Which Side of the Ping Pong Paddle to Use- Ultimate Guide 2018

Which Side of the Ping Pong Paddle to Use

So the topic for today is which side of a ping pong paddle is better for the game. Everyone who plays ping pong always has their opinion of either red or blue rubber preferences. However before I jump to the main topic, let me explain what is the ping pong paddle.

Understanding a Ping Pong Paddle;

Well, if you know a thing or two about table tennis, you might also be aware that a ping pong paddle has two sides, evidently. One is covered with black rubber, while the other is covered with red rubber. This allows a ping pong player to witness and identify which side their opponent using while the game goes on to hit the ball mid-play. These rubbers are attached to the paddles with different table tennis branded glues. Raed here about: Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews.

The Black and the Red Rubber;

As mentioned earlier, we all know that there are red and black colored rubbers glued to each side of the ping pong paddle so that the opponent has a fair chance to see what side of the paddle was used to strike the ball in a table tennis game. These rubbers have an important role in maintaining your overall efficiency in your game. This is why they are manufactured keeping high standards in mind.

So what is exactly is the difference between these two colored rubbers? Let’s explore!

The difference between the red and blue rubber at ping pong paddle;

This is a speculation that has been going on for years and years. Many players and professionals have identified and stated their own opinions on this topic.

Many players have taken extreme measures to state that they feel the red colored rubber is usually a bit faster. Moreover, this side has also reported being less spiny. Since different materials are used to dye and manufacture both these rubbers to give them differentiated looks and colors, the black rubbers are non-see through and opaque, while the red rubbers are see-through and non-opaque to some extent, if noticed keenly.

These minute differences have frustrated the manufacturers so much that they have been trying all these years to create both the rubbers; red and black, equally efficient in performance. They have been successful, but not completely. While some brands ensure equal standard performance by both of the red and black rubbers, some paddles still have these rubbers varying to some extent in what they do and how they perform.

Generally, the red side of the rubber will always be faster and less spiny, while the black side will be slower, yet spinier. It will be non-see through as well.

Important Note: while these differences between the red and the black side of the rubber are minor and not massive, players still research and find out which ping pong paddle side to use for backhand, and which one to use for forehand as it somehow enhances the quality of their play. Moreover, the way a ball travels varies immensely from one side of the rubber to the next. Let us take an example: A pimple rubber somehow slows the speed of the ball, while a fast one increases the spinning rate of the ball. These two colors help the opponent a lot to guess the speed and spin rat5e of the ball that is coming towards him/her.

Now, since you know fairly enough about these rubbers, their formation, and purposes, let us move forward and discuss which side of these ping pong paddles to use for forehand and which side to use for backhand strikes. Keep reading to find out!

Which Side of the Ping Pong Paddle to use;

To ensure a good performance, a player has to go through many tests and has to take care of every tiny detail of the play and his equipment. This is why choosing the right side to play with is extremely important. While a paddle, their rubbers and what materials these rubbers are made up of can be completely customized, one must also decide for his/her own self what they want to do with either side of the paddle. Choosing what side of the paddle to play with is undoubtedly an important decision for the game efficiency of a player.

The traditional way, or as the legend states, one must always play forehand strikes with the red side of the rubber and use the black side of the rubber for backhand play.

Let us explain which side of the paddle means what. The red side of the paddle is mostly focused on attacking your opponent. This further means that you have to twist your paddle to strike the ball with the red side of it while serving or while returning with force in a game of table tennis.

The black side of the paddle mostly focuses on the defense action of a player. This means when the opponent is serving, you should get ready to strike the ball with the black side of your ping pong paddle. Since the black side is not as powerful as the red one, it will no return the ball with full force, but make sure it reaches the other side of the table. This is how you can take real advantages from each side of the paddle having different colors.

One thing that should be noted is that there is no fixed rule on which side of the ping pong paddle to use for backhand or forehand, or for strikes and serves. You can figure your best strategies for yourself and play accordingly. However, the above-mentioned information is based on facts and experiences of different players and their opinions. Today, a lot of standard paddles have been created that have no difference is the efficiency of play when it comes to both the colored rubbers on the paddle. Read here about: How to Hold a Ping Pong Paddle Chinese Style.

So, this was our research on which side of the ping pong paddle to use for what strikes and strategies. We hope you have a great game of table tennis! Let us now focus on some tricks and tactics to ensure a great game of table tennis for each one of you. Have a look!

Some Tricks and Strategies to Ensure a Great Play!

Here are some strategies that you can apply in the court while playing table tennis to ensure victory and an enhanced performance.

  • If you wear the same color shirt as your rubber on the paddle used most frequently, it will confuse your opponent as he will not be able to identify the paddle side and will have difficulty seeing your serve and swing. However, the legalities state that the receiver has to be able to see the contact.
  • You can also use the color of the balls to confuse your opponent. While a white colored ball is more visible on a black background (black rubber side of the paddle), it is less visible against red rubber.

These were some fun strategies to confuse the player receiving your serves. Although we must say honesty is the best policy. We hope and pray you to have a great game, and you outshine your own performance the next time you play!


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