Car Speaker Sizes- Ultimate Speaker Sizes Guide 2019

Car speaker sizes

So, you want the best speakers for your car and are in search of different car speaker sizes.

welcome! You are reading the right article. Here I will explain about all different best sizes for car speakers that you can fit in your car and enjoy your car riding a lot.

I am writing this article to tell my readers about the best and accurate things that relates to car speaker sizes so that you can fit them in your car and release you whole day stress because sometimes after the hectic daily routine you want something that will refresh you and your speakers are there to entertain you but if they have to be equipped with quality sound. It is very necessary to know about Car speaker sizes and their features so that you may get the right one for your car.

In this busy world, sometimes there is no one getting ready to go with you for a ride because everybody has some plans you know, so speakers are the best thing by which you can enjoy yourself in a long journey or a long ride in free time because, without speakers, the car is incomplete.

Firstly my car has company fitted speakers that were of no quality so I started reading about car speakers and their sizes and bought one  that were fitting best in my car, Now, whenever I am going to a long drive and no one is with me, I enjoy myself a lot by tuning the speakers  to high volume and also I decided to write something worthy for you people so that you can  also choose the best speaker that fits to your car easily without any problem.

What is meant by car speaker sizes?

Car speaker sizes involve measurement of the diameter of a car speaker along with some other things also like mounting planes etc that I  will explain to you later in this article. Although in the market, there are a lot of different sizes of speakers available and is not an easy task to choose one. I will clear you about all different available sizes so that you may get enough understanding to select one from them. Read here about Best Speaker Brands for Cars.

This chart will help you understand Car Speaker Sizes.  This Speaker Sizes Guide will explain all major types of car speaker sizes along with their features.

Speaker SizesSound Quality

BassPower consumptionSuitable for cars
6x9 car speakers

HighHigh bassTill 150 watt maxCan be fitted in every car
6.5 inch car speakers

HighLow quality bass

300 wattAlready fitted in some car by company

5.25 inch car speakers

HighHigh quality bass

200 watt max

Every other car

4x6 car speakersHighLow quality bass240 watt maxBigger in size, needs more space, installed to some cars only

5x7 car speakersHighGood quality600 wattBigger in size, limited to few cars only
6x8 car speakers

HighHigh quality bass350 watt maxBMW, Mazda, Fort, Chrysler
Size 5 inch car speakersHighSolid quality bassHigh or low bothOnly for Japanese cars

Speaker sizes guide

For choosing a set of speakers for your car, the first thing you want to check is the size of the speakers. You must know about their sizes so that you may choose the one that fits best to your car. It depends upon the opening of the old speaker you are removing and you have to fit the new one which is of exactly the same size as the previous fitted one because it helps you to tell that it is the exact size of speaker that you want for your car.

If you have a factory fitted stereo with low quality then definitely, you will want to change it. Factory fitted speakers have high efficiency and are cheaper than low-efficiency speakers. Speakers with low efficiency are high end and need more power and push and they sound great but sometimes you need an amplifier with them.

So, let me explain to you all the available Car speaker sizes. Here we go;

6×9 car speakers

First speakers that I will discuss in this Car speaker sizes guide is 6×9 Speakers. This is the best car speakers that fit every other car and they do not need the amplifier or subwoofer to give a quality sound and a high bass as other car speakers require. I personally use this pair of speaker in my car.It gives a very soothing sound.

These speakers are a little bit expensive but you don’t need to get worried about it because now these speakers are also available in different suitable prices and once you invest on these speakers, they will definitely prove best for you because if their high quality.

The 6×9 speaker provides the s best loud and clear voice beside this it can also provide lower sounds. Read here about 6×9 Buyers Guide.

For example, different names of 6×9 car speakers are:

6.5 car speakers

These speakers have the most versatile sounds available in it and perform best from but on the same side, it is compromised with bass. This size of the speaker, 6.5 is also fit for most of the car models. We usually turn up the volume of the sounds we like but in the factory fitted speakers, the sound starts getting distorted when the volume is high so we definitely want to change that speaker so that’s sound may nor tear and we can enjoy our journey. So, 6.5 car speakers are also a good choice to replace your company fitted car speakers.

For example names of top ten 6.5 speakers are; Pioneer TS-A1686R, Rockford Fosgate R165X3, Kicker 40CS654, JBL GTO609C, Pyle PL63BL, Rochford Fosgate R165X3, Polk Audio DB6501, Jeep Wrangler JK Kicker speaker, Polk Audio AA2652-AMM651UM, Pioneer TS-A1676R.

5.25 car speakers

These speakers are usually of small size and mostly found in the back doors of the cars. Because of their small size, 5.25 car speakers can be installed in any car irrespective of the spacing problems. So these size car speakers are suitable for all cars and this is the reason you can select these speakers as the best choice.

5.25 car speakers are sometimes already fitted in the cars by the company but as you know that factory fitted things are not always of a good quality and durability that you are demanding. It has a good quality sound and a wonderful quality bass also.

For example, different types of 5.25-inch car speakers are Rockford Fosgate R1525X2, BOSS Audio P55.4C Review, Pyle PL53BL, PioneerTSG1345R and Polk Audio DB522.

4×6 car speakers

All you need is a good pair of speakers that will return your money by its marvelous qualities and durability .4×6 car speakers is also a good choice but let me tell you one thing that it woofer’s cone size limits the bass but you can also find a good bass 4×6 car speaker for you. So, the choice is completely yours.

You can also add subwoofers to these speakers so that they control the frequency ranges for you or you can add a separate amplifier to it so that the sound performance of the speaker can be improved. Always remember to match the RMS and impedance of 4×6 car speakers with all its connection sharing equipment.

For example, BOSS Audio CH4630,Pyle PL463BL,JBL Club 6420,Kicker KSC604 KS460,Polk Audio DB461P,Infinity REF-542cfx,Pioneer TS-A4676R,Rockford Fosgate Punch P462.

5×7 car speakers

These car speakers are bigger and consume more power. They are limited to fit in just some of the car models only but they are very easy to install. These speakers give high-quality music with distort. If this size is compatible with your car, than you can buy these pair of speakers.

For example Focal 570AC, Alpine SPS-517, JL Audio C5-570X, Polk Audio MM572, Infinity Kappa 682.11CF, Rockford Fosgate Power T1572.

6×8 car speakers

These 6×8 car speakers are mostly fitted at the front car’s door. They can perform high quality sounds and have incredible performance. Along with the clarity of high quality sound it also gives high quality bass. If you are a bass lover that definitely you should purchase these pair of speakers. Also, these speakers are available is reasonable prices.6×8 car speakers are also available in different shapes, sizes and mostly found in cars like BMW, Mazda, Fort, Chrysler. So, these are also a good choice. Refer to car speaker sizes chart for details.

For example, Kenwood KFC-C6895PS, Rockford Fosgate P1683, Pioneer TS-A6886R, Rockford R168X2, KICKER DS68, New Rockford Fosgate P1683, Pioneer TSD6802R, CERWIN VEGA V468, Kicker 40CS684, Pyle PL683BL, Kenwood KFC-C6865S.

 Size 5 inch Car speakers

These sizes of speakers are usually available for mid to high range. They can also produce high quality music. These are the excellent speakers that have a solid quality bass. They do not need any woofers or tweeters. Its mounting hardware is light weight and these speakers are limited to Japanese cars only so if you have a Japanese car than you can buy this pair of speakers for your car.

Car speakers fit guide

I have explained the sizes of car speakers above, so you must know that which size suits or fits best to your car so that they properly adjust forever and you can enjoy car riding  a lot and relax after the hectic day routine because factory fitted speakers do not give you a quality sound and proper quality material is not used in their manufacturing so you must know about the sizes and fit guide about car speakers so that you can select one and adjust it properly to your car  and may never get frustrated because of the bad ones.

Checking out the manual

The easiest way to know that which car speakers would fit best to your car is to read the manual. Hopefully, every car came with its manual but if not than you can search out for manuals online from the manufacturer’s website. There you will e given some information that will help you to choose a right pair of speakers that fits to your car.

 Take measuring yourself

Here’s the best and important thing for you to notice that in order to find out the speaker that fits to your car measure the length, width and depth of the already placed factory fitted speakers by the help of a measuring tape because they can give to the accurate fitting measurement although they are not of a good quality but the can give you exact measurements because factory knows the exact available space for their fitted speakers and can give you an accurate measuring. You can measure it by the help of measuring tape of any other instrument or tool you like to measure with. Car Speaker Sizes guide will help you select the best suited car speaker for your car.

Beside this, you can also compare the size of the factory adjusted speaker with other ones you want to buy for your car.

Measure the mounting brackets

The measurement of mounting brackets is more accurate than any other measurement and it can give you the exact and proper dimensions so that you can replace your car speakers with a new one. If you are an expert or having a practice of replacing speakers often than you can easily measure the mounting brackets but if you are not an expert than you do not need to be worried because this is not a difficult task.

So, here I will tell you about the proper measurement of your replacement speaker so that you may get more confident that you are fitting the right size. It is an important thing to notice that the adjusting area is equal to the whole cut out diameter of the speaker. Firstly, get the outside diameter and then inside cut out diameter. You need accurate measurements that allow the speaker to fit properly forever without any problem.

Use online guiding tools

Everything is getting smarter in this world day by day and new technologies and advancement is progressing and making the things more and easier. So, there are different tools that are available online and they can help you to tell and guide that which speaker will get accurately fit in the stock brackets of your vehicle.

Actually, there are hundreds of such tools available online you can choose any one of them which is on the top or which one you like.

I hope I have cleared your concept for different car speaker sizes. Goodluck.

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