Hair Clipper Sizes-Detailed Guide on Clipper Guard Size Chart

Hair Clipper Sizes-Detailed Guide on Clipper Guard Size Chart

Here I have given details about Hair Clipper Sizes in mm and along with that, I have added the Clipper Guard Size Chart for the better understanding of Clipper Guards.

If you are looking for maintaining hair at home. Well, if that is the case, you might find a hair clipper very useful because a hair clipper is known as undoubtedly the most appropriate tool for trimming long hair to shorter lengths.

Along with giving your hair a shorter length, a hair clipper can do a lot more! Let us find out how!

What more can it do?

Along with trimming your hair short, a hair clipper can also groom you by giving you different amazing hairstyles of your personal preference. This has been made possible by the provision of different guide combs that come along with a hair clipper. These guide combs are of various sizes and can cut your hair in different lengths. This will aid in giving you different hairstyles of your choice e.g. you can cut your hair a bit while still keeping it a bit longer, or you can completely trim it off and feel more clean and professional. You choose the look, and leave the rest to the trimmer!

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We live in an age where time is money, and you can easily save a lot of time by using a hair clipper as hair clippers are much faster and convenient than scissors can ever be. You can also just stay at home and give yourself the perfect makeover using this hair-grooming tool. You can do it while also enjoying the comfort of your own home! Isn’t that great? Refer to Clipper Guard Size Chart for better understanding. 

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If you date back of the 80s, maybe this product would not attract many, as the men back then thought the highest extent of self-grooming was just a little trim here and a little shave there. But considering the growing awareness among men about how to groom themselves even better, this product is selling like hotcakes!

A hair trimmer can be;

  • Corded
  • Cordless
  • Electric

Most of the hair clippers come with a set of guiding combs and cleaning brushes. Some even come with extra blades of different lengths that can give you different hairstyles, my favorite is number 5 haircut.

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Hair clipper; not just another trimmer;

Since hair clippers and hair trimmers have a lot in common, they are mostly confused by people as the same things. Although, this is hugely incorrect. A hair trimmer and a hair clipper are very different when it comes to their functions and what they can do.

Talking about differences, a hair clipper is used to cut longer hair and comes with different attachments, while a hair trimmer is used frequently for shorter or finer hairs. The purpose of a hair clipper and its design align together and give very short hair to the person using it. A hair clipper prepares the hair for a smoother finish and a final cut. A trimmer works on fine details and shorter hair lengths. Trimmers have an increased ability to cut the hair very close to the skin, as compared to hair clippers, that give you shorter hair lengths but not as short or close-to-the-skin as a hair trimmer.

Now that you know about the difference between a hair clipper and a hair trimmer, let us move on further. We will now discuss different ‘haircut numbers’ and how can they influence your hairstyles. Haircut number is very important and one should be aware of their details in order to use a hair trimmer more efficiently and accurately. These haircut numbers are associated to various clipper guard sizes. Baffled? We know! Just stay tuned to find out what a clipper guard size is and how is it related to various haircut numbers. I have mentioned many clipper guard sizes examples.

Hair Clipper Sizes and Haircut Numbers

Different hair clipper sizes are also termed as different ‘clipper guard’ sizes. Hair clippers come with various clipper guard sizes. These guard sizes determine what amount of hair will be cut, and what hairstyle will be formed as a result. Each guard size comes with a number etched on it. These numbers represent the amount of hair that will be left on one’s head after the grooming session using that specifically numbered guard.

Mostly, the larger the number etched on the clipper guard, the longer the haircut. Most of the hair clippers, provide 8 guards that can give you different hair lengths and different hairstyles.

To make it clearer, let us give you an example. So, if you go to a barber and ask for a ‘number 2’ haircut, it means that the clipper guard with the number ‘2’ etched on it will be attached to the clipper. Now, in order to find out which haircut number can cut how much hair and leave what amount of hair on your head, let us explain further below;

Quick Reference Guide for Hair Clipper Sizes;

Here are the haircut numbers and their respective clipper guard sizes (lengths):

  • Number 1 – one-eighth of an inch
  • Number 2 – one-quarter of an inch
  • Number 3 – three-eighths of an inch
  • Number 4 – one-half of an inch
  • Number 5 – five-eighths of an inch
  • Number 6 – three-quarters of an inch
  • Number 7 – seven-eighths of an inch
  • Number 8 – one inch

Let us discuss these haircut number and their clipper guard sizes further to enable a thorough understanding among our customers.

