Best Kojic Acid Soap Reviews 2020

So we will be talking about Best Kojic Acid Soap for Skin in 2020.

Whenever someone makes a list of skin Best Kojic Acid Soaplightening products, best kojic acid soap will always come at the top of any such list. Absolutely not surprising, why? Because it is the ideal solution to provide better and lighter colors to your skin, making it glow and your skin becomes lighter with every wash with best kojic acid soap.

Kojic Acid Soap Results will always amaze you. This article gives detailed information on Kojic Acid Soap Reviews and we have listed best kojic acid soap in stores for the year 2019.

Kojic acid enhances skin tone and you notice a healthy skin and glowing skin.

 Kojic acid soap is made from kojic acid which is all natural content that is taken after fermentation is done on rice. So originally it is a by-product resulting from rice fermentation. Kojic acid is ideal for glowing your skin naturally and giving you healthier and whiter skin. This works magic with skin color and it is being used by millions around the globe on daily basis and they are enjoying best and healthy facial skin. You can trust on Kojic Soap for improving your skin condition and bringing back life to your skin. Read here about Kojic Acid Creams.

Summary of Best Kojic Acid Acid Soap:

What is Kojic Acid?


This is the first question that deserves to be explicitly answered. Any person using this product, or making decisions if she should or should not go for it, must know what is kojic acid soap. The more knowledge one has about the product, the easier it becomes for that person to choose or reject it. So explaining the origin and giving out the necessary information about kojic acid, we might state thatKojic acid comes as a by-product after the fermentation of Japanese rice. To be more specific, kojic acid can be made from multiple fungi species, even mushrooms and this term kojic is derived from word KOJI that is known to be the ‘Japanese’ name for this product.

Kojic acid comes from many types of fungus that comes from the fermentation of sake wine.

Now the question is How does kojic acid soap works?

Everyone knows about the function of kojic acid soap. Best Kojic acid soap is being used for skin conditions for decades now. Kojic acid gives you naturally white skin with better-looking skin tone.

Here is the answer. Kojic acid works on skin color by blocking tyrosine conversion to melanin, as a result, melanin production will decrease, thus giving you a natural shine in your skin color. Since kojic acid soap blocks melanin production, it results in progressive improvements in skin tone as kojic acid soap is used on regular basis.

Here is the list of Best Kojic Acid Products in the market for 2018.

MARIE FRANCE KOJIC Acid Soap•Skin whitening
Ideal for all
skin types
•Removing age spots
•Skin whitening
•Removing black & white heads
Ideal for all
skin types
KOJIE SAN SOAP•Acne and red marks
•Removing age spots and wrinkles
•Skin whitening
Oily skin
KOJI WHITE SOAP (PAPAYA SOAP)•Acne and red marks
•Removing age spots and wrinkles
•Skin whitening
•Nourishes and hydrates skin
Ideal for all
skin types
Kojic Acid Soap Bar By Vi-tae•Skin whitening
•Nourishes and smoothens skin
Oily skin
•Skin brightening, including dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes
Can go with all skin types

Kojic Acid Soap Miracle Revealed-Kojic Acid Soap Results

Kojic acid soap inhibits biochemical processes and thus also stops enzymes that are directly responsible for melanin production.

(melanin- the main cause of skin darkening).

Now here comes the role of kojic acid soap, as mentioned above kojic acid will always decrease the amount of melanin being produced in the body. you can say that skin color is directly proportional to the amount of melanin present in the body.

Once melanin production decreases or stops, your skin color will start to improve and with every passing day, you will notice healthier and smoother skin with a lighter color. This may take you from weeks to months but always remember consistency is key to success. So Kojic Acid Soap will decrease the level of melanin that will directly result in enhancement of your skin color. You can always trust this Skin Lightening Soap as top quality when it comes to skin whitening and lightening. Kojic Acid Soap Results is what people are now talking.

In addition to skin whitening, kojic acid Soap stops AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) which are deposited in the older skin. So you will not have brighter and healthier skin but kojic acid soap will also help you get rid of old dead skin cells. With every passing day and with daily face wash, you will be happy to see results within a couple of days.

Kojic acid soap also prevents ROS(Reactive Oxygen Species) production. ROS directly results in wrinkles formation. This is one of the best features that any soap can offer. You just have to use that soap and then just forget about the appearance of premature wrinkles or early signs of aging.

Kojic acid soap is not just for skin whitening, it is recognized as anti-oxidant and also works as the antibacterial agent. Recommended by many dermatologists around the globe for treatment of acne. So you will not only have bright and glowing skin but now you will not have to worry about acne again. This is the reason it is also known as miracle soap.

Thus one can safely say that kojic acid is best for skin for several reasons that are beneficial for your skin. Read her about Kojic Acid Creams.

How to Use Kojic Acid Soap?

Kojic acid soap can be used by multiple methods but we recommend you, using it during the shower for a slow and steady glow on your skin. It always takes time before kojic acid starts showing its results on your skin. You have to be consistent in using kojic acid soap in order to get good results. Slow and steady is the key to success here.

This skin lightening soap can take around  2-3 weeks to show decent results. The results will be satisfactory but do not expect miraculous results in a shorter span.  With every passing day of using kojic acid, you will be amazed at beautiful results.

Kojic Acid Soap can be safely used on the other darker body parts like the dark elbows, hips, bikini line area, inner thighs etc which are darker too. This is ideal and recommended for whole body whitening  Application should be as per the directions on the packaging and never try to overuse it. In fact, Kojic Acid Soap is also known as bikini area soap. It works amazingly good in the bikini area and it is being used by women for improving skin tone for upper and lower body.

Recommended for daily use for few minutes and it can give satisfactory results when combined with other skin lightening products like glutathione or papaya extract. This combination of natural ingredients makes Kojic Acid Soap perfect choice for improving skin color.

While using best kojic acid soap, use it all over your body for three to four minutes daily, with progressive increase of time span of usage. Use of moisture is best after using kojic acid soap, it can cause allergic skin reactions in few individuals so always start slow. If it suits your skin you will be happy with results.

Regular use of kojic acid soap is highly recommended for long-term results and to prevent dark spots.

