their products.


Let us discuss the origin and history of this brand. This company was founded in 1998 by Pietro Pantaleone and Emidio Vagnoni. They have their headquarters situated in Potenza Picena, Italy. Starting from scratch, over the years Hertz has built an outstanding team of passionate and hardworking engineers who are committed to serving the people with the top level of audio performance. Music enthusiasm runs in the blood of each and every person affiliated with Hertz. Hertz enables connection with the emotional power of music, through the development of their products. These products are enriched with high-quality materials, and durability.

High Quality:

They don’t just test a sample from each lot, but to achieve high-quality standards, they analyze every single component by means of computerized control processes. These processes are led under the supervision of a richly qualified staff. Read here about Car Speaker Sizes.

This company is ISO 9901:2008 certified. This has enabled trust, transparency, and professionalism in quality management. This company doesn’t just try to come up to the expectations of its consumers, but they try to satisfy their own set of highly set standards and expectations.


New Hertz products for car audio systems are driven by extensive research and enable genuine advances in technology and performance: which is also, without a doubt, the hallmark of Hertz products.

They have received numerous industry awards for their innovations, and have made their name among the list of world-class products.

While they have partnered with a lot of brands, and manufacture a wide range of products, but some of their products have always managed to stand out. These famous products are:

  • Amplifiers
  • 6×9 Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Digital Interface Processors.

They have also manufactured recently speakers that are water resistant, designed mainly for boats and yachts. These speakers are called the Marine speakers. Another line of products is recently added called the PowerSport. This line is exclusively designed for ATVs and UTVs. The special features of both the newly added lines of products are that they are water, mud, and dust-resistant.


Hertz is without a doubt a trustable name. Especially when it comes to their car speakers, where 6×9 car speakers are undeniably the best. They enhance your listening experience and leave you nothing but utterly satisfied with their performance. Hertz has always been an innovative brand that infuses wisdom and quality in their products. One of the main attractions associated with this brand is that you will never have to compromise on the quality of your listening experience, and you will always be amazed by their excellent modifications through the years.

JBL Car Speakers:

The name JBL is almost impossible to ignore when talking about audio speakers, or car speakers. This company makes the best 6×9 speakers and has earned a lot of fame and respect for that. They have not only powered the world’s most epic musicians, stages, athletes, and venues but also have been cherished by the common man for their amazing quality car speakers. They have made our listening experiences better and enhanced our joy and excitement when it comes to music. Be it in the cars or outside them, these JBL speakers have always managed to bring music to life.


Formed in 1927, this company is based in America. It has always been in the limelight for the manufacturing of loudspeakers and associated electronics. Known extensively for the manufacturing of 6×9 speakers, this company was formerly called Lansing Sound, or JamesB. Lansing sound. The name JBL has also been derived out of the initials of the name of James Bullough Lansing, the founder of this company. James was an American engineer mostly known to work for audio and loudspeaker designs. James Lansing has two companies named after him, due to his expertise. One is called JBL and the other is named Altec Lansing.

The two independent divisions within the company are;

  • JBL Consumer.
  • JBL Professional.

JBL consumer manufactures audio equipment that is sold to the consumer home market.

JBL professional manufactures official equipment sold out to the studio, installed sound, tour sound, portable sound and cinema markets.

  • JBL is now owned by the notable and famous South Korean company named ‘Samsung Electronics’.

Over the years JBL became a prominent supplier in the field of tour sound, while their loudspeakers also being employed by touring rock acts and music festivals. Some of their prominent partners may leave your mouth open with amazement. They are as follows;

  • NBA
  • New York Yankees
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

JBL has nevertheless earned this fame and so many respected names chose to partner with JBL, only because of their expertise and passion to deliver. Let us have a closer look at the products of this brand:


They deal in a wide range of products designed just according to your needs. Their car speakers have taken our heart but the story does not stop there. Here are some products known around the globe by JBL:


Apart from being notably used at high profile events, this company serves the common man by their amazing car speakers, where their quality and design simply stands out when it comes to 6×9 speakers. They infuse wisdom, passion and hard work into these 6×9 speakers that make your listening experience a lot better. These speakers are designed to satisfy their customers to the optimum levels, where you are expected to never reach a point where you regret buying these speakers. Today, a lot of people use JBL as their sound system, in their cars or at home. These speakers are also being used in auditoriums and as Bluetooth speakers. If you are someone who does not want to compromise on sound quality, and also does not want to spend too much money on your listening experience, these speakers will be your perfect choice!

JL Audio Car Speakers:

Providing the customers with great audio is not just their mission, it is more of a passion for the gang at JL audio. It is a privately held US company, which focuses wholly on expertise regarding engineering, high quality, and superior performance. Their slogan has been stated and known as, ‘ Tell the Difference’, which we believe, they have come up to. We can always tell the difference between our old speakers, and these new ones, because of the amazing listening experience that one might get with these little babies. Moreover, what interests us a lot is that you will find true ‘audio nuts’ around when visiting JL Audio’s facilities in Miramar, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona. Because the engineering staff at JL’s is full of people that are passionate, and work to develop a great listening experience for us. Let us have a look at the history of this brand.