Size 0 Haircut

There is no guard attached to the hair clipper when you ask for a “Number 0 Haircut”. The permanent guard attached to the hair clipper is used in such cases to give a haircut. This haircut number provides a very short buzz of hair over your head, leaving the scalp almost fully exposed.

Number 1 Haircut

This haircut number leaves the hair slightly longer than the ‘Number 0’ haircut. It is approximately 1/8 of an inch, making it ideal for buzz cuts. Where your scalp can still show quite a bit.

Number 2 Haircut

The “Number 2 Haircut” is neither too short nor too long. This haircut suits both; the people with thin hair or the people with thick hair. No scalp is exposed in this haircut. To cut It short, it is a famous fade haircut, that gives you 1/4 of an inch hair length, allowing for a fuller hairstyle that will suit you perfectly.

Number 3 Haircut

The “Number 3 Haircut” is the longest clipper size used by barbers around the globe if one wants to maintain short faded sides. A ‘burr cut’ can be given be a number 3 haircut, as it gives you a hair length that is approximately 3/8 of an inch.

Number 4 Haircut Length

A “Number 4 Haircut” resembles a buzz cut, only with longer hair on the head, and an enhanced skin fade on the side. It leaves your hair 1/2 inch long, making it the medium length of the clipper guards. This clipper guard size can give you a brush or a crew cut. This haircut number suits well for both thick and thin hair.

Number 5 Haircut

The “Number 5 Haircut” is mostly used by barbers for taper styling. It leaves your hair of the length that is 5/8 of an inch.

Number 6 Haircut

The “Number 6 Haircut” is 3/4 inches long. This size is also used for a modified version of tapering your hair. You can have a cool new look using this haircut number.

Number 7 Haircut

The “Number 7 Haircut” is mostly used with men who have thick hair. It can be utilized to style a crew cut for men, giving you a 7/8 inch long cut. You can use a smaller sized clipper guard to fade your hair on the sides such as a number 2 or a number 4.

Number 8 Haircut Length

Finally, the “Number 8 Haircut” is mostly recognized as a lazy way to trim your hair, while also maintaining faded sides by using shorter numbers of clipper guards. This clipper guard leaves your hair one inch in length on your head and is recognized as the longest clipper size made in the United States.

These are the various Guard sizes and the haircuts associated to them, mentioned in detail. We hope we might have made your job easier and subtracted your frustration.

Hair clipper guard sizes of various Brands-Hair Clipper Sizes

Although all the Clipper guards sizes are standard, they may vary slightly from brand-to-brand. Here I have given detailed information on hair clipper sizes and hair clipper guard sizes.

Before we start discussing the Clipper guards charts that describe in detail various hair clipper guard sizes. Let us first identify some of the most well-known brands that can never be disappointing when it comes to good quality hair clippers. Our favorite brands that make the best quality hair clippers are;

  • Wahl
  • Andis
  • Oster

While other brands have also delivered some very useful products, we cannot deny that these brands have been exceptionally good as well. Click here to read about: Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews

Let us now discuss their clipper guard sizes to help you understand these brand even better!

  • Andis Clipper Guard Size Chart

While these clippers are durable, they also provide a tight and secure fit. You can have a much easier haircut with these little babies. Moreover, they are also compatible when it comes to other hair clipper models. To make it more let us lets pose an example. Andis magnetic guards can also fit well with Oster Fast Feed without much difficulty. Below I have given details in hair clipper attachment size chart. Click here to read details about Andis Hair Clippers.

Here is the Clipper Guard Size Chart for Andis clipper sizes in mm. Hair Clipper Sizes in mm.

Clipper Guard numberSize (inches)

Size (mm)




  • Oster Brand Clipper Guard Size Chart

Buzzcut lengths can be shaped exceptionally well with Oster’s adjustable hair clippers. Click here to read details about Oster Hair Clippers.

Here is a list of clipper guard sizes this brand has to offer below.

Clipper Guard number

Size (inches)

Size (mm)



#101 1/4"32

  • Wahl Clippers Guards Sizes

This is undoubtedly the most famous brand when it comes to hair clippers. We ourselves are the huge fan of its design, durability, and excellence. They also include the #10 and #12 combs. Click here to read details about Wahl Hair Clippers.

Let us discuss their hair clipper guard sizes mm and discuss them further below!

Hair Guard number

Size (inches)

Size (mm)








#101 1/4"32
#121 1/2"


Final Words

These are various charts that describe different clipper guard sizes in detail. We hope the information provided by us might have helped you achieve a perfect haircut using hair clipper, much more easily. We had a lot of fun digging deeper into hair clipper sizes, and we hope you guys felt the same way!

Good Luck- 7Reviews

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