Dirt Bike Brands Reviews 2018-Best Dirt Bike Brand

In this article, I will talk about Dirt Bike Brands. Now there are multiple companies that are actually dirt bike manufacturer but in this article, I will discuss in detail about Best Dirt Bike Brands. I have researched and selected the list of Best Dirt Bike Brands. We will talk about Top Dirt Bike Manufacturers like Razor Electric Dirt Bikes, Ride Jetson Bikes, and Pulse Performance Dirt Bikes.

Kids Dirt Bikes Reviews 2018.

Best Dirt Bike Brands 2018

What is the best dirt bike brand today? This is the question that the majority of bikers are looking for. Now to answer this question, I have selected top dirt bike brands from the market and here is the list of Best Dirt Bike Brands for the year 2018. After going through (majority) all Dirt Bike Brands, I have come up with my list of Best Dirt Bike Brands.

Dirt Bike BrandsStarted BusinessBest Products
Razor Dirt Bikesyear 2000Dirt Bikes for Kids
Electric Scooters
Pulse Performance Productsyear 2009Freestyle Scooters
Dirt Bikes
Electric Scooters
Jetson Electric Bikes-Dirt Bikes

Razor Dirt Bikes- One of the Best Dirt Bike Brands

This Company “Razor” has always served as one of the greatest inspiration for us. It has made us all believe, that if have ideas in mind and the courage to pursue them in the heart, we can conquer any obstacles that may come our way. This company has worked its way from the launch of the original A model scooter (which sold 5 million copies in the first 6 months, be it the introduction of new products or new categories of rides and action sports.

By now, this company’s history pages smell massively of the blissful inks of success. We are truly moved, and we want to share their journey through the year with our beloved readers. Razor is among the Best Dirt Bike Brands in 2018.

Best Dirt Bike for Trail Ridinig 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes.

What was the motivation behind the startup of Razor?

The scooters back then were old-fashioned and were not at all anything more than ordinary. They were ancient, they were uninspiring. Not only the mechanism, but the structures and the features were enough boring to let even the beloved red wagon throw it shade. So, deciding to break through the ordinary, and to infuse more utility and fun, the gang at Razor decided to modify those scooters. So, finally, the scooters’ moment came to shine, in the year 2000 and became one of the Best Dirt Bike Brands. Whenever someone makes a list of Dirt Bike Brands Names, this compnay always occupy the top position. Read here about Tennis Shoes for Women.

So, with hard work, dedication and a powerful vision in minds, the gang at razor transformed the grandma’s scooter into the hottest thing to hit the sidewalk since concrete: The Razor Model A Scooter; The one that started it all.  One of the Best Dirt Bike Brands today intheh market.

The history; how it all began. How Razor Became one of the Best Dirt Bike Brands?

The company laid it’s foundation in Cerritos, California in the year 2000 by notable figures like Carlton Calvin and JD Corporation. Razor owns a lot of other brands too, including the RipStik, Sole Skate, and Pocket Pros. Hence, it is safe to say, they literally reinvented the wheel. The Model A scooter immediately rose to fame while also selling like hot cakes. They ensured trust to the parents and the children would just not agree let go of it. This scooter became the children’s favorite playmate, and one of the most frequently borrowed things by the ‘big brothers’

This basic design of this first Razor Model A scooter included;

  • An airplane grade aluminum frame
  • 98 mm polyurethane wheels,
  • It acts as a spoon brake that was enabled through a hinged fender over the rear wheel, you would push it down and it would act as a spoon brake
  • These scooters were designed in such a way that it made them lighter and quieter than other previous scooters.

This reminds us to take a deeper look into the recognition and notable works done by this company;

  • The Razor scooters won ‘Toy of the Year’ award in the year 2001.
  • They introduced electric scooters in the year 2003.
  • The category of new electric ride-on was created.
  • They launched the pro-model kick scooters in the year 2005
  • RipStik made its debut with national TV Advertising in the year 2007
  • On Razor’s 10th anniversary in 2010, they had sold over 35 million scooters around the world.
  • In the year 2011, the pro-scooter movement took off.

Where has Razor landed now? It occupies the top position in Dirt Bike Brands.

Not only have they built their reputation in Top Dirt Bike Brands, over the following two decades for innovation and quality, but also reimagined outdoor play for millions of kids – and not to forget, the kids at heart.  We did not stop our journey at just the manual speakers, but also went on to touch electric skateboards, hoverboards, and turbo-powered heel wheels; because at Razor, they believe fun is forever. How to Finance Dirt Bikes?