Recommendations for best kojic acid soap use on the face

Whenever using kojic acid soap, always start with a minimum duration of usage. In case of use on face, you have to be more careful about reactions. Start using it once daily and wet your face before applying soap. Never apply directly on dry skin. Initially just using it for just a few seconds and observe for results.

After a few days when you feel that there is no reaction than you can leave kojic acid soap on your skin as normal soaps. Kojic Acid Soap should always be used only on the wet skin. How to use Kojic Acid Soap?, I hope, I have answered all questions related to this. 

Results of Kojic Acid Before and After-Kojic Acid Soap Results

Now, this part of the article is extremely important for my readers. People are looking to have smooth and better skin often look for magical results and I also do believe in the magic of kojic acid. However, you must know that you can always have good results immediately but I can safely say that if kojic acid soap suits your skin you should be getting good results within a few weeks.

Now the question is what results can you expect from kojic acid soap before and after use, we all know that kojic acid soap helps to enhance skin color and also helps to reduce dark spots in people with increased melanin production. Kojic acid soap works extremely well in bikini areas and is always the first choice for females who have skin issues at bikini area.

Also, kojic soap helps to remove dark spots underarms and at thighs. I have seen blogs filled with reviews of females who are satisfied with the use of kojic acid soap and they are extremely happy with the results of this magic soap kojic acid.

Users who have been using kojic acid soap for skin whitening have uploaded their kojic acid soap before-and-after images online showing their mind-blowing results.

Kojic acid soap gives the desired effect in only a few weeks of continuous use. Your skin might also peel during the duration and it is very important to minimize your skin’s contact with direct heat, pollution, and harmful chemicals. Astringent, lemon juice and other acids should not be used on the skin with kojic acid. It is advised that you don’t wash your face very often as it may irritate the new skin the skin you acquired after exfoliating and growing of new cells). You should remember, your new skin is sensitive compared to your original older skin. Avoid other irritants that may cause undesirable effects on your skin.

For copyright reasons, we cannot upload them here. But because we want our readers to have full awareness about our topic of review, we have decided to provide you a search keyword for quick access to a wonderful selection of such photos online. Here’s your Kojic acid soap before and keyword, you just have to type ‘kojic acid before and after photos’ and you will be able to see the result in the ‘images’ section of google results for your search.
That’s the best we could do for the time being!

The interesting part is that the results of papaya kojic acid soap before and after is much more impressive. Data shows that when few other skin whitening ingredients are added to kojic soap, skin enhancement is boosted that will more effectively help to improve skin color and tone. Kojic acid and papaya soap combination is one such example. I will always recommend all readers to must have skin sensitivity test before you plan to use kojic soap on the regular basis.

How to select Best Kojic Acid Soap for Money 2019

Now the question is how to select best kojic acid soap for your skin. We recommend that you should read Buyers Guide before buying any product. We have already discussed the benefits of kojic acid and how to use it properly on skin without the risk of getting a reaction. Here in this article, we will discuss Kojic Acid Soap Reviews for 2019.

There are a few factors which must be considered at the time of buying kojic acid soap. First and most important is the presence of kojic acid in that particular brand. Kojic acid must be in its purest form and date of manufacturing is important as kojic acid once in open starts oxidizing.

Always check for kojic acid composition in soaps. Because of this reason, many companies have started using kojic dipalmitate that is a rather stable form of kojic acid and that is being displayed instead of kojic acid. That doesn’t give impressing results. So you must check the exact composition of the product before buying.

The second most important point that must be considered when buying kojic acid soap is the presence of glycerin and coconut oil. They play an important role in helping kojic acid to give your skin a new look. How? Coconut oil helps kojic acid in improving skin tone and glycerin helps in better absorption of kojic acid.

Now many products are coming in combination with glutathione and vitamins which is also helpful for boosting skin tone and improving dark spots. But always go for quality and read product reviews before buying. A friendly advice is to perform a sensitivity test before using kojic acid and always start slow.

We have reviewed below, best kojic acid soap products available in the market for improving skin conditions. Below is the list of Kojic Acid Soap Review and we have listed best kojic acid soap in stores for the year 2018.

Best Kojic Acid Soap Reviews 2019

Here is the list for Best Kojic Acid Soap for 2018.

MARIE FRANCE KOJIC Acid Soap•Skin whitening
Ideal for all
skin types
•Removing age spots
•Skin whitening
•Removing black & white heads
Ideal for all
skin types
KOJIE SAN SOAP•Acne and red marks
•Removing age spots and wrinkles
•Skin whitening
Oily skin
KOJI WHITE SOAP (PAPAYA SOAP)•Acne and red marks
•Removing age spots and wrinkles
•Skin whitening
•Nourishes and hydrates skin
Ideal for all
skin types
Kojic Acid Soap Bar By Vi-tae•Skin whitening
•Nourishes and smoothens skin
Oily skin
•Skin brightening, including dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes
Can go with all skin types

1.Marie France Kojic Soap– Best Kojic Soap

So here is first kojic acid soap on our list. There are many reasons for this product (Marie France Kojic Soap) to be number one on our list for Best Kojic Acid Soap Reviews 2018. It comes with the best possible quality thus making sure that you can get best results with minimum or no skin reactions.

Marie France Kojic acid Soap functions by lightning and making your skin smooth at the same time.

The best combination for improving skin tone and providing relief to the damaged skin.

Marie France Kojic Acid Soap also provides the cure for many skin diseases like acne, scars and prevents. Melasma is another condition which can be dealt easily with this kojic acid soap. So not only you will have brighter skin but without any stress of any other skin condition, as it will also help to improve skin conditions if any.

Marie France Kojic Soap is ideal for dark skin tone in areas like inner thighs, underarms elbows etc.

Marie France Kojic Soap comes with a pure form of kojic acid that is not readily available in other products. The kojic acid soap will boost your skin condition by exfoliating dead skin thus giving your healthier and brighter skin with every passing day. Not only you will have lighter and whiter looking skin but you will feel smoother skin tone at the same time.

Why is Marie France Kojic Soap better than other kojic acid products in the market?

