How to Jump a Dirt Bike-Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2018

How to Jump a Dirt Bike

Some people find dirt bike jumping as one of the most ecstatic feelings in the world, while some refer to this feeling as scary and fearful. While we do agree that riding a dirt bike might be thrilling, and the thrill multiplies when one accurately executes the jumps, we also cannot ignore the fact that if you do not jump your dirt bike the accurate way, it can cause bone-breaking consequences.

We might also take some of the space and time to mention that most dirt bike riders suggest that it is the pure intoxication of launching off a jump and flying through the air that keeps them caged and coming back for more! However, learning how to master a dirt bike jump is not for the faint-hearted, you have to be really courageous to pull something off like that.

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How to Jump a Dirt Bike- Lets do this

Well, frankly, there is no clear-cut strategy for that. Just like any other stunt, trick or maneuver, you are given just a bit of instruction and rest you modify and learn on trial-error bases. If you are a beginner who has just started to ride a dirt bike, we will recommend you to the first master driving the dirt bike, and come back once you are completely comfortable with your dirt bike first.

Once you begin to learn how to jump a dirt bike, you have to take it slow and steady. Always remember, hastening the process will get you nowhere. You will have to be patient, while also taking baby steps. One step at a time will take you a long way. You have to take care of your safety first!

few guidelines that can help you find the right ways to master the perfectly executed jumps on a dirt bike;

  • Just one step-up at a time: let’s understand it this way. Imagine your first jump. Is it an enormous leap up from the ground? Well, it would be highly inappropriate if it is. You have to focus on tiny step ups first. A step up will introduce you to bigger jumps, and while executing a step up you will realize as an instinct on how to control yourself and balance the bike while you go for a bigger jump.
  • Slow and Steady will be the key: well, you have to further find small stones and tiny hurdles in your way to execute smaller jumps. This is how you will progress. You have to master one thing at a time, and once you become pro at the first step, only then you move on to perfect your skills at the second step. Slowly increase your speed, as you get the front wheel off and then a few days or tries later, both the wheel off the ground. We suggest for you to practice somewhere privately, so there are no external pressures to perform better or to learn all the skills earlier. You need to have your own time and space to perfect all these skills.
  • Your body-positioning is very important: maintaining the right body posture will give you all the benefits of take-off and land. Identifying the correct position might be the easy task, but we assure you, maintaining the right body position will be crucial and not that easy at all!

Let us describe the actual position you want to be in while you want to take off a jump;

  • You have to stand, and avoid sitting down at all.
  • You have to keep maintaining a firm grip on the bike with the help of your knees
  • Bent your knees and keep them this way.
  • Hold your elbows outward
  • Position your head and shoulders in such a way that they are right above the forks and also over the handlebars

This is the exact instructions you need to follow while riding a dirt bike and pulling off a jump. You should refrain from pulling up the bike as you launch your bike in the air, let the momentum carry you upwards while you have to keep standing!

Avoid sitting down on the bike at any cost as it will increase the chances of you getting kicked off the bike when the slightest of hurdle occurs. Value your safety!

  • Choose a table top: when you finally find yourself trained enough to execute a big jump, you might want to choose a tabletop as our very first hurdle. A tabletop will be a good practicing tool as it will eliminate the risk of landing too short or over-jumping. After you find yourself in the air, maintain your same body position and never let up on the throttle. You have to be careful while training that you master throttle control.
  • Keep going! Once you have had your fist big jump, All you have to do is to keep practicing. You have to try and increase your speed, while also mastering your skills and enhancing the length of your jump. Once you find yourself too comfortable with the table top, you can move on to the real and more technical jumps. However, we recommend you to not be too over-confident and stay safe! Always buy Top Dirt Bike Brands, as they bring good quality and stability.

Important Note: While you may come across a lot of instructions or guides to help you learn how to jump your dirt bike, you should always consider taking a class for it as it is the best and the safest most accurate way to learn. A professional can notice the slightest of error in your strategies or body postures and give you feedback that will be useful for you in every way. Taking a proper professionally coordinated and structured class will help you train easier and worry-free!