Helmet Sizing Charts.

Final Words about Razor Dirt Bikes-Best Dirt Bike Brands

This company has made outdoor play much more fun and has provided us with the amazing and relieving opportunity to snap our children out of our mobile phones and iPads, towards a more productive and healthy playtime. The families over the years have loved their product, while never doubting their safety measures. Read here about Types of Motorbikes.

They have managed to grow internationally among Dirt Bike Brands not only because of their hard work but also because they had a vision and they were passionate about it. To sum it up, they loved doing what they did, and made us fall in love with their work as well! These dirt bikes are among the best dirt bike brands in the market now. Read here about Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

Best Dirt Bike for Trail Riding

Also, we cannot ignore the fact that their electric dirt bikes are so far the best (dirt bike brands), and a total must-have. Their quality makes them stand out, with improved technicalities. You will not regret your decision to buy their amazing dirt bikes, as these bikes are what this company looks like, at it’s supreme best!

I have given detailed reviews about Razor MX350 Dirt Bike, Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket, Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Bike, Razor SX500 Dirt Bike here in Best Dirt Bikes for Kids 2018. Go and get the Best Dirt Bike Brand of 2018.

So, what is stopping you now?

Pulse Performance Products: The Best Dirt Bike Brand

Pulse Performance Products are entirely dedicated to enabling the after-school playtime to kids, through their scooters. How cool is that? This company has definitely made its mark in the field of Dirt Bike Brands and is among the Best Dirt Bike Brands. Let us discuss some other interesting facts about PPP.

History and Motivation:

Founded in 2009, Their main motive was to provide a home with a healthy and happy environment, where the kids, instead of remaining indoors and simply being consumed doing nothing that helps them grow in any way, they can indulge their free time in healthy sporty activities that help in their motor and physical development. These outdoor activities are especially great to help a child learn to adapt to his surroundings and function efficiently and effectively.

Their scooters are beautifully designed with chick colors and stylish designs, that help build up your child’s self-confidence as well as make him also feel great on the inside.


 This company specializes in the creation and the distribution of regular and electric scooters, it is safe to say that they provide you with a wide range of different products within these two categories:

Their scooters are available in different colors, specifics, designs and so on. That just makes it really easy for you to find the perfect scooter for your kid. Within both these categories, PPP is especially efficient to enable maximum customer satisfaction by handling a wide range of needs of their customers.

  • They also enable a safe and secure environment by producing replacement parts for the products they produce in case they need to be replaced by the customers. This way, you don’t have to run from one shop to the other repair shop, looking for spare parts and pieces that may fit your scooter. This company becomes your one-stop for the fulfillment of all your needs.

Electric scooters and their notable qualities:

  • Their electric scooters bring just the exact amount of excitement that you need to infuse in your child’s life. Let the child say goodbye to his dull and boring after-school playtime. It is time to step out in the sun, take a deep refreshing breath in the greenery, and to ride your scooter all over the place! We bet it will be so much fun!
  • These electric dirt bikes have got a unique design which makes them look no less than a professional dirt bike.
  • Nobody wants something that bruises like a peach and crumbles like a paper. Isn’t it so? The construction of these bikes is solid and sturdy which helps you feel safe and secure when it comes to making your decision of buying the best scooters for your kids.
  • These electric scooters are well constructed with advanced specifications, giving you a perfect ride through anywhere!

I have given a detailed product review of Pulse EM-100 Dirt Bike.


These scooters not only help you engage your child in better and healthier activities but also ensures their happy present and a bright future. It is safe to say that PPP has acquired a huge name in the field, and they have made our lives more fun, nevertheless. Their regular scooters are amazing, but their electric scooters are sure to make you completely and utterly satisfied. If you want your kids to ride a scooter that is both stylish looking and has maximum utility rate, go for PPP and we are sure you will not regret your decision! These bikes are among the Best Dirt Bike Brands.

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

Ride Jetson Electric Dirt Bikes:

These dirt bikes make your everyday ride a joy ride, that too in an extremely affordable and decent price range. We bet you are thinking how decent price range and ensured quality is a rare combination, but ride jetson has nevertheless made this combination possible. They provide you with bikes fit for every personality and take care of all your preferences and requirements. No more after school boredom! You can polish your mental, physical and motor skills, while also having so much fun. These are among best Dirt Bike Brands and occupies the top place in the list of Best Dirt Bike Brands. In fact, you can say that the list of Dirt Bike Brands is never complete with this company.