Marie France Kojic Soap is made with the highly pure form of kojic acid. It is made in small batches so as to maximize kojic acid potency as the kojic acid can lose its power as it starts oxidizing in open. But when soap is made with fresh kojic acid it will surely give beneficial results as per expectations. As a result, it received good remarks from users at online stores like Amazon.

Indications for use

It can be used for following purposes :

  • Skin whitening,
  • hyperpigmentation,
  • acne,
  • scars.


  • Glycerin of vegetable origin
  • Extract of Kojic Acid
  • Papaya Extract (Papain)
  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe Vera.

Vitamin E has a vital role in improving skin. It helps in many skin disorders like early aging signs in skin and sunburns.

This unique combination of the kojic acid with other natural ingredients make this soap ideal for people who want a dramatic change in skin tone and texture.


  • Ideal for skin whitening
  • Works as anti-oxidant and antibacterial agent
  • Works for darker areas like inner thighs etc


  • Always watch for  skin reactions

Directions to use Kojic Acid Soap :
Start using Marie France Kojic acid Soap on wet skin and use it slowly at the start. Make proper lather before applying to skin.  Always check for skin irritation, redness or any form of skin reactions. If no reactions for a couple of days start using it for a longer duration but no more than for 3-4 minutes.

Avoid getting kojic acid soap into eyes, nose or mouth. It is only made for external skin use. Do not rub it hard on skin. Use once daily and after using wash your body thoroughly. After the initial first week, you can be on safe side for reactions. Don’t forget to use moisture on daily basis after using kojic acid soap. Avoid direct sun exposure after its use. Click here to buy from Amazon.


Marie France Kojic Soap is at the top of our list for best kojic acid soap reviews 2018.

There are many reasons and few of them are mentioned above, for this soap to be at the top in our best kojic acid soap reviews 2018.
Highly recommended for improving skin tone and decreasing skin associated conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation etc. Means no more worry about different skin conditions that previously haunted you. Thus not only providing fresher and healthier looking skin but at the same time, it gives a natural glow to skin tone. Always start slow and watch for any skin reactions if any.

2. Shouvy Kojic Acid & Glutathione Soap– Best Kojic Acid Soap

One of the best kojic acid soap products in the market that comes in combination. This soap is a genuine mixture of two gifts of nature that is kojic acid and Glutathione.

A unique product that is ideal for someone who is looking to get smoother and healthier skin. This product makes to the list of best kojic acid soaps because of its quality ingredients and response from users from different circles of life.


It is blessed with best natural ingredients that one can think of.

  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • palm kernel oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Kojic acid,
  • Glutathione
  • Vit B3.

Pure naturally made soap from all organic sources.

Now when this ideal combination of nature is applied to the skin, it will bring amazing results.

It is the best cocktail which contains all essential elements required by your skin to get its life back and you will be amazed to see lighter skin tone with healthier looking skin.

Results will amaze you once you start using best kojic acid soap, but our suggestion is to start slow and once you are done with any skin reaction issues, you can use it on daily basis.  Most effective and powerful skin whitening soaps available in the market.

It gives deep cleansing to your skin and takes away any dark spots or discoloration. It is ideal for skin damage or discoloration that occurs because of sunbath. So now get better-looking skin even after the sunburn. With every passing day, you will feel results that will amaze you.

Coconut oil plays an important role in improving your skin tone. It helps in removing white and blackheads, help to get rid of age-related skin spots and gives you younger and brighter looking skin.

 It is recommended for all skin types, owing to all natural ingredients that result in boosting your self-confidence by giving your better looking healthier skin. This is the reason for this to be on the list of Best Kojic Acid Soap Reviews 2019.

Continuous use on daily basis will provide best results but one must always start slow and watch for skin reactions if any. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Although it is purely natural but still look for any rash or visible signs on first use. If there are no signs of the allergic reaction than go ahead and start using kojic acid daily and without any fear of reaction.


  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Contain all natural substances
  • Provides protection again black and whiteheads
  • Best suited for skin discoloration due to sunburn


  • Always start slow and look for skin reactions if any.

Highly recommended for skin whitening and dark spots. It is also ideal for dark parts of the body like inner thighs, underarms etc. The process of using kojic acid at other body parts is same as using on face. Always read instructions included before using kojic acid soap. It can irritate your skin if used too much. So start slow with the progressive increase in daily use of kojic acid from few seconds to few minutes. It helps in acne spots elimination and improves skin color once you start using it on regular basis. This product is prominent in our list of Best Kojic Acid Soap Reviews 2018 and highly appreciated by buyers.

3.Kojie San Soap (Skin Lightening Soap)

Original kojic acid soap, Kojie San soap is nature’s best gift we can have. It is made by ingredients that are perfect for improving skin condition. It is made of kojic acid mixed with coconut oil and with added fragrance of orange. You will feel like you are filled with lemon atmosphere while using this soap. One of the best combination of kojic acid soaps available in the market.

How is Kojic Acid Made? Kojic acid is made from processed rice that used in Japanese wines. One of the miracles of natures that is genuinely perfect for human skin. All these natural ingredients are combined with the latest technology to give you best soap in the market.

How to use Kojic Acid Soap

Before using kojic acid soap on regular basis, always perform sensitivity test. Apply soap to any specific area and wait for 30 seconds to one minute and observe for any signs of rash, inflammation or redness. If there is any form of skin irritation stop this product immediately.

If you have zero skin reaction like the majority of users than you can continue with kojic acid soap on regular basis. It can be used for darker inner body parts like thighs or underarms and it performs well everywhere. Always make lather before using and start slow with the progressive increase in daily use.

Start once daily than slowly to twice daily use. It can be safely used for whole body wash. It can cause dryness to few skin types so using a moisturizing product after using kojic acid soap can be beneficial.

Kojie San Soap Results– With daily use of kojic acid soap, you will see results within days from first use. You will notice fading away of dead skin and emergence of evenly toned healthier and brighter skin. Since it contains coconut oil which helps in absorption of kojic acid, so results will be quicker than ever. It heals signs of sunburn, acne, and red marks. It is best for freckles and signs of the premature appearance of wrinkles because of added glycerin. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Kojic acid- in its purest form
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Orange Fragrance
  • Glycerin
  • Vit C


  • Slowly whiten & soften skin.
  • Heals acne, red marks, scars and dark spots.
  • Ideal for use on face and body.
  • Improves age spots, ance and early signs of wrinkles.


  • Few Individuals can be sensitive to kojic acid soap. Always perform sensitivity test.
So here I, conclude Kojie San Soap Reviews and let me that it is ideal for improving skin conditions. Best for dark spots and in improving skin tone. Must be used sunscreen lotion. Mixed with Coconut oil this can be described as best available soaps in the market for skin whitening. Because of the addition of orange fragrance, it gives the impression of mixing lemons while making lather. The perfect solution for dark colored skin with acne and pigmentation.

4. Koji white soap ( Papaya Kojic Acid Soap )

Kojic acid and Papaya- skin lightening soap: Now this is something interesting. I have talked about kojic acid and papaya combination, at the start of this article and here we have this product now.

This skin lightening soap features a unique and natural combination of enzymes extracted from papaya and kojic acid.

This is one of the strongest and yet effective combination, that is ideal for improving skin tone naturally. This kojic acid soap will safely enhance your kin features, giving it a natural glow and healthier tone.

This soap comes with the refreshing scent that gives the impression of being in a spa while using it. It will make you feel fresh once you have used this soap.

Benefits of Kojic acid & Papaya Extract:

With this skin lightening soap, its time to say goodbye to damaged skin and other skin conditions. Regular use of this soap will bring amazing results, It will help in improving dark spots, acne and even improves freckles.

This is perfect for all types of skin, thus usage not limited to any specific skin type. Papaya extract will help in removing dead skin cells resulting in improving skin texture. This soap works perfect for oily and sensitive skin, with daily use you will notice drastic changes in your skin health.


  • Perfect choice for all skin types
  • Improves skin color and helps fights acne, freckles, and dark spots
  • Can be used on a regular basis
  • Comes with a refreshing scent
  • An ideal combination of kojic acid and Papaya extract

Now here comes the interesting part, this kojic acid soap contains hyaluronic acid, which is used to nourish and hydrate damaged skin. So you can have younger looking brighter skin all day long.

This skin whitening soap is ideal for daily use. Can be used twice daily, provided it suits your skin. Remember that results always take some time. There is no magic involved, so you will have to be patient with results. Click here to buy from Amazon.


  • Contains kojic acid and Ppaya extract.
  • An ideal combination for skin whitening.
  • Improves acne and dark spots.
  • Nourishes and hydrates skin naturally.


  • Always remember that results take some time.

5.Lactic Acid 10% Gel Peel(enhanced with kojic acid and bearberry extract)

It is a smooth and gentle skin exfoliator, which removes dead and damaged skin cells, and causes zero percent irritation. It is enhanced with kojic acid and bearberry that have proved to aid in pigmentation lighting and wrinkle reduction. Before we discuss this further, we need to understand the manufacturing of this peel which leads us to the question:

what is lactic acid?

Lactic acid is derived from milk and is proved to work best for fighting pigmentation and anti-wrinkle purposes. This is an ingredient that is found in over-the-counter (OTC), and also has been a notable part of professional-grade skin care products.

Keep reading to get further insight, and also find out How can a lactic acid peel benefit your skin?

These peels are referred to as ‘chemical peels’, and as the name suggests, this peel works by using a chemical — which in this case, is lactic acid — on bare skin. It works by removing the top layer of skin (also known as epidermis). Some stronger formulas are also known to remove the middle layers of skin (called dermis).

Moreover, you don’t need to be worried because of the name, your skin will not actually “peel” off noticeably. But the effects that will be visible after the removing of the epidermis will for sure be noticeable: you will notice a much smoother and brighter skin.

This acid treats all the factors leading to uneven and dark skin complexions especially hyperpigmentation and age spots.

Other Benefits of Lactic Acid:

  • Improved skin tone
  • Reduced pore appearance
  • As compared to other AHAs such as glycolic acid, lactic acid is slightly milder. This leads us to believe that lactic acid peel is a better choice for sensitive skin.
  • It will prove to be the best choice if you have tried other AHAs in the past and left using them because you found them ’too strong’

How to use Kojic Acid Peel?

Lactic 10% gel peel, enhanced with kojic acid and bearberry extract is widely known for its skin brightening effects. It is professionally designed in a way that it inhibits the enzymes responsible for the production of excess melanin. Melanin, in case you are not aware yet, is the enzyme present in our skin responsible for the tanning or pigmentation in our skin. This gel peel extracts melanin or halts its growth in our skin, which in turn aids us to develop a lighter skin with reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Here are some Basic Features of this product:

  • This product is originally made in the USA and is known to be manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility
  • It is rated as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Compliant with no presence of Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates, these three elements are totally subtracted.
  • This product, along with being gluten-free, is also cruelty-free which means no animal testing was done in order to rate this product. No animals were harmed at all.
  • It proudly includes Sustainable Raw Materials & Practices.
  • This lactic peel is considered Ideal for eliminating, removing or reducing Age Spots, Freckles, Sun Spots, Skin Lightening, Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles and Fine Lines.
  • It is infused with Botanical Extracts of Bearberry and Licorice which enhance skin lightening, and make your skin gain a natural looking lighter glow.
  • It aids the natural prevention and healing processes of your skin occurring naturally because it includes green tree extract and cucumber (both are considered a high source of antioxidants and vitamins that make your skin look even better and smoother).
  • As the name suggests, it includes kojic acid which is derived from mushrooms and in itself is famous for the prevention of melanin, which promotes dull and irregular skin. Kojic acid lightens skin tone, freckles, age spots, pregnancy marks, stretch marks, acne scars, pigmentation and discoloration conditions of the face & body.
  • To ensure safe usage and to provide the customers with quality control procedures, each batch of this product comes with its own unique lot number and expiration date which is printed on the bottom of each bottle.
  • It is infused with bearberry and licorice, which promote healthier and lighter looking skin tones that will leave you utterly satisfied.

Why should you buy this product?

  • It prevents the production of the enzyme responsible for the production of excess melanin, this leads to an even skin tone and lightens up pigmentation processes.
  • The infusion with the kojic acid makes this product worth buying and commendable, kojic acid since a long time has been known as a skin lightening agent. It has been known to successfully reduce freckles, fight age spots, pregnancy marks, stretch marks, acne, and pigmentation conditions of the face & body. It leaves you with a much natural looking lighter glow on your skin.
  • It is further infused with Botanical Extracts of Bearberry and Licorice which inhibit tyrosinase production leading to the consequences of having natural skin lightening.
  • The main ingredient, Lactic, is famous for the stimulation of the processes that produce collagen, for more brightened skin and balanced textures. Over the years, lactic has been much known to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots
  • Lactic does not only stimulate collagen production but also boosts elastin fibroblasts being induced in our skins.
  • This product improves skin hydration processes.
  • This is a scientifically formulated and manufactured product, in a cGMP, FDA registered facility.
  • It works as an exfoliating agent and exfoliates your skin for desirable results.

What are the Cons of this product?

  • You have to go through a skin sensitivity test before making this product of your daily use. You can test your skin yourself by first using this product in lesser concentration once a week, and seeing if any redness or irritation occurs. In such cases, the use of this product should be immediately stopped.
  • It leaves your skin more prone to sunburns because of lesser production of melanin.
  • Redness initially appears for all users with sensitive skins, but if it lasts longer than 20 minutes, discontinue use.
  • Your skin, if not suited for this product, will have allergic reactions or you may experience painful swelling or infection. In such cases, wash your face thoroughly with cold water or consult a professional.
  • This product must not be used by pregnant ladies or people undergoing chemotherapy, radiation.
  • You should avoid this product if you have AIDS, HIV or Herpes Simplex, the tendency to keloid (scar) or if you have been taking Accutane.


This product can do wonders for your skin, but you have to be aware of the limitations of its healing process, and your skin has to be compatible with the product. If you pass these stages, you are good to go! If you do not experience visible peeling, this does not mean the product is not working. You will see visible changes in your skin tones and textures.

Recommend use: it is recommended to use this product once daily, in the absence of skin irritation.

6.Kojic Acid Soap Bar By Vi-tae– Kojic Acid Soap Review

Tired of that pile of endless products that promise a lot but do nothing? Do you want to bash those high priced bands for not coming up to your expectations? Well, if you can relate, this product is going to be a relief for you. This product is proved to work best and does wonders to your skin, enhancing your natural glow to make it lighter and makes your skin regain its beauty and you will feel nothing but utterly and entirely satisfied.

Let us provide you with further insight into what this product really is. Here are some Basic features of this product:

  • This product can easily be your skin’s new best friend. This is a handmade soap, which is crafted with care and love keeping your needs in mind. It is 100% natural, as it has been made with natural oils and ingredients that enable you to shine naturally from within. The Vi-taeLightening Kojic Acid includes sunflower, coconut, lavender, lemongrass, citrus, argan, olive, grape, almond, castor oil and many more natural ingredients that infuse perfectly to make your skin attain and acquire a healthy and bright look.
  • This soap is not sticky or mixed with odd textures that leave your skin clueless. It has a luxurious lather that is perfect for your body. This soap lathers wonderfully and you can rinse it off quickly and easily. Get ready for a perfectly smooth skin!
  • Get ready for an amazing cleansing and rejuvenating experience. This soap acts as an exfoliating agent and exfoliates all your dead cells, draws all the impurities to the surface of your skin which makes you get rid of any skin related. You’re certainly going to love it!
  • This soap, along with having a perfectly rich lather that smoothens your skin making it feel much fresher than before, also includes 4 OZ of natural pure and potent ingredients. We don’t want you to be sick of our product when it may run out like toilet paper in no time, so we proudly say that this product is actually an all-natural hydrating bar soap that will last you for many showers to come!

Why should you buy this product?

  • This product contains kojic acid, which is derived from mushrooms and works best to reduce dark spots, wrinkles, freckles, fine lines, and works to remove age spots. It is known as one the best skin lightening agents. Kojic acid can be used on all parts of your body and is determined to leave you satisfied. Nevertheless, kojic acid is a wonder ingredient!
  • This soap has an amazing fragrance, which is not too overpowering. This fragrance makes you feel good and refreshed all the time!
  • This product has natural ingredients that can cause no harm to your skin, ensuring a safer and better user experience.
  • It consists of anti-inflammatory ingredients that are inclined to take all your tension away after a stressful day at work.
  • If you are having problems with skin breakouts, irritation, redness and puffiness, the truth of the matter is that your skin simply craves a few natural ingredients that will provide it with nutrition, all the while refreshing and re-energizing it. This soap provides you with such ingredients so you can relax and shine!
  • This product comes with a money back guarantee valid for 30 days after you buy it. You can buy this soap, use it and if it does not suit you, you can have all your money back! This is to gain the trust of the customers and provide them with mental ease! Woaah!

What are the cons of this product?

  • It works only for oily skin
  • Your skin can be more prone to sunburns as there is less production of melanin in your skin due to kojic acid. Kojic acid works to prevent excess melanin in your skin. Melanin protects your skin against sunburns, while also making your skin look dull and dark.


This is a fine product which is extremely rich in its structure as it infuses kojic acid with all natural ingredients. It is completely organic and safe, causing no breakouts on your skin. It is safer as Vi-Tae is committed to providing ONLY products without any harmful, toxic or synthetic chemicals or ingredients. They do not use SLS (sodium Lauryl sulfate) in their soaps or any Vi-Tae products. SLS is a surfactant, detergent, and emulsifier used in thousands of cosmetic products, as well as in industrial cleaners, also considered as a ‘moderate hazard’. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Final Words about Kojic Acid Soap Reviews 2019

So we are done here. I must say that during my research on kojic acid soaps for this article, I talked with many people who were already using kojic acid soap. One thing that was common among them was that they were all very happy about their decision of using kojic acid.

I started using it on trial basis before starting this article and I must say that it has improved my skin tone totally. I feel much more confident now and because of my improved skin color, I feel blessed.

Kojic acid is a natural product and comes in combination with other natural ingredients like glycerin and coconut oil. Like many other products, it may cause an allergic reaction or some sort of irritation but once you have done a sensitivity test before using soap than there is no need to worry. I have seen few products like kojic acid cream and I will search these products and study before writing the review here.

Kojic acid soap is not only for improving skin color or skin tone but now researchers have shown data that it helps in many skin diseases as well. Thus not only a properly toned skin with the brighter look, best kojic acid soap will also protect you from multiple skin diseases like acne, hyperpigmentation and the list goes on.

Kojic Acid is also available in many other products nowadays. For example, kojic acid is available in different serums, lotions, and creams that are being used to improve skin color and tone.

Every product has its own benefits. I personally always prefer kojic acid present in soap rather than in any other form. In soap form, kojic acid is easy to use and provide better results.

We will always suggest our readers, check on reviews of any product before you choose to buy one.

How Kojic Acid Changed My Life? 

My name is Li Ching, currently living in the metropolitan, where not only the buildings are getting higher, but the beauty standards of our society are not any less sky-high. And, not to forget, these standards for beauty are predominated by the color of our skins (something ladies all around the world will nod along to), the fairer, the better! I, as a girl striving hard to leave a mark in this society, always found myself striving for a clearer, better skin. And all the females would know, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

According to one survey done recently, an average woman owns 40 beauty products. While some may think of this number as extremely high or define this study as a proof of women being unreasonably insecure, I can still call myself ‘guilty as charged’. Don’t we all want to look like Selena Gomez in front of a wind machine? Also, this study just proves what marathon we women have to be a part of, always hunting for the next game-changing skincare product!

When talking about skincare, personally, my major concern would be less acne and clearer glow. And for this purpose, like any woman would do, I found myself applying every other skincare product, whether it included, soaps, face washes, peel-off masks, facials, EVERYTHING! Some of these products worked just fine while others were a total disaster.

Kojic Acid Soap Side effects

But this is a journey every lady out there has to walk through, and it can either be a ride of joy or a total shipwreck. I’ve had my times with both aspects of this journey. So, I can give you ladies quite some tips on how to avoid the shipwreck and stick to the joyful rides! Firstly, don’t fall for any product that has a fancy brand name associated with it. Secondly, just believe there is a right product for you, that will help you be the best version of you! I found mine, after a lot of pursuits, through charcoal cleansers to moisturizers and what not.

But one fine day, someone I am eternally grateful for, suggested me Kojic Acid Soap. I was in college back then, and of course, I did my research, surfed the internet, read the reviews, and thought I was good to go. Unfortunately, that was not the case, there was no proper information provided on how to use this soap and me in my excitement to play with this new shiny doll, applied it on my skin every day without asking any dermatologist.

My skin, within days, felt irritated and damaged. It was not looking so fine. Later on, I got to know it wasn’t the soap’s fault, but the joke was on me! The internet reviews I read were mostly spamming and no article gave proper information on how to use this product (that has now done wonders to my skin). That day, as the lords wanted, I decided to write an appropriate and honest review of this soap and embellish this article with proper tips on how to use kojic acid soap.

Here is a proper guide to the pros and cons of this product, and everything else you want to know, and you SHOULD!

History of Kojic Acid Soap

If we take a look back in history we stumble upon the findings that state clearly the usage of kojic acid by ancient Chinese civilizations and Japanese people in the ancient era. Thanks to the technology, it came into the notice of common public decades ago and now the companies have started producing it on the commercial basis. Since this pursuit of looking and feeling better about one’s own self-started, we have been looking for ways to feel lighter and brighter. By the prominence of Kojic Acid soap today on the internet, and how any common person can have access to full usage information about it. I can firmly say we are a step closer to feel light and bright!

Kojic Acid Benefits

Kojic acid is a completely 100% natural compound that is derived from fungi – in a way like mushrooms. That means that kojic acid is completely natural and not something that’s man-made in a laboratory by a group of scientists and dermatologists, containing harmful chemicals and skin destroying nutrients.

And less melanin takes us on the road to less dark spots and less pigmentation, as melanin is the big fat guy who is responsible for the color of our skin.

  • Kojic Acid Soap also provides the cure for many skin diseases like acne, scars, freckles, hyperpigmentation and prevents them further. Melisma, the darkening of the skin due to pregnancy, is another condition which can be dealt easily with kojic acid soap. So not only you will have brighter skin but without any stress of any other skin condition, as it will also help to improve skin conditions.
  • Kojic acid soap works extremely well in bikini areas and is always the first choice for females who have skin issues at bikini area.
  • The exfoliating action of this soap is beneficial for making your dream of skin-whitening come true! Exfoliation is extremely necessary for skin lightening strategies. It is due to exfoliation that kojic acid is a peeling agent. This type of acid (kojic acid)– used mostly as soap – has the ability to soften dead tissue and help it peel off. This soap exfoliates the upper layer of your skin that removes all the dead cells and gives you an angelic glow. It also helps in giving protection to the sun-damaged skin.
  • After exfoliation, kojic acid works by going deeper into the pores and enhancing cellular turnover. This further enhances the cells’ ability to form new skin cells. New cells, on the other hand, are whiter and much more desirable than the previous skin color. Moreover, new skin cells are perfect, blemish-free, and with a childlike glow.
  • Kojic acid works as anti-oxidant and improves skin health by giving you younger and better-looking skin.
  • Antifungal benefits; Kojic acid is also thought to have some antifungal benefits. According to studies and reviews, it has proved to be handy in preventing and treating some specific fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot and yeast infections.
  • Antibacterial effects; Kojic acid may also provide antibacterial benefits. It may help decrease the chances of developing common types of bacterial skin infections.

Risks Involved in Using Kojic Acid Soap

  • The skin may sunburn easily. Since kojic acid prevents melanin production and given the fact that melanin protects our skin against sun damage caused by UV rays, this lack of production of melanin in our skin due to kojic acid can leave the skin more vulnerable to sunburn.
  • Kojic acid can lead to contact dermatitis in some people, especially those that report having sensitive skin. Contact dermatitis has proven to give rise to certain conditions like a rash, itching, and dry patches of skin. In some cases, pain and blisters can also be caused.
  • The concentration of kojic acid in creams, serums, and soaps can be different from one manufacturer to the next. Products with a higher concentration of kojic acid are more likely to cause irritation, so as a precaution, one might always keep a keen eye on the concentration of kojic acid in a product.

It might be sufficient to say that while using this product, one must always be on a watch for any abnormal skin reactions. If they occur at any point, one must discontinue this product or make its use less frequent on the skin.

Until now, I have made very clear what a Kojic Acid soap is, its uses, benefits, rewards, and restraints. You might all be very well aware of this product and its do’s and don’ts. This calls for the next step of information to be provided to you people. Who wants to stop, when you can go further high? While we cannot ignore the benefits of this product as the only friend to our skin, we cannot deny the possibilities of even better results on your skin if you use this product carefully and in the proper manner.

How to Use Kojic Acid Without Side Effects?

Let’s find out some precautions you should take while using this amazing life-changing product of relief:

  • Preferably, use warm water to rinse your skin before applying Kojic Acid Soap. The warm water will open the pores of your skin that will help strengthen the action of this soap. You can also use steam, by a professional steamer, or boiling water could also do it. Just let the steam hit your face for 10-15 minutes. Don’t let the steam get too hot, or it can cause burns on your face.
  • Slow and Steady is the key. It is very important to check your skin’s sensitivity before applying this soap on regular bases. Since it involves skin exfoliating, some skin types might develop redness, dermatitis, or itchiness after applying this soap. So what you should do is, apply the soap on your face, make a lather for 15-20 seconds, and then remove it gently. Initially, use this soap only once on your face. If you develop no redness, swelling, or itching, then you can proceed and make this product your daily-use item. You can also apply this soap to darker areas, such as the back of the neck, elbows, dark underarms, knees, inner thigh area etc.
  • After the first week of its use, you can easily and safely use it 2-3 times a day! In order to have the best results, use this soap daily so the action formula of this soap can be triggered. It always takes time before kojic acid starts showing its results on your skin. You have to be consistent in using kojic acid soap in order to get good results. This is ideal and recommended for whole body whitening.
  • Always use a moisturizer. Kojic acid soap is believed to probably make your skin a little bit dry. So, it is suggested that you always use a moisturizer, preferably one that includes either aloe vera or coconut oil.
  • Stay away from the sun, as much as you can. Given the fact that your skin is not producing the melanin as much, your skin can be harmed mildly or severely by the sun rays. This does not specifically apply to kojic acid soap, it is applicable and recommended when you are going through any skin whitening treatment, that you stay away from the sun. You can use a high SPF sunscreen lotion for better results.
  • Once you achieved your desired skin tonedo not stop using your kojic acid soap entirely. Instead, you can use it less frequently, and think of its use as a soap to maintain the desirable aspects of your skin, so that your dark spots do not come back in the future.
  • Rinse your face with cold water, afterward. After you are done with applying this soap on your face or various body parts, it is highly recommended that you rinse it off with cold water. Coldwater helps in proper losing your pores, therefore, it triggers the absorption of the soap on your skin.

There is 1% concentration of kojic acid usually present in different varieties of skin care products which shows how vital and beneficial this product might be in a pursuit to attain a healthier and brighter skin.

Now as you all are assured not to repeat the same mistakes I made while initially using kojic acid soap.

Unique and Natural Combinations of Kojic Acid Soap

Using Kojic Acid soap with different combinations brings amazing results.. These combinations enhance the whitening effect of Kojic Acid soap on your skin and help you increase your self-confidence even more. Afterall, who doesn’t want a major ego boost? So, in order to feel more accomplished in your skin matters, these are a few more combinations you can try out at your home with kojic acid soap, for game-changing results!

A few combinations to try on, play with, while your skin continues to shine bright like a diamond:

Kojic Acid Soap and Papaya Combination (Papaya Soap)

Papaya extracts help to remove dead cells in the skin and nourishes skin cells. Thus giving you perfectly toned skin with zero visible dead cells. It tones down any dark circles, also it can completely light up your skin from the inside with a glow like none else! This combination is also effective especially in eliminating acne scars and age spots. It can help prevent oily skin.

This combination is perfect for all skin types and is not limited to any specific skin type. It suits all skin types and can be safely used. It helps massively in whitening your skin. So, make your skin shine with this amazing combination of kojic acid soap with papaya soap!

Kojic Acid Soap and Glycerin (Glycerin Soap)

Almost all kojic acid soaps have one thing in common and that is the presence of glycerin in them. Glycerin is extremely important for skin. It has been proved by many kinds of research and surveys.

Glycerin has a soothing effect that enhances kojic acid effects on skin that results in lighter skin tone. It helps to gain the natural shine of skin so you can get rid of your unhealthy, skin damaging makeup products, and just shine from within. Glycerin makes sure that the kojic acid is absorbed properly in our skin, hence it enhances its effects.

With daily use of best kojic acid soap and glycerin combination, you will always be really satisfied with your skin and will love flaunting it like your most prized possession. Glycerin has been known for improving skin conditions for a long time, and when mixed with this life-changing product kojic acid, the results are always over-the-top amazing.

Best Kojic Acid Soap and Coconut Oil (Skin whitening Soap)

Coconut oil Is also an important part of the kojic acid soap. Coconut oil helps absorption of kojic acid in the skin, letting skin cells get benefit from it and giving you lighter healthier tone that helps you to feel more confident and at peace with your skin.

Kojic Acid Soap for Everyone

Kojic acid soap might come with a few precautions or reservations, but once it matches with your skin type, it can do wonders not just to your skin, but also to the way you and others around you feel about yourself. It can prove to be very life changing and can also put an end to your constant tireless efforts to have a lighter skin tone. If you wish to use products containing kojic acid to treat a certain condition or cosmetic appearance, make an appointment to see your dermatologist.

They can further help you decide about the best and safest course of action that you should take so you may not be influenced in a bad or undesirable way by this product. They can also provide you with necessary information that might help you, about dosage and treatments that you can subsequently use it with. You can also use this product by testing your skin sensitivity yourself by the ways elaborated above in this article, for better skin tone.

Last but not the least, product ratings and customer reviews have always been very supportive of kojic acid soap products. People who have bought this product have mostly claimed it to be effective and very desirable results have been generated. As it exfoliates the skin’s upper layer we can say that The outermost layer of the skin holds dead skin cells, trapping dirt, sebum, makeup, bacteria which can result in blackheads, whiteheads, and even zits, hence kojic acid helps us get rid of these factors and drives us towards a beautiful skin tone which is much clearer.

Kojic Acid Serum

After a whole detailed review about what kojic acid is, what it can do to our skin, how it can help
prevent undesirable skin tone, diseases, dark spots, acne etc, we feel proud to say that we have fallen in love with this miraculous product. So, our journey parallel to it will not stop right there. We were very excited to introduce kojic acid soap and the benefits and risks of kojic aid, but now our excitement is tenfold when introducing an amazing and mind-blowing product containing kojic acid, for all skin types!
Yes, don’t blink, this is very true, this product we are about to review today works for all types of skins.
So, let us not keep you waiting;

Skin Lightening Serum by Pureauty Naturals with Kojic Acid

  • This inspiring product is good for skin brightening and skin whitening. This product is
    recommended and expected to give mind-blowing results if you are looking for a lighter glow that is
    also natural looking and fresh.
  • This kojic acid serum helps to light up areas of your skin having dark spots, hyperpigmentation and even
    blemishes. Now, you can spend all you want on fancy brand names that give zero results and
    chemicals that are good-for- nothing, but this product will prove to be your best choice and give your
    skin the long lost youthfullness you have been craving all along.
  • This serum is a mixture of natural active ingredients made for all skin types, such as kojic acid, jojoba oil, green tea extract and a multitude of other skin lightening formulations, antioxidants. This serum contains almost everything your skin is looking for in order to acquire its youthfulness can be sourced by the best ingredient supplier; mother nature!

That’s why its advanced formula is made up as a well-thought combination of natural ingredients that soften and soothe your skin, including Kojic Acid, Resveratrol, and Green Tea Extract!

Not only this, this product comes with a 90 days money back guarantee! You can buy this prouct, use it, and if it does not match your needs and desires, you can easily return it back within 90 days.
No sweat and no questions asked! This proves the honesty of this product and the confidence that the manufacturers have in what they present to you! Also, if you can always return it, why not give it a try, in the first place?

This product also contains cetyl alcohol, which is derived from plants, so it is also expected to work best in soothing and softening of dry skin type. You can also use it on oily skin!
It eradicates dark spots caused by razor bumps, in the underarm area, face, neck and all such sensitive
areas of our skin.

Directions to use for Best Kojic Acid Serum:

You can use it twice every day, as a part of the skincare routine. Wash face with a cleanser first and dry your face thoroughly afterward, then apply a good toner (such as rosewater), and after that, apply this serum. Use an SPF protestant afterward for best results! So what are you waiting for? Grab this product now and say goodbye to dark spots, and brighten up your skin with an angelic glow that looks ever fresh and natural!

Frequently Asked Questions about Kojic Acid

1-How to use Kojic Acid Soap effectively?

You can first consider consulting your skin-care health provider your skin will be suitable for kojic acid. However, you can also try finding your skin compatibility with kojic acid soap at home. You can begin by applying kojic acid soap only once a day, in mild concentration for a week and see the results it leaves on your skin. If you don’t find too much redness, welling or don’t feel enough irritation, you can easily go on to start using kojic acid soap more frequently as your daily-use item.

One thing that might be noted is that in the beginning, kojic acid might cause very mild redness or irritation on your skin, so do not take such mild and harmless symptoms as warning signs. However, if these symptoms intensify or do not remain as mild, stop using kojic acid soap.

Here are a few other tips for using kojic acid sap adequately;

  • Use warm water to rinse your skin before applying Kojic Acid Soap. Warm water opens the pores present in our skin that subsequently increases the positive effects of kojic acid soap. However, you might find it more effective to use cold water to rinse this soap off your skin as it will enhance absorption of this soap within your skin pores. This will also intensify the effect of this soap.
  • Always use a moisturizer. A trusted moisturizer, preferably one with coconut or Aloe Vera can be very effective to apply on your skin while using kojic acid soap in daily like as it (the soap) can make your skin a bit drier.

2-How is Kojic Acid made?

Kojic acid is made as a by-product after the process of fermentation of Japanese rice. It can also be safely said that we can derive kojic acid from multiple other fungi species. The term kojic acid itself is originated from the Japanese word ‘KOJI’which is also the Japanese name of the same product.

3-Is Kojic Acid safe for pregnant?

While some doctors or dermatologists might not approve of using kojic acid soaps during pregnancy due to its harsh effects on the skin, such as dryness or itchiness, other say that if you do not develop dryness, swelling or itchiness at the beginning of pregnancy, then kojic acid soap is completely safe to use during the entire pregnancy of a lady. Some doctors also suggest using kojic acid soap to lighten the dark spots caused on a mother’s skin during pregnancy, especially melasma.

4-Koji San lightening soap side effects?

There are no significant side effects of using Koji San lightening soap. However, not all skin types are compatible with this soap so one must always perform a sensitivity test before using this soap daily.

5-Kojic Acid soap skin benefits?

The benefits of Kojic acid soap are quite a lot. Along with being an excellent cure for many skin diseases, like acne, scars, and freckles, this soap also acts as a wonderful lightening agent. You can lighten all the dark spots present on your skin, at any area of your body, using this soap. Some doctors also suggest that kojic acid soap can successfully treat Melisma.

Melisma is a condition where during pregnancy the skin of the woman bearing the child becomes darker. If you have dark spots or other skin issues, including hyperpigmentation, this soap will even work its magic on your bikini area which other soaps find very difficult to target. 

Kojic acid, as some might already know, is an exfoliating agent. It exfoliates your dead skin, and peels off all the dead cells present on your skin, making your skin glow naturally in a lighter way! Moreover, it also encourages the ability to exist healthy cells on your skin to reproduce new cells. These new cells give you a perfect glow that you have been craving for! 
Kojic acid is also believed to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, as said by many dermatologists.

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