Best Website for Car Stereo System

Best Website for Car Stereo System

Today I am going to talk about a blog that I visited recently. While looking for a few references for one of my articles, I reached

Now, this is not often that I write reviews about any website, in fact, it is the first time. I was amazed to see that the writers have answered almost all questions that are commonly asked related to car stereo system and related accessories.

There are five categories on this Stereo Authority website and these are:

  • Car Subwoofers
  • Car Speakers
  • Car Amplifiers
  • Kits and Accessories, this is dedicated for car stereo system and related equipment.
  • Buying Guide.

This is not all, recently Stereo Authority guys added home audio category that is just going crazy. I have seen visitors reviews and they are just awesome. is an Amazon Affiliate website that is focusing on answering questions related to Car Stereo Equipments Niche. I am surprised to see that the owner has posted more than a hundred articles and I am observing that many articles are being posted on a weekly basis.

I read in one of their articles that if any one of us have any question related to car audio, they will post a detailed article on that question. Just to give it a try, I asked Stereo Authority guys about subwoofer sizes chart and O, Boy, Within a week that article was live and now it is ranking at position 1 at Google SERPs.

I love to play my favorite tracks while I am driving and I have a Double Din Stereo in my car. While I was writing this review, I decided to buy a new aftermarket stereo for my car, and guess what? I just bought it from

I bought an Apple Carplay Stereo for my 87 Sedan and it works magic with 6×9 speakers. There is no need to add additional subwoofers with these amazing speakers and you will enjoy neat music with this audio system.

For me, this is an amazing blog with tons of knowledge about car radio and accessories. In fact, while writing this article, I came across another article about this website and they described this blog as, “Stereo Authority is among the top websites for Car Stereos and accessories, You can it is an encyclopedia for Car Entertainment system”

I am shocked to see why Stereo Authority website is not using Google Adsense, with tons of traffic, the owner can earn hundreds and thousands of $.

Let s leave it to the owner, I guess, affiliate marketing has a lot of potentials if targeted properly and this website is a perfect example.

Give this website a visit and you will be impressed by their writing skills. Their writers work in collaboration with technicians and this is the best part of it.

Tips for Selecting the Best Car Stereo

Now, that I have bought my dream stereo, let me explain a few things that will help you select the best car stereo.

Single Din or Double Din

This is the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone thinks about a car stereo. I always recommend to go with a Double Din Stereo, it helps me to reverse my car without a headache. My kids love to watch videos and it also helps in GPS navigation.

A Single Din Stereo is smaller in size as compared to the Double Din and does not feature the video screen.

Android Auto or Apple Carplay

Now that you have decided to go with a Double Din Stereo, next thing is to decide the operating software for the car stereo. I have used both of these and my suggestion is to go with the Android Car Stereo unless you have an iPhone.

Touch Screen Stereo

This is a new feature that is gaining popularity among teens. Why press the old styled button when you have simply touch and play. My kids love these features, much better and user-friendly.

Wi-Fi -Enabled

Now, this is my favorite, thanks to technology, we can connect the car stereo with the internet and you can even watch YouTube videos while you travel. New versions of Double Din Stereo features high-speed internet connectivity that is just awesome.

Check Compatibility

This is important before you finally decide to buy a car stereo of your choice, access the reviews and read the instruction manual that explains whether it is compatible with your car or not. At, you can find many detailed articles on the car stereo and related accessories.


Speakers are an essential part of any car stereo system. Without good sized speakers, you will never enjoy quality music. I prefer 6×9 car speakers, however many of my fellows are using 6.5-inch car speakers. It depends on your personal choice and availability of space in your vehicle.


This is optional, not all buy car subwoofers, if you are buying 6×9 speakers, you may not need subwoofers. However, if you are a music lover who wants to hit the beat, then buying a decent sized subwoofer is a good decision. You can select from a variety of different sizes ranging from 8 inches to 15-inch car subwoofers. If you have a small or medium sized car, never buy a big sized subwoofer.

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