Founded in 1975, by notable names such as James Birch and Lucio Proni, they names the company ‘JL’ after the initials taken from each of their names. Their first ever products included a range of home speaker systems, and also home speaker ‘kits’. This company faced a turning point when they invested in a retail store in Florida called Speaker Warehouse, as a result of their business not turning out as well as expected in 1975. Speaker warehouse would deal with speaker repair chores, and the sale of individual or whole speaker sets.

The original company, JL was also in operation during that time. The tables turned, and s the business at JL grew, speaker warehouse became a dealer of their products and sold them widely over the years. This was done under the direction of Stephen Seidl. They actually started car speaker products as a result of the beginning of speaker revolution in that era. The car speakers turned out to be a huge success and Speaker Warehouse was soon thought to be the go-to place for high-end audio.

Let us discuss in detail now the products manufacturing associated with this company name.


They have been really versatile with their experimentation and manufacturing through these years. Their products have been widely loved and trusted, especially their car speakers. However, the story does not end there. This brand stays on top of the list for Best Speaker Brands for Cars.

They have more than just car speakers in store some of their products are;

So, this was the total review, including the history, moto, and the products of this company. Time for our verdict.


This brand has always been very loyal and trustworthy as they enable transparency on a good level. Their car speakers are a go-to-and-buy kind f thing, especially the 6×9 speakers. The 6×9 speakers have been so far their best products and have built them a lot of business and financial security. We overall rate their products as stylish, while they do not compromise on the sound or material quality of their products either.

Kicker Audio Car Speakers:

Music is somehow rooted deep in their vision, and as the name suggests, they make it kick. They deliver concert-like sound quality across a wide volume range and that is what they call, ‘The Kicker Way’. Their speakers enhance a deep bass and crisp sound, which has the amazing quality to light up your listening experience. This company is unique in its own way. Their vision is engraved in everything they do and all that they make. Their car speakers have made a lot of people wonder in awe, and they have earned a lot of respect for their work done through the years.


This company was found in 1973, as a result of the two-man operation, in a narrow garage, with nothing but love and passion for music. Their sources were few, but their vision helped them rise. They started with manufacturing the first ever speakers box which was designed for cars and trucks, under the supervision of the co-founder of this company names Steve Irby. The tables turned and the speakers were a success. 35 years later this company reached new heights of success when they developed home and personal products for digital media devices, under the banner of ‘Lifestyle Products’. These products included Bluetooth speaker systems. Since then, they have developed a lot of ranges of products including car and home audio speakers that have been sold and have turned out to be a huge success nevertheless.

Their products are also worth mentioning and this brand is among Best Speaker Brands for Cars.

. Let us have a look!


Their engineers have been able to carry out the legacy of the two founders of this company. They have worked hard enough to deliver a worthwhile listening experience. Their products are currently sold by around 1200 authorized dealers in the US, while over 2000 dealers are distributing their products within 50 countries worldwide. This shows how much of a success is this brand name and the work that they do in the form of their products. This brand name is widely known and loved. Their notable products include;


We are totally in love with this brand, their passion for their vision, and how they have made their dreams come true. They have truly made possible what they wanted while having great quality speakers. Their 6×9 speakers are a huge success and we will definitely recommend everyone to have a look at them. They are stylish looking and perform highly well. These easy to install speakers have not only revolutionized the field of the audio speaker but have also left their customers satisfied with their work and products. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out this amazing brand, we are very hopeful you will find your desired products, for the best quality here.


Well, this is undoubtedly the most famous brand of speakers, like in..Forever. Although we are not sure and don’t exactly know if your experiences resonate with this idea, one may have seen pioneer products since childhood at their homes. The main reason for this can be the fact that Pioneer has always delivered excellent quality at the most decent prices ever! Or maybe the fact that the gang at pioneer continually strives for perfection with whatever they tend to do.

You will always find this brand upgrading itself, either by feature or quality. This brand undoubtedly provides a person with endless options, along with a much-improved driving experience. Just like people love pioneer, and support this brand immensely, Pioneer loves people back! Pioneer, along with the engineers at Pioneer, have worked very hard through all these years only with one simple agenda, which was to provide people with a car life much more than what they had previously.

Concept and slogan:

Pioneer’s concept, with which it resonated greatly is, ‘Move the Heart, and Touch the Soul’. Meanwhile, they also modified and released their latest slogan in 2001. It said, ‘’. with the introduction of this brand new slogan, Pioneer once again stayed true to their promise of sharing sound and visual entertainment, that not just gives joy, but also uplifts one’s soul.