These were some of the tips and instructions that one could find of use as they start training themselves to execute high jumps in the air with their dirt bikes. However, here are a few more suggestions that you can take up, in order to learn in a better and harmless way. Always wear safety gear and a helmet is a must. Read more about Dirt Bikes Helmets.

Some more instructions;

  • If your bike tends to go sideways while you are in the air, try to be calm and composed. Do not panic. Just keep your body in line with the front suspension. Also do not forget to accelerate before landing. This trick will surprise you with how it can tackle the situation so well!
  • If you plan to jump off the ridge of a hill, first assure the fact that no other rider is coming from the other side. A lot of accidents occur if the drivers do not foresee another one coming in the opposite direction. These accidents can even lead to death.
  • Landing a dirt-bike is a tricky business. Always maintain your body posture rightly while landing, or else you will be at a great risk of hurting yourself badly through the process of it all!
  • Always be cautious, and never too over-confident. Even when you think you have mattered the art of jumping a dirt-bike, try to stay as careful and awake as possible. Do not go easy on yourself. Read here about Dirt Bike Sizes.
  • Always wear a helmet, for increased protection. Like we have mentioned before, your well-being comes before anything else. A helmet will protect you in so many ways while also increasing your confidence while taking a risky jump!

Most of the people confuse dirt bike with a regular motorcycle. However, that is not the case. Read here about : Types of Motorbikes.

A dirt bike, also called as a ‘trail’ bike, is a smaller version of a motorcycle, that has specialized designing and equipment installed within it for riding on unpaved roads and rough terrains. It has special tires to absorb the shocks, and much more to it, that helps you ride on unpaved roads or rocky terrains with ease and comfort. Read about: 2 Strove vs 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes.

While both dirt bikes and motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles, some of the most prominent differences between both of these means of transportation are listed as follows;

  • You can safely say that the frame of a dirt bike, as compared to that of a motorcycle, is smaller and lighter in weight. A dirt bike is designed this way because its main purpose of mobility and jumping would be totally hindered if it was built to be heavy. While a motorbike is constructed to be stable and sturdy, a dirt bike is manufactured to be lighter and flexible. This is why there is more hard plastic used in the construction of a dirt bike, then metal.
  • The suspension is limited in motorcycles, because they promote cruising on flat surfaces mostly. But that is not the case with a dirt bike. A dirt bike has a greater suspension, with hydraulic and spring shocks incorporated within its design. These factors come in handy while cruising on rough roads and tracks with the help of a dirt bike.
  • Even the tires of a dirt bike are different than the ones on a motorcycle. The ones placed within the design of a motorcycle are slick and wide, and the tires present in the dirt bikes are narrow with nobs and treads. This difference is maintained because of the greater need of traction for the tires of a dirt bike. Meanwhile, a motorcycle does not need to have tires that support greater or enhanced traction. Click here for Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews.
  • The general size of a dirt bike is kept much smaller than that of a street motorcycle. This increases flexibility, while is also more convenient for people who prefer either of the bikes as per their demands and purposes.

These were some of the major differences between a motorcycle and a dirt bike. A dirt bike is one of the coolest things to own, especially when you are an adventure enthusiast. It promotes healthy physical exertion and is a leasing and satisfying activity altogether. However, to operate a dirt bike on rough roads and rocky tracks, one must always know how to jump a dirt bike. It is vital for a safe and happy dirt bike cruising experience. Let us look deeper into the concept to get a better know-how on how to train ourselves to jump a dirt bike in the safest and the most convenient way!

We hope you find these instructions useful. Dirt-bike riding has always been one of the best sports carried out by adventure lovers. Be it kids or professionals, people find riding dirt bikes extremely therapeutic. Once someone asked a professional dirt biker, why do you play such a sport where you have to pull off such high jumps and risk your life, the professional simply replied, ’because even drugs cannot get me this high’. This is what passion sounds like!  But one must never risk their health or protection for anything! We wish you a happy dirt-bike riding experience, and also a great capability for jumping your dirt bike!

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