This company is known globally for its outstanding quality delivery.

Motivation and Key Features:

Their main motive is to make every ride a joyride. That is why they have enriched their products with stunning designs keeping their customer satisfaction in mind.  Their products are full of features to enable your rides to become cleaner, your life becomes easier, and your days become more fun. Also, let us know about some amazing initiatives taken by Ride Jetson.

These products are Eco-Friendly:

There are no carbon footprints and clean designs that make it easier to change your ride, not the climate.

Sweating Optional Features are included:

You can work according to your personal will by the fact that you can turn up your commute, or turn your workout up – options really get their gears going.

They provide you with Serious Value

These products made by this company are sure to leave you fascinated enough by their uncompromising quality, design, and safety. They, the people at the Ride Jetson offices, call that a triple threat. Which it really is!


Let’s provide you with greater insight into what this company actually sells. There are various categories that have a wide range of products within. These categories at Ride Jetson are;

  • The ‘Bikes’ category includes folding bikes, as well as electric bikes.
  • Electric boards
  • Hoverboards
  • The ‘Scooters’ category includes electric scooters, kick scooters, and kid scooters.

All of these categories, along with containing products or adults also contain bikes and scooters for kids.

Such wide range of products does not stop these guys from growing as a company that wants maximum customer ease. This is why they also provide you with the safe and secure environment by producing replacement parts for the products they produce in case they need to be replaced by the customers. This way, you don’t have to run from one shop to the other repair shop, looking for spare parts and pieces that may fit your scooter. This company becomes your one-stop for the fulfillment of all your needs. So it will be safe to say that these belong to the Best Dirt Bike Brands.

Here you can read the detailed product review of Jetson Electric Bike.


We all know how Brand reputation is a key factor in selecting any product of use, especially of daily/ everyday use. You should always go for the well-reputed brand that must have some good history in manufacturing the product that you are looking for. NO doubt these are among the Best Dirt Bike Brands.

Ride Jetson is well-reputed and trusted by a lot of individuals and families throughout the years.

All of their products are worth spending your money on, but their electric scooters are the best! They come in a wide range of colors and styles, for all age groups, so you can choose your dream scooter. This company can entirely be trusted with their durability. Their electric bikes have got many advanced features and provide a good ride as well.

Go for it if you need a best electric dirt bike for your self or for your kid in an affordable price range. Their electric dirt bikes are recommended massively by a lot of other people, websites, and articles. These dirt bikes have ranked among the best dirt bike brands list. So what is stopping you? Hurry and go check the babies out yourself!

Final Words About Dirt Bike Brands

I have given details about 3 Best Dirt Bike Brands that are involved in the dirt bike industry. I hope after this article you will now be more familiar with how these Dirt Bike Brands got to the point where they are now. It is suggested that all viewers who plan to buy a dirt bike must go through this and only select the top brand that suits their needs.

Best dirt bike brand for beginners

Pulse Performance dirt bikes are the best choice for beginners because of its easy, high quality, comfortable and user-friendly features. First of all the beginners even at age 8 or 8+ can ride pulse performance dirt bikes easily and safely with 120lbs of weight capacity allowed. These dirt bikes are easy to control and give a strong grip over the hand brakes so that it may stop immediately and safely without any jerks that adds to your child’s safety. These dirt bikes also have puncture-proof 10-inch knobby front tires that ensure the riding stability.

What is the Best dirt bike brand?

After reviewing all the major brands of dirt bikes, I came to the conclusion that Razor dirt bike brand is the best among all of them because of its best and outclass features that are user-friendly. These dirt bikes are also best regarding their safety. You can enjoy their off-road riding. Their uniquely made tires have a strong grip over all the hilly areas and other off-road obstacle-filled areas like the forest, desserts barren land etc. These are so much lightweight and speedy that you feel like flying in the air.

These electric dirt bikes give the best riding experience, manufactured with high-quality materials, new technology, and unique designs. Razor dirt bikes have electric motors and batteries and have a good running time that most of the dirt bikes lack. Also, these dirt bikes are completely safe, good pick, easy reach and are highly comfortable. Warranty and affordable price are the things that people want and razor dirt bikes have these.

Most of all, it has a lot of brands for children, adults and also for the elder ones of different sizes and speeds. These are Razor MX400, Razor MX 350, Razor MX650, Razor MX500 and many more. Such a vast variety is not available anywhere except Razor electric dirt bikes.

Good Luck.

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