  • The ‘sound’ element that we find in their slogan, along with representing Pioneer’s audio interests, also hints at the financial and business stature that is healthy and well balanced.
  • ‘Vision’ can also be representing video business, which is yet another factor to consider while mentioning this brand. Pioneer plans to make its mark with DVDs and next-generation displays as well.
  • ‘Soul’ may be the promise, the vision and the aim of Pioneer to raise the element of entertainment to the level of pure emotion.

While we think this is a brilliantly written slogan, we also believe that Pioneer has managed to stay true to their vision and roots. And this is something not every brand has been able to achieve as an entity.

Let us have a look at the history of this brand and see where it originated from.


Being a Japanese multinational brand, Pioneer has its roots laid down in Tokyo, Japan. Pioneer has its main specialization or interest in entertainment products. Being founded in 1983, the first president or the founder of this brand was named, ‘NozomuMatsumuto’. This brand eventually started out as a mere radio and speaker repair shop, back in the 30s. The current president of this company or brand is Susumu Kotani. The car electronics are mainly manufactured and designed in Tokyo, Japan, by this company. These products continue to amaze and revolutionize the world of people all around the globe, especially car audio enthusiasts.

Let us discuss the products of this brand as follows;


Here is a quick look at the most notable products manufactured by this brand;

  • Car speakers
  • Dj Equipment
  • Head Units

These are the three products Pioneer is mostly known for. It also manufactures a whole list of other products as well.


We believe Pioneer has a mind-blowing vision, for which they put all their heart and soul into their products. They are famous, efficient and what not! Their 6×9 speakers are a total buy and have been selling like hot cakes. They have the best features and excellent quality materials are used to manufacture these speakers.  If you are someone who does not want to compromise on sound quality, and also does not want to spend too much money on your listening experience, these trusted speakers will be your perfect choice!

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford and their gang have focused and aimed mainly at audio fanatics. As they say, their products are ‘built by Fanatics, for Fanatics’. Their products have been highly acknowledged and cherished by audiophiles who eat, drink and love music. They have pulled the most sensitive string of an audiophile, ‘power range’. The power range that they encourage is highly enhanced and larger in itself. Moreover, they have implemented the most state-of-the-art technology in the audio world.

Rockford has a huge fan following, and their fans have reportedly got everything they were looking for, within the products of Rockford. Be it audio innovation, design, engineering, or passion, Rockford has made its mark in all areas respectively. They have rightly termed as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘leaders’ by their fans and supporters. Their aim is not just to sell and make money with what they produce, their aim is to really provide music or car audio equipment, embellished with what a fanatic might be craving for in their listening experience. This is why they have a fanatical following, because they deliver the best, to the people hungry for the best!

Let us have a look at the history/origin of this brand to get a better insight;


The history of this brand is pretty fascinating and inspiring. It all began when Jim Fosgate, the person after whom this company is named (stating the obvious), made a startling discovery. In 1973, while working in his garage, located in Arizona, USA, Mr. Fosgate reached this awe-inspiring realization that the audio properties of actual music and human ear are pretty different from one another in a lot of ways. He realized that the ‘sonic curve’ was not similar which led to making low frequencies sounding different at low volumes, as compared to actual music.

Well, this theory was enough to ring a bell in the minds of Mr. Fosgate. He went on to solve this problem by inventing a frequency energizer. This frequency energizer was later known as the Punch EQ. The punch EQ, adds a Bass Boost up to 18 dB at 45 Hz and also a Treble Boost hinge filter active from 1 kHz to 20k kHz with up to 12 dB at 20 kHz. This aided in better sound reproduction for the human ear.

Jim Fosgate founded this brand with nothing but an immense and undying passion for music and delivery. His entire career is something we can totally look up towards. He also won an Emmy award for his ingenuity in developing surround sound technology which was not any less of an achievement for him and his team at the Rockford.

So, to sum it up, this was how this world famous brand kick-started their way into the industry. Let us now have a look at the product line of this brand;


They specialize in the manufacturing of the following products;

  • Amps
  • Subwoofers
  • Car speakers
  • Processors
  • Source units

All of these products are designed and engineered at Tempe, AZ, USA. They are distributed internationally!


Rockford Fosgate has always targeted Audio fanatics, more than regular music lovers. And we may say this fact has added to their quality in performance and added more confidence in their products. The people at Rockford Fosgate know what they are doing, and they are doing it in the best way they can. This is what inspires us the most. Rockford Fosgate 6×9 speakers have received all the love and support from their fans internationally, and fans state that they have never loved any speakers quite like they love Rockford’s 6×9 speakers! If you want to replace your old factory speakers or build a new music system in your car, Rockford’s 6×9 speakers will be the best choice for you! Get ready to revolutionize your listening experience in your car with the audio equipment from this amazing brand!

Final Words About Best Speaker Brands for Cars

So I have given details and history of Best Speaker Brands for Cars. Top brands always focus on quality, whenever you plan to buy car speakers, you should go for the brand review. Hopefully, this article will help my readers to find Best Speaker Brands for Cars